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    I'm not that fat to need a bra  
    Just a 2 by 2 meter area  
    I need more clothes anyway  
    You are  
    Then kill them. No witnesses  
    Monkeys are assholes  
    Always means constantly. Then you explode and die  
    Grow half a penis and cut it off  
    Surrender to the growing realization that you got away from the cops  
    Very weak acid  
    You could handle walking into a thousand walls?  
    They werent bashing deaf people. Calm down  
    20 evil, insane, psycho-killer orphans.  
    Don't close your mouth  
    Glass broke into perfectly round microscopic sphere.  
    Oh ya. I change my answer. I suppose you don't have to be in the same room either  
    It's implied  
    What's a blue waffle then?  
    I don't like Chocolate pudding or sh*t  
    Marriage is stupid either way and you can't judge others harshly if you yourself are a terrible person +1
    I'm 18 so it would be weird if I went out with an 8 year old  
    The blonde in the pic is hotter  
    I'm a guy  
    I would be hard to find love with a mouth that smells like crap  
    I was going to choose the 10 million but then ... the picture  
    As long as it's the opposite gender and is at least a 5/10  
    Depends which sibling  
    I'm doing fine with neither  
    Depends which sibling  
    A billion dollars  
    I don't care if they can't see. Lol  
    Deny it  
    Flash speed gives you the strength and the healing  
    Brain says you should not die  
    They might heal  
    Sky gliding!!!  
    That's racist. I'd leave if she was a terrible person  
    Leave north Korea alone by brother and lives in south korea  
    Give up immediately. No punishment for running away from Mike tyson  
    You can find a whole lot of fake love in a forever  
    Unless she looks like she does in the pickture +1
    Mr too  
    I don't like jrans  
    Depends on how crazy everyone is  
    I can call my phone with my house phone to find it  
    Depends on why the sex is bad.  
    a world without problems is a world without advancement and is a world of everlasting boredom.  
    grab highly inflated future money and become a trillionaire when you get back (if you get back)  
    apocalypse means end of the world and world war 3 could be a cold war or pillow war or something (very ambiguous)  
    14% of people are deaf  
    im agnostic and i say do whoever you want just keep it in your pants in public  
    i dont believe in marriage  
    can you make a name for yourself in harry potter universe? are you good at magic? do you or do you not need a wand to do magic? if not are some spells just too powerful to cast buy hand?  
    you can buy true love for a lot less than 10 000 000 dollars  
    Potter forever!!!  
    41% of people are terrible  
    wish for more wishes and wish to be the CEO of 100 extreamly successful and profitable companies that only require you to collect. or just wish that you dont need money; people just give what you ask. and also wish for that guy's mom to be alive. My condolences.  
    this is a sick question but a life is a life no matter who or what it is. 100 short ones does out weigh 1 long one  
    you cant know god does or doesnt exist unless you meet him and he tells you. "God" differs from person to person; he may exist in some shape or form in this reality or the next but until science definitive proves he cant exist without any reasonable doubt or he reveals himself you cant possibly know (I'm agnostic;). +2
    maybe god created the big bang just so the world would form. (he is an out of the box thinker)  
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