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    no milk! D: well :( 4 years ago  
    i think geeks are more techy 4 years ago  
    IM ALIVE iM ALIVE iM A- 4 years ago  
    well if its through your own work not only does it feel better but youll more likely to become famous and then get surrounded and invaded by paid stalkers and never have privacy... nevrmind 4 years ago  
    i sleep on my side then roll on my stomach than on my side again then on my back then on the floor xD 4 years ago  
    unless you breathe through the pillow sleeping on your stomach can cause really bad neck pains 4 years ago  
    although i love nature there are so many more piranhas its gonna be hard to shoot em all (sorry again) 4 years ago  
    girl xD 4 years ago  
    pfft im too young for love 4 years ago  
    I dont watch sports :P 4 years ago  
    pfft we don't live in a big neighborhood the gas money isn't worth it 4 years ago  
    yes they are very happy people xD 4 years ago  
    Im scared of heights so.. 4 years ago  
    Youtube..... 4 years ago  
    i chose the wrong one 1-5 hours... TAKE A NAP 4 years ago  
    so true but still people are so ignorant these days they would ramble to the end of time refusing to change their minds even with there point making no sense so we basically have to either ignore them or shut them up. But the second one is against freedom of speech but bullying is also against laws so.... 4 years ago  
    WINNER 59 TO 41 WOOHOOO my money please!? 4 years ago  
    why does the fact of being a guy make a difference? 0.o 4 years ago  
    But there isn't an equal amount of space between them 0.0 4 years ago  
    i dont work with crowds 4 years ago  
    by having a great job i wouldnt lose any friends i simply have none 4 years ago  
    well if he doesnt care bout me i just break up and no clingy guy hanging on to me.... xD 4 years ago  
    Still have a bit of irish in me... 4 years ago  
    that cute puppy wolf was like 90 percent of the reason i chose it 4 years ago  
    but the air does not :( 4 years ago  
    my grandma isnt annoying but that grandma is BUUUT she look so old she looks like shes gonna drop in a year anyways 4 years ago  
    well if im working on wallstreet.... 4 years ago  
    okay so you murder someone and your suddenly rich your famous but not rich 4 years ago  
    good = money and money = learning classes learning classes = get slowly better get slowly better = good at your dream job 4 years ago  
    shimmy all the way xD 4 years ago  
    I think people say dumb blondes is because its kinda stupid if you bleach it its horrible for u 4 years ago  
    dont over do it... 4 years ago  
    if there wasn't sexism.. a woman but now i think and maybe itd be easier as a man 4 years ago  
    if your the smartesT your obviously going to get an amazing job and therefore RICH Buuut you cant have both so maybe rich cuz stupid idiots seem happy 4 years ago  
    I dont like harry potter but books over movies always 4 years ago  
    whats wrong with finding out my son is happy? xD 4 years ago  
    I dont know but racism would stop more wars... 4 years ago  
    who r they xD 4 years ago  
    one could've been set free there by the romans... jk but srsly humans couldve done it 4 years ago  
    Im scared 3: 4 years ago  
    important doesnt mean good i dont need a picture of any people getting killed.... besides my vision sucks so i would love better vision 4 years ago  
    Space even if you do survive often makes you look uglyish when you come back. you wont be as healthy from the zero g and if anything goes wrong well bye bye 4 years ago  
    well it depends on how much y6ou can eat if your a normal eater like me well to be honest i eat lower than normal because of todays ou arent getting society... ANYWAYS so if your like me you're not getting more for your money i cant finish my food at normal resturants soo besides fat... 4 years ago  
    ugh why cant society supply any rich caring men?? xD 4 years ago  
    rather drown Anyways some cruises have water slides and crap soooo 4 years ago  
    I come from a fairly healthy family KOW until some plague comes then we are screwed hopefully ebola doesnt become that plague 4 years ago  
    same here heavanscool and id be the one kicking 4 years ago  
    exactly what they are saying we spend so much on the war that we could use for world hunger 4 years ago  
    love how they use bush xD cuz thats how i feel but im sure there are even more haters on other presidents like obama.. anyway if all the billionaires and stuff care i could get a lil green stuff couldn't i >:3 4 years ago  
    the real question is fame that ends after school and then become a failure or not so much fame in school but a real good fame and a good job and much success and popularity after you die now choose 4 years ago  
    well Im mixed so whatever 4 years ago  
    No problem get rid of the humans both problems are fixed animals will eventually evolve wild again still better than the way we treat them... anyways... and then the pollution comes from us so... yay? bye bye human race? 4 years ago  
    Ugh thats why so many people failed science the next year after having a teacher I wont mention's name 4 years ago  
    I read them in one in like about 2 I didnt like it so i didnt go further whatever floats your boaty thingy tho! 4 years ago  
    I hate em all... but gangnam style is literally about like sex so... and guy from montana why do you say asian like that is so funny I hate both though the music is crap in my opinion 4 years ago  
    nope your just in debt 4 years ago  
    I would go insane by myself 4 years ago  
    i mean babies fine whatever but KITTENS!? anyways playing video games at home and watching tx and sleeping and eating isnt that hard for 20,000 4 years ago  
    id rather have a cold than possibly having all my info hacked 4 years ago  
    sorry but hermione's face looks a bit guyish if you ask me and her eyebrows are two thick... Im very picky besides I didn't like either book series so i read a few lines and stopped 4 years ago  
    I'm sorry I don't like horror movies ;) 4 years ago  
    well i sure hope my soon husband would show up.. besides your dead who cares they dont even have to throw a funeral for all i care 4 years ago  
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