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Would you rather House or Wilson 5 years ago 95 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Would you rather Kill thousands of these with a chainsaw every day for the rest of your life or Have this rabbit in your bed every night for the rest of your life 5 years ago 123 votes 9 comments 0 likes

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10% WTF 4 years ago +1
Easy 4 years ago +1
At least option a there's a chance of survival 4 years ago  
July 12, 2014 4 years ago  
Bedroom slippers in bed 4 years ago +1
I hate milk 4 years ago  
I saw The Descent and never want to go in a cave again 4 years ago  
Don't have one 4 years ago  
Just my third cousin's great grandmother five times removed 4 years ago  
What is that thing???!!!! 4 years ago  
I would never do anything to hurt either my parents or my sister. Thank you guest from california 4 years ago  
I won't speak at all then 4 years ago  
This is really disgusting 4 years ago +1
pajamas under my clothes 4 years ago +1
How do 9% of people choose to burn in hell??? 4 years ago +4
That A picture is going to give me nightmares.. 4 years ago  
The impact alone would kill you... 4 years ago  
I go to a private school, and true, some people are snooty, but most are literally the best friends you ever had. Wait until you go to a private school before you start judging us 4 years ago +1
What sadistic person made this up???!!!!!! 4 years ago +7
I can't live without music….so... 4 years ago +4
Ya I'm a girl so skip 5 years ago  
I need music to live 5 years ago +2
I'm Christian and I don't believe in abortion, but I'm not going to force my beliefs onto other people. People should do what they think is right. 5 years ago  
Go back in time and kill Hitler, then get my trillion dollars 5 years ago +1
Can you guys like not make fun of religious people? You have a right to believe what you want, but please don't try to force your beliefs onto christians Also there is more proof of Jesus's existence besides the Bible 5 years ago  
Nymeria, 5 years ago  
STOP!!!!!! 5 years ago  
I don't know who either of them are but the one on the right looks like a rapist 5 years ago +5
God why do people ask these questions?? 5 years ago +1
Again, I only chose cuz I wanted to see the comments, I would never kill my father 5 years ago  
Tell me where you got those pictures..? 5 years ago  
What the…? 5 years ago +4
DUH 5 years ago +2
That guys nose does not look like a penis 5 years ago +4
NEITHER!!!!!! I just chose one cuz I wanted to see the other comments! I love both my parents to the moon and back and would never dream of killing either of them!! 5 years ago  
That stomach looks like socks…I could eat socks 5 years ago  
That would be so cool though 5 years ago +17
A baby mule 5 years ago  
not plugged in 5 years ago +5
impalement is a lot faster 5 years ago +1
Didn't have to be a big cliff 5 years ago +45
Sorry grandma 5 years ago  
In space, you die in 2 minutes max…so yeah that would be faster 5 years ago  
I'm a girl 5 years ago  
I hate sports 5 years ago  
I'm a girl, so would it be the other way round..? 5 years ago  
God is not fictional. Don't go taunting religious people just because everything has to be shoved in your face before you believe it. 5 years ago +1
Mary Kate looks wayyy more natural 5 years ago  
God at least I wouldn't die in jail 5 years ago  
Well either way you don't live very long 5 years ago  
A have a horrible face, but an amazing figure. Other people have even mentioned the difference to me:( 5 years ago  
All the good-looking guys are gay... 5 years ago  
Pine needles! Everywhere... 5 years ago  
It could be one of those all-natural perfumes 5 years ago  
I'd never want to live anywhere else 5 years ago  
People might just think I'm on my way to a bike race or something 5 years ago  
I'm a girl 5 years ago  
I'm a girl so…none? 5 years ago  
If I don't get any, I'll try again later 5 years ago  
Guys cut it out with the aids stuff. Just because Ke$ha is bi it doesn't mean she's infected 5 years ago  
just cut it 5 years ago  

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