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    i could end up in the ocean 6 years ago +3
    i would only feed some people 6 years ago  
    that would be like 1 person in 7000000000 6 years ago +2
    no 6 years ago  
    dont talk 6 years ago  
    they might not bethat hot 6 years ago  
    bring parachute 6 years ago  
    im a guy 6 years ago  
    i live in usa 6 years ago +4
    the grandma is going to give me nightmares 6 years ago  
    none 6 years ago  
    i hate internet explorer 6 years ago  
    you mean elephant 6 years ago  
    a shark 6 years ago +1
    51% are lieing 6 years ago +3

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