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    he scares me 7 years ago  
    girl here 7 years ago +1
    pppppiiighiiiiiiieeeeeeee 7 years ago +1
    alredy do i dont like my house that much 7 years ago  
    cccoookkkiiiiieee doughghghg! 7 years ago  
    ha ha is already ugs 7 years ago +1
    nada 7 years ago  
    there r more cats in the world 7 years ago +5
    fidy fidy 7 years ago  
    call the cops!dah! 7 years ago +1
    have two wiis and 2 xboxes 7 years ago  
    i alreay see things... 7 years ago  
    ! 7 years ago  
    i am not poor1 7 years ago  
    so much mula! 7 years ago  
    i could invite peeps over all the time! 7 years ago  
    74%rocks1 7 years ago  
    celebertyness 7 years ago +1
    peeps culd help me remember either way. 7 years ago  
    protection! 7 years ago  
    cuz this is thriiilleeeerrrrr! 7 years ago  
    i sweat alot so... 7 years ago  
    lloooooovvvvvveeeeeeee 7 years ago  
    scary world out there 7 years ago +1
    party!whoo! 7 years ago +1
    10000 7 years ago  
    fidy fidy all good 7 years ago  
    vegas baby! 7 years ago  
    usin it right now 7 years ago  
    i dont want to be like hittler 7 years ago  
    still average 7 years ago +1
    2 years of guilt! 7 years ago  
    they will get ova it 7 years ago +1
    lick lick lick 7 years ago  
    im a bird! 7 years ago  
    if i have an awesome house,wouldnt i have enough money to buy a fancy car? 7 years ago  
    im not allowed to watch jersey shore 7 years ago  
    already lived there so 7 years ago  
    eww discusting 7 years ago  
    before she cut her hair 7 years ago +1
    camping is more adventurous! 7 years ago +1
    ggggggggggggiiiiiiiiirrrrrlllllllllll in the house!here! 7 years ago  
    brad and edward the same sooo... 7 years ago  
    hey they will still be intelligent!right? 7 years ago  
    geekness 7 years ago  
    i can fly! 7 years ago  
    easier i dont like 10% no more 7 years ago  
    insides again no no no 7 years ago  
    im a girl so... 7 years ago  
    i have accustic with no string but thats why it was in the clearence isale at walmart! 7 years ago  
    girls rule 7 years ago +4
    i wathch family guy all the time 7 years ago +1
    gross. 7 years ago +1
    peeps (boys) like me any ways. 7 years ago  
    i like bein cared 4 7 years ago +1
    i like bein cared 4 7 years ago +1
    adopt when first born.dah! 7 years ago  
    both of them r awesome the kings of rock and pop 7 years ago  
    14s betta 7 years ago  
    techno 7 years ago  
    i have a tablet so... 7 years ago  
    thats comin from a girl! 7 years ago  
    football is betta 7 years ago already short. 7 years ago  
    in side has computer! 7 years ago +2
    enemy i dont wanna ruin my friendship wit zoey swisher. 7 years ago  
    im one eighth german so... 7 years ago  
    old logo is betta 7 years ago  
    i dont wanna look at other peeps insides 7 years ago  
    i already use fire fox but only 4 words with friends on facebook! 7 years ago  
    so many lang.! 7 years ago  
    longness 7 years ago  
    house cats hurt 7 years ago  
    harry potta 7 years ago  
    i love this time NOW! 7 years ago  
    flexableness unless i was an vampire 7 years ago  
    wow 7 years ago  
    hair grows back 7 years ago +1
    burgers1 7 years ago  
    either one would be okay butnkitties r so cute! 7 years ago  
    i can adopt.retards. 7 years ago +2
    football cuz its not SOCCER! 7 years ago  
    you bad racist people! 7 years ago  
    laughing horse is hilarious1 7 years ago +1
    im 10 so...\ 7 years ago +2
    acting is awesome! 7 years ago  
    facebook has way more advantages 7 years ago  
    i perfer apple but my parents like windows. 7 years ago  
    its never gonna happen anyway.IM SPECIAL! 7 years ago  
    android all the time 7 years ago  
    terriosts wouldnt hurt a girl...that much anyways.\ 7 years ago  
    movies have stuff games dont so... 7 years ago  
    everything 2 myself.i promised my bro when im 18 he can live with me but i take that back. 7 years ago  
    u can buy almost anything with 10 billion! 7 years ago  
    i can take care of that struggle.nija power! 7 years ago +2
    hottness.i didnt say THAT!my evil twin typed it! 7 years ago  
    something had 2 make the big bang=GOD 7 years ago  
    bye bye hunger. i hate u!(me:did i really just do that.yes yes i did.) 7 years ago  
    party all night!woo! 7 years ago  
    wedding.its o.k if no one wants to c me get married.atlleast the guy who reads the book has 2 be there 7 years ago +1
    iv already seen avatar but not hunger games but im gessing by the comments hunger games is better. 7 years ago  
    i would miss all my friends but,i would have more than i dtarted with! 7 years ago +2
    ronald scares me. 7 years ago  
    i dunno who ron paul is so... 7 years ago  

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