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    I'm Christian and I don't believe in abortion, but I'm not going to force my beliefs onto other people. People should do what they think is right.  
    Can you guys like not make fun of religious people? You have a right to believe what you want, but please don't try to force your beliefs onto christians Also there is more proof of Jesus's existence besides the Bible  
    NEITHER!!!!!! I just chose one cuz I wanted to see the other comments! I love both my parents to the moon and back and would never dream of killing either of them!!  
    That stomach looks like socks…I could eat socks  
    not plugged in +5
    Didn't have to be a big cliff +45
    Sorry grandma  
    In space, you die in 2 minutes max…so yeah that would be faster  
    I'm a girl  
    I hate sports  
    God is not fictional. Don't go taunting religious people just because everything has to be shoved in your face before you believe it. +1
    Mary Kate looks wayyy more natural  
    God at least I wouldn't die in jail  
    Well either way you don't live very long  
    A have a horrible face, but an amazing figure. Other people have even mentioned the difference to me:(  
    All the good-looking guys are gay...  
    Pine needles! Everywhere...  
    It could be one of those all-natural perfumes  
    I'd never want to live anywhere else  
    People might just think I'm on my way to a bike race or something  
    I'm a girl  
    If I don't get any, I'll try again later  
    Guys cut it out with the aids stuff. Just because Ke$ha is bi it doesn't mean she's infected  
    just cut it  
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