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    I'm a boy so... what do i do? just find their female counterparts?  
    I knew how to drive a car when i was 7 so lets hope i can go back in time to get myself to drive  
    Wait, can i replace Satan with Bill Cipher? cause atleast he's funny  
    Talk about deep stuff with the president.  
    I'm probably gonna get a job as a NASA engineer or some scientist so i would get like 1,000 dollars a day  
    Think of it though, they might not see your face. And the nude scene could be with multiple people  
    Crap i clicked loving realationship before reading right now... I'm only 11  
    lol i would love dating a small baby, but just adopt it instead  
    I like Architects Daughter and Just Me Again Down Here  
    My parents do this all the time and i freaking hate it... i cant ever play video games in peace when my younger siblings are gone  
    Facebook isn't that bad, even if it steals money from youtube creators, and especially sense the guy donated half his facebook earnings, but twitter is better  
    Baby murderer gets arrested, someone gets an abortion for their baby rather than atleast letting it get adopted, and no-one gives them justice  
    The trick is, work at a job with a jerky boss, steal the money, leave after getting a better job  
    I already got a freaking saw and clamps for my birthday, and my mom thought i would like it, but i made her sad by saying, 'Really, you told everyone in the freaking family to get me a tool, just because I'm in the boyscouts?! not even a freaking rubix cube or something?!' but i realized she thought that i would like it and said i was sorry.  
    Be a wizard, study every spell possible after putting a remembering and/or knowledge spell on yourself, instant win  
    If i know it all i will be rich for figuring out how the universe began, what was before it, if god is real or not, the cure for cancer, making the fastest console or computer, knowing when korea is gonna bomb us, how to live forever, how to stop all world problems, etc, etc,  
    The complete stranger could be someone who is hot and nice and who has liked you and who you like.  
    Racism is less of a problem than sexism nowadays  
    Zupertyke you're the retard, the question is basically, have wealth, and be well known but bombarded by idiotic paparazzi that you can never sue, or be just wealthy but not famously well known, and no paparazzi.  
    Guy from Essex, more like Byakugann, Sharingan is like only 2 times, Byakugann is perfect sight  
    I hate sports  
    Indiana guy, classic country sucks more than JB, atleast JB's music isn't about how much she loves your sexy tractor and how you go hunting with your expensive rifle while drinking beer  
    If i lose a leg than i could get a robotic one, and if i had a robotic arm i would have to carry the weight around on my shoulder  
    I could be alone because I'm shipwrecked, and i can be a badass shipwrecked cool guy trying to get back to his family  
    Travel your world and your dream be to have true love and stuff like that  
    Katniss sucks because she decides to send the capitol teenagers in a new hunger games, even though they only watched it.  
    Be a smart kid in the popular group, & also be nice. Be known as the most popular, smart, and nice kid in school, get into a good collage, win at life  
    if i saw the both are very successful, i would start a company where i run my religion, and it will be successful, i will call my company Steve Tech and my religion atheism, and they will both be successful.  
    I dressed in simple T-Shirts, sweaters, and random pants when i was 10, so i see no difference in my clothes from then and now  
    Honestly I'm already a miserable genius. I have to deal with idiots at my school all the time, and i hate it because when it comes to making smart choices, its not how smart the idea or choice is, its how popular you are and how stupid the friends in your group are.  
    The nude scene could be... Yes I likey this idea  
    1. Gingers have a soul you freaking retard. 2. It never said how fat, it could mean fat compared to my weight, that would mean I'm like 130 pounds  
    The picture for option B is messed the F up  
    I can control my dreams already... its weird too, because I wake up and i feel everything i feel in the dreams.  
    MoNoXide, no need to bring sexist and racist stereotypes into this, you just make yourself sound like a jerk.  
    But wait, what happens if my BEST friend isn't a boy? idc about author's comment  
    Tell monkey to steal me a miniature pig from one of the 48% of people  
    Loophole: Whish for infinite wishes, wish that you could change the rules with a wish, wish that you can wish for money, wish for money, sill have infinite wishes.  
    I'm already a smart aleck, and being smarter than i am, AND be a wizard?! that's awesome, plus i hate twighlight  
    Wait even better, some people had the hairstyle i use in the 80's, so i could keep mine  
    I'm always underdressed, all i wear is random pants, week old socks, and any shirt i can find  
    Sell the gift cards, sell them all  
    Lol GoldenMoon78. and i would rather not  
    I skipped it because I saw the pictures, and then read end the life of and just skipped  
    It doesn't say an invasion of aliens that want to kill us.  
    The thing Is I barely weigh 80 pounds and I'm 11  
    I just skipped it  
    10,000,000 dollars is more useful to me, because I'm still young and true love comes naturally, if I find 10,000,000 or not  
    Spend five days with Merlin or Dumbledore and learn magic from them  
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