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hi my name is jess i am 13 and i love pizza. I love getting on rrrather and Most inportantly I belive Jesus Christ.

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    Well thing is when I am at home alone I wach Tv and Play on the computer or x-box  
    everyone was once a kid. +1
    I am already guaranteed entrance to Heaven.  
    God is real. (are people really that clueless?)  
    i soooo don't get it  
    note to self don't wach High School Musical +3
    done it  
    i have done it  
    that would only be one. haven't had one yet.  
    hear we go!!  
    i am not old enough to drink  
    i don't like lemonad  
    i am not chooseing  
    TEXAS ROCKS!!!! already live there!!!  
    you know that is so wrong  
    are so!! i wear them  
    you are so r-i-g-h-t. right!!  
    thank goodness for a skip buton  
    i don't drink  
    there is a heaven  
    there is a heaven  
    i am already garinted entrance to heaven  
    opps wrong button  
    satan is real and if you don't belive in the lord you will go to see satan! for real  
    Jesus was born on Christmas!  
    no way would i do #1. i would rather have a long recovery  
    i won't ever drink.  
    ummm what  
    you are right  
    it would be frezing outside! at lest i would be inside  
    i don't like ether  
    i am the oldest  
    so am i but i trick or treat  
    Authors comment  
    i already have pritty bad sight  
    i would bring my grandpa back  
    im a girl soooo ya  
    Exo. 20:12 right?  
    no more abortion. if you don't want a kid put them up for adoption  
    nether!!! it is raw fish!!! totaly gross  
    ummm kinda gross. I can sing very well!!!  
    God will take care of me +1
    ummm no Obama is a liar.  
    it is so much easyer when no one is telling you what to do.  
    ummm what? +4
    i am deserting sir! +1
    you really hope he was your grandfather  
    God is not a fairy tail!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    he does so!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  
    thank goodness for a skip button  
    i am not that nice. and i am not mean.  
    albania is a bad country +3
    if taylor cut his hair it would be him  
    what are they?  
    i don't drink  
    i don't drink eather  
    what on earth is with the pics?  
    at lest darth vader turns good +3
    you are so right  
    i am a girl!! for real  
    I don't like eather  
    sterling knight!!! so HOT  
    i have a big time crush here so.... ya  
    i am a christion so ya.....  
    it would be cool to go back in time  
    at lest i had it my way  
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