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Would you rather have sex with your hot teacher or best friend you've had a crush on forever 3 years ago 195 votes 12 comments 0 likes

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im a photographer and monochrome is cool but is way too overused 3 years ago  
i'm the kind of person that corrects people haha 3 years ago  
don't like either, should be dan and phil or pewdiepie or alfie deyes, or joe sugg 3 years ago  
dry shampoo 3 years ago  
i'd love to go to the 40s/50s 3 years ago  
I'm a christian but i don't go to church every sunday, i know right, sue me, but im just not super religious 3 years ago  
like 5 of my family members have died of cancer ssooo 3 years ago  
drowning is scary but i surf almost everyday so i'd love to die in a place that makes me happy and feels like home 3 years ago  
my boyfriend likes soccer but i couldn't care less 3 years ago  
i have a bmw hahah 3 years ago  
we have cadbury, like cadbury mini eggs and bunnies during easter time 3 years ago  
under 21 buttt 3 years ago  
i play both soo hahah 3 years ago  
im a girl and i love it, other than the annoying stereotypes and housewife we have to be 3 years ago  
we're used to plucking 3 years ago  
thats a sexy picture 3 years ago  
sounds kinky 3 years ago  
rather decide 3 years ago  
mints :) 3 years ago  
im a girl hahaha 3 years ago  
at least it won't be awkward for 3 people, just one 3 years ago  
i'm a girl sooo 3 years ago +92
be kind of kinky 3 years ago  
I'm bi 3 years ago  
so gross to think about 3 years ago  
i have so many hot cousins 3 years ago  
i'm a girl sooo...hehe 3 years ago  
im a girl but bi so hundred percent girls boob especially that hot girl 3 years ago  
i would never JOIN IN since my parents are divorced itd be kinda awkward 3 years ago  
same but sweeter 3 years ago  
i swallow all the time 3 years ago  
sleeping with a dead person is so gross 3 years ago  
i don't want my daughter to be a slut sooo 3 years ago  
I'm a girl but still thats so creepy sleeping with a dead woman 3 years ago  
hahah @pinksparkles we dont have a d*ck to suck so it is a good loophole haha 3 years ago  
well this is just eww 3 years ago  

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