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    death is a gift!!! stupid me clicked the wrong one!! i though it says: Is life a ... 2 years ago +1
    lol never i dont wanna live life again 2 years ago +1
    first lol 2 years ago  
    OMG TOO HARD 2 years ago  
    restart 2 years ago  
    2 lol 2 years ago  
    too hard Im sorry 2 years ago  
    1 2 years ago  
    I am 13 so 13 :D 2 years ago  
    EXACT TIMEE 2 years ago  
    OMGGGGGG 1 2 years ago  
    sleep next to a srial killer and ask him to kill me but painless 2 years ago  
    this is so hardddd but i would choose 1 i woud choose 2016 like it is right now these years 2 years ago  
    icean 2 years ago  
    DIE RIGHT NOW DIE RIGHT NOW 2 years ago  
    1 I'm afraid to die eaten alive 2 years ago  
    I would kill myelf if i had a gun i promise 2 years ago  
    what kind of question is that 2 years ago  
    GOD EXISTS 2 years ago  
    read minds 2 years ago  
    yes 2 years ago  
    OMG AMAZING 2 years ago  
    aaa if this happen to me i would throw my pc from the window 2 years ago  
    im girl wtf 2 years ago  
    tinkie winky bae 2 years ago  
    too hard but Pll 2 years ago  
    TURKISH 2 years ago  
    home too lazy to go to gym 2 years ago  
    ofc laundry 2 years ago  
    wtf? 2 years ago  
    HAHAHAHAHHAHAHH 2 years ago  
    i do not doing my homeworks anyway 2 years ago  
    Yess everyday and i am spoled right now i would not survive in poverty 2 years ago  
    BEAT OFCOURSE I DONT GIVE A .. about lyrics never 2 years ago  
    mhm 2 years ago  
    SHOUDLTN 2 years ago  
    eewwwwww 2 years ago  
    talentt 2 years ago  
    pfffff 2 2 years ago  
    Kim 2 years ago  
    AAAAA NONE 2 years ago  
    dont know any of them 2 years ago  
    no blood no periods 2 years ago  
    OFCOURSE YES 2 years ago  
    https://www.rrrather.com/view/5125#comment3411396 2 years ago  
    who are they 2 years ago  
    REligion !!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    im too lazy to cook 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    first 2 years ago  
    both boring 2 years ago  
    lightging i am afraid to burn alive omg 2 years ago  
    none i hate all of alchohols theyre just disgusting i mean wtf 2 years ago  
    ninja 2 years ago  
    Gossip girl forever 2 years ago  
    forget myselff 2 years ago  
    MC bae 2 years ago  
    Ofcourse heaven 2 years ago  
    NONEEEEEEEEEEE 2 years ago  
    idk if i am waking up after bad sleep i become very angry and mad 2 years ago  
    coce 2 years ago  
    i love airports so muchhh 2 years ago  
    I would love to be stuffed in a locker IF i would fit in there xdd 2 years ago  
    whatever it mean i dot get it . clicked anyone 2 years ago  
    skull hey my bae 2 years ago  
    NONE 2 years ago  
    whats a rubber 2 years ago +114
    eww hate rock 2 years ago  
    i cant not wear makeup my face is acne omg 2 years ago  
    i would love to fight with girl i hate 2 years ago  
    invisible i can hide from my DAMN family 2 years ago  
    im girl lol 2 years ago  
    sorry sgark 2 years ago  
    i cant walk with heels i am faling every time 2 years ago  
    YES but in that movie Beauty and the beast. the beast is cute 2 years ago  
    slave i would not survive in the prison 2 years ago  
    omg ofcourse 2700 2 years ago  
    PIJAMAS BABY 2 years ago  
    I had my first kiss when I was 9 2 years ago  
    CLUBBING 2 years ago  
    GOD IS REA L 2 years ago +1
    OMG I CLICKED WRONG 2 years ago  
    SHOT WITH A REAL GUN 2 years ago  
    who the heck is Mr Sirois 2 years ago  
    because if my mom would spank or slap me i would not fprigve her i have never been beaten or spanked 2 years ago  
    grounded because i can run away from window . 2 years ago  
    bOXING DAY FOR SURE WTF 2 years ago  
    Like a boss 2 years ago  
    live in the city 2 years ago  
    mhm, 2 years ago  
    i would love to lose memory 2 years ago  
    lol first always 2 years ago  
    i hate tomboy girls so much 2 years ago  
    Im 13 2 years ago  
    Not satan!!!! 2 years ago  
    spender 2 years ago  
    2222222222 2 years ago  
    so if i am 14 then he 4 years old :D aww so cute 2 years ago  
    buried alive but unconcious forever 2 years ago  
    lazy 2 years ago  
    Omg its like Bahar and Efsun . Efsun is rich and miserable and Bahar is poor and happy 2 years ago  
    FLYYYYYYYY 2 years ago  
    terorists because they can kill me 2 years ago  
    popular popular 2 years ago  
    who the hell would choose 1? 2 years ago  
    Facebook 2 years ago  
    never speak agai becaus it would be awful i will be already murdered 2 years ago  
    COMA COMA COMA COMA 2 years ago  
    I dont have any friends 2 years ago  
    Trust me guys.. I was in REAL mental institution not like a tourist or something but like a living person . ANd its AWFUL. I would never wish someone even my enemy too live there because its awful . I was there for 3 months locked and bounded...... Never ever choose mental institution 2 years ago +1
    Trust me guys ... I was in REAL mental institution because my psych was a little bit broken (idk how to explain) You should never choose to live there because TRUST ME . It is way much worser than hell 2 years ago +1
    ofcourse mc 2 years ago  
    Go to heaven to god and to amazing life that live this life with idiots 2 years ago  
    I dont get it 2 years ago  
    22 2 years ago  
    1 I am watching nothing bad in internet 2 years ago  
    1 because i would love to die 2 years ago  
    BIG ONES DUH 2 years ago  
    alll 2 years ago  
    Omg both 2 years ago  
    Win the lottery ofcourse . Live as long is could be my punishment BECAUSE I WOULD NEVER WANT TO LIVE LONG . I want to die 15 year young girl :) 2 years ago  
    I would want to now my date of death THAT IS MY DREAM 2 years ago  
    second but I would be a good world boss :) 2 years ago  
    thats hard 2 years ago  
    oh my gosh ofcourse caribbean 2 years ago  

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