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    i say dust bin biever 1 year ago  
    they get a front row in a concert 1 year ago  
    forever? 1 year ago  
    I OWN BOTH 1 year ago  
    music is a language 1 year ago  
    weeeeell..... 1 year ago  
    Queeeen 1 year ago  
    doesn't bother my dad 1 year ago  
    EU. It's great 1 year ago  
    i have ear rings and i will never get another piercing. too painful 1 year ago  
    same. 1 year ago  
    no problems either way 1 year ago  
    get credit 1 year ago  
    never trust anyone other than yourself. sometimes you cant even trust yourself 1 year ago  
    dog, cat, adoption 1 year ago  
    get the cancer vaccine 1 year ago  
    why do they both need glasses? f***in steryotypes 1 year ago  
    i have a mixed, small friend group, and, strangely enough, nobody has developed a crush on the opposite gender (that i know of) but i like my female friend (i am a female 1 year ago  
    actress! its my biggest dream. 1 year ago  
    im also 11 guest from new mexico 1 year ago  
    sleeping is nice 1 year ago  
    i am the younger sibling and my sisters are overprotective of me!!! its a double score 1 year ago  
    send thee to a psychiatrist!!! 1 year ago  
    looks dont matter 1 year ago  
    i would DIE for my friends. I love them with all my heart 1 year ago  
    i can go to a phsycologist 1 year ago  
    i am european and am a football fan (soccer) i prefer gaa tho 1 year ago +1
    you can break up with them easily, its better than being in danger 1 year ago  
    im bi :) 1 year ago  
    immortality would be sh*t. donate money to people in need 1 year ago  
    dont watch it 1 year ago  
    no one else would suffer 1 year ago  
    i could hear little b*tches sh*t talking 1 year ago  
    im from europe. also, without france and ireland, the usa would be a part of brittain 1 year ago  
    kill them. my granny isnt annoying, but i would take the oppertunity to burn my enimy 1 year ago  
    appretiate the giver, not the gift, unless its an amazing gift 1 year ago  
    go potatoes 1 year ago  
    my parents are amazing 1 year ago +1
    wot is wong wit gays? 1 year ago  
    matthewr that is disgusting!!! 1 year ago  
    i dont WANT to shun them, but this stuff is getting out of hand 1 year ago  
    i have glasses, hate them, but going back and seeing people i loved but lost would be the best 1 year ago  
    books are always better 1 year ago  
    it really is beutiful! i go every year, but still! 1 year ago  
    irish girls? 1 year ago  
    i would have a room-mate or something 1 year ago  
    Ireland is the best! 1 year ago  
    i solemnly swear im up to no good 1 year ago  
    fix it 1 year ago  
    i chose female, as that is me and i love it (apart from some details), but what about non binary 1 year ago  
    i am sick now 1 year ago  
    my crush is my best friend and we could be stuck together for a week or something 1 year ago  
    im already wierd 1 year ago  
    love a long life? 1 year ago  
    verenal, im also bisexual, so we both win! 1 year ago  
    drugs are bad!!!! 1 year ago  
    im already the smartest in my class... and the popular people in my school are pussies... me and my friends can take their place 1 year ago  
    what asshole would text-dump!? also, me and my two best friends are insanly protective and the three of us think text dumping i douchy so they wouldnt ie if they were cool 1 year ago  
    im 11 and i still wear the same things i did a a 10 year old... emo clothes! 1 year ago  
    non binary? like if that is what you would vote for 1 year ago  
    lucid dreaming 1 year ago  
    i come off as rude normally... 1 year ago  
    i thought it said smoothers 1 year ago  
    also a girl who chose games guy from kuwait 1 year ago  
    others are happy too this way! 1 year ago  
    how does the colour of your hair have any effect? Im already short, why not ginger? i can be hermiony granger 1 year ago  
    my crush is my best friend 1 year ago  
    sing my heart out! even if i have anxiety! i'm only 11! 1 year ago  
    i am bisexual, my sister is lesbian, my auntie is lesbian, my best friend is gay. i would've voted yes if i was old enough 1 year ago +2
    most people i hate are just toxic friends, and i still know them, so it wouldn't be TOO bad 1 year ago  
    jmmoriarty, i belive, at least where i live, gay marriage is now legal 1 year ago  
    i dont die, do i? 1 year ago  
    lucid dreams exist 1 year ago  
    no school 1 year ago  
    im fabulous already 1 year ago  
    then get reincarnated 1 year ago  
    ski lifts are fun to be on, even when ur stuck. also u can jump 1 year ago  
    no lies 1 year ago  
    my bff is the same gender as me and is my crush 1 year ago  
    both? 1 year ago  
    guest from florida, of course you would. if justin bieber was gay, you would have more girls 1 year ago  
    obviously 1 year ago  
    does it matter? I know i voted, but still, 1 year ago  
    she doe magic! 1 year ago  
    4 words: panic! at the disco 1 year ago  
    mermaids are scary af. 1 year ago  
    pretty much all my friends are jews and, that was also ww2. 1 year ago  
    they had the most emo hairstyles so... yeh 1 year ago  
    my dad is deaf in one ear and says it's not that bad. also, i rely on the internet more than anythin 1 year ago  
    what if you got married and took your partner's name? 1 year ago  
    what eejits like twiligh? 1 year ago  
    i'm related to hercules mulligan and would LOVE to meet him 1 year ago  

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