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Would you rather Never have homework and no friends or have friends and lots of homework 2 years ago 92 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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still pit it up for adoption some people cant have kids 2 years ago +2
who ever made this is dumb as hell because fleas dont stay on us duh 2 years ago  
haunt them b*tches 2 years ago  
im 13 2 years ago  
then kill them ha 2 years ago  
Im already a b*tch 2 years ago  
omg the picture thou 2 years ago  
JB 2 years ago  
IKR 2 years ago  
I'd go to jail for killing them 2 years ago  
i do anyway 2 years ago  
IKR!!!! 2 years ago  
then people will not judge your cloths 2 years ago +1
um babysit one time a month 2 years ago  
imagine twhat you could do to people 2 years ago  
that girls on fire 2 years ago  
noone gets my food 2 years ago  
sometimes i wish 2 years ago  
move dumbass then dont tell anyone and youll be fine 2 years ago  
keep it make more 5 billion then give them 2 2 years ago  
whats in the luggage 2 years ago  
gameing an't a sport thou 2 years ago  
um it wont be a tight fit because i can fut in one by myself and i know how to open lockers from the inside 2 years ago  
cheat on him b*tch 2 years ago +1
um make new vampire friends 2 years ago  
this is soooo out of style its 2017 2 years ago  
spongebob 2 years ago  
i have glasses already 2 years ago  
who asked this 2 years ago  
i say its there choise not ours and if i had a kid come home saying they were gay i would be proud of them because they are happy but if the were pregnant omg she better run like hell 2 years ago  
it as trump so f**k no 2 years ago  
ill get my sh*t back 2 years ago  
never f**king cut it and if you do hat 2 years ago  
ummmdid you really have to ask this question 2 years ago  
you can be homeless but PARTY 2 years ago  
my gpa actuallly died on april fools day 2 years ago  
certains sound prof walls 2 years ago  
my bodys already perfect 2 years ago  
i dont take picture like that 2 years ago  
Wig duh 2 years ago  
WTF put the kids up for adoption instead of killin them OR BETTER YET DONT GO UNPROTECTED. 2 years ago +2
young adult 2 years ago  
fruity dino bites 2 years ago  
im a girl and i dont like girls like that so 2 years ago  
i do it anyway 2 years ago  
it kinda gives you fame if you make something out of the money 2 years ago  
inmature adult 2 years ago  
online schooling duh 2 years ago  
ill never do it but still get payed 2 years ago  
only if you can turn it off 2 years ago  
its got to be WARM 2 years ago  
thats what condums help with 2 years ago  
successful pornstar 2 years ago  
its a dream job 2 years ago  
if you read the whole thing it say cant quit 2 years ago  
i already do 2 years ago  
forget the guy go for the money. the way i see it is that there is no such thing as love 2 years ago  
use a boat 2 years ago  
i am the 2 oldest 2 years ago  
i can never please my family when they arent on this earth anymore 2 years ago  
then move 2 years ago  
i got some back problems so heck ya 2 years ago  
i never stop talking anyway 2 years ago  
the easy way isnt always the best 2 years ago  
only if it gets put an the map 2 years ago  
but it depends on who 2 years ago  
i dont take naked pictures sooo... ya and it dont say that we need to take a naked picture. 2 years ago  
you wont get caught 2 years ago  
forget about it pay someone else for knowing it all 2 years ago  
eat while working 2 years ago  
ummm.... NO ITS NOT 2 years ago  
you would know who to avoid and heck you would also know if your crush likes you. 2 years ago  
im an american and i always wakeup with someone when i drink.... ( never a girl thou(thank god)) 2 years ago  
i already do 2 years ago  
your so desgusting! so shut up you'll never be the man your own mother is! 2 years ago  
poor animals 2 years ago  
feed me to sleep with me 2 years ago  
save the kids 2 years ago  
me 2 years ago  
feed me to sleep with me 2 years ago  
none 2 years ago  

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