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    if you have a vagina, you have the power 3 years ago  
    pretty much 3 years ago  
    hell yeah, i can't wait form one to burn my house down with his tail 3 years ago +1
    i don't watch either of those 3 years ago  
    neither 3 years ago  
    what ? 3 years ago  
    i don't care 3 years ago  
    we always called them "native Americans" here in Europe 3 years ago +1
    gr8 m8 3 years ago  
    they are both f*cking stupid to be honest 3 years ago  
    i like both but, we can clearly see which of these two is more popular right now. 3 years ago  
    i'm kinda drunk right now 3 years ago  
    wouldn't that make you a human calculator as well?... 3 years ago  
    nah m8 3 years ago  
    don't like chocolate anyway 3 years ago  
    Tomb Raider (2013) and Assassin's Creed III 5 years ago +1
    There are certain beaches in my country where you're allowed to be butt naked if you want. 5 years ago  
    i used to choose when i was young. Now i just don't give a crap. lol 5 years ago  
    dawn of the dead, very close to the end of the movie 5 years ago  
    27 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    50/50 5 years ago  
    no aliens ? 5 years ago +3
    hahahaha 5 years ago  
    i don't really like these new gen Pokémons 5 years ago  
    WHAAAAAAA... 5 years ago  
    If i was gay, i would rather have sex with a man! but that's me... 5 years ago  
    is TV still a thing ?... 5 years ago +1
    already watched Tangled. Haven't seen Frozen yet. 5 years ago  
    hahaah 5 years ago  
    Red Dead was pretty good but the story didn't really grabbed my attention. Assassin's Creed 2 however... 5 years ago  
    i shouldn't have voted, i can't compare those 2 games. 5 years ago +1
    who ? 5 years ago  
    i'd say the girl in the left seems prettier! 5 years ago +2
    TRON!!!! i only saw it because of Daft Punk 5 years ago  
    DAMN! 5 years ago  
    i know that is the most wonderful time of the year! 5 years ago  
    well, f*ck that group, we are talking about a best friend! 5 years ago +9
    it's from inFamous 5 years ago  
    wrong one, i forgot about Blastoise... 5 years ago  
    that bulbasaur looks retarded! just sayin... 5 years ago  
    i call bulls*t on that! + it says 15 years lol 5 years ago +1
    they're both pretty good 5 years ago  
    you beat me to it! 5 years ago  
    WatchMojo is pretty interesting... but they're both good 5 years ago +1
    Vsauce is great! 5 years ago  
    not allowed here 5 years ago +1
    welcome to Seattle!... if you know what i mean 5 years ago  
    she's not bad at all, it's just her personality that sucks... and damn she is annoying, but at least she wouldn't be able to talk while doing this position! 5 years ago +2
    LOL 5 years ago  
    hahahahaha 5 years ago  
    hahahaha so hilarious! 5 years ago  
    lol 5 years ago  
    F*CK YOU GREEN LANTERN! .i. 5 years ago  
    In normal circumstances, (even if Tony is using the ironman suit), Wolverine is stronger! 5 years ago  
    Loki is too Loki to lose! 5 years ago  
    who the f*ck likes green lantern...? 5 years ago +3
    god damn you hipsters 5 years ago +2
    MEGAD..what ? 5 years ago  
    yep 5 years ago  
    i wanna have tits, i would touch them every day 5 years ago +1
    where i live, we have both these together so... 5 years ago +1
    how about answer what think to be the right answer?... 5 years ago  
    like wolverine 5 years ago  
    sure 5 years ago +1
    shotgun rain, another pony turns into Kurt Cobain... 5 years ago +4
    how about just no 5 years ago +4
    I use none of them!... better ? 5 years ago  
    i can't give my opinion, i don't live there so... 5 years ago +1
    it's ok. just that 5 years ago +1
    apple pie, THE BEST! 5 years ago  
    the sexual preference is irrelevant 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    let me rephrase my answer - No, seems crappy 5 years ago  
    cthulhu is not scary, but it is BAD ASS! 5 years ago +2
    ew hahahaha 5 years ago +1
    there's no such thing as "CIA" or something equivalent in my country 5 years ago  
    just not on a car tho 5 years ago  
    salad ?... actually, both!... raw, and some lettuce and vinegar 5 years ago +2
    wtf 5 years ago  
    ohohohoh hoooo snap! 5 years ago  
    hahahaha "ThugDating" 5 years ago  
    depends on the car's colour! 5 years ago  
    DNA 5 years ago +1
    i have a scar on my hand, i fell on a piece of thick broken glass and it pierced my hand. lol 5 years ago  
    fyhvwb 5 years ago  
    i saw walter's death coming 5 years ago  
    reminds me of a one eyed bastard 5 years ago +4
    f*ck Spring, i want my Winter back! 5 years ago +4
    hahaha 5 years ago +1
    nevermind, i just googled it lol 5 years ago  
    catbug ? is that a new legit Pokémon ?... wtf 5 years ago  
    well, why not?... 5 years ago  
    same thing in Portugal 5 years ago  
    who said we had to be in a car ? the cop could stop me while i was walking down the street drinking my beer! lol 5 years ago  
    when i was in school i was "bullied" once, after that day i started making friends! 5 years ago  
    you're the one that wants to live on a cloud, and we are the retarded ones ?... makes sense 5 years ago  
    South Park is EPIC! 5 years ago  
    wtf, she's like 10 dude. come on... 5 years ago +3
    she's bad ass now! 5 years ago  
    i would have chosen any other lamborghini, but i don't like the sesto elemento! 5 years ago  
    facepalm*... that's the wrong face dude! 5 years ago +9
    "You've got to do something of both"...well, i don't! 5 years ago  
    I live in a country that loves football, however, since i was a kid i always felt more attracted to motorsports! Everyone of my friends had a favourite football club, every child or adult has a favourite club, but i never had one. 5 years ago  
    that would be creepy as f*ck! however, it would be awesome! 5 years ago +3
    lol 5 years ago  
    twin ? not at all! we are nothing alike! 5 years ago  
    neck?, nacho?, nails?, nuts?, nurse?, nose?, neon?, nature?, nolan north?, nectar?, night?, number?, napkin?, nugget?, nun?, nostalgia?, nintendo? 5 years ago +1
    bass is not everything 5 years ago +1
    i hate convertibles! i'd rather buy the standard R8 5 years ago  
    just because of exclusives 5 years ago  
    hahah 5 years ago  
    that looks bad ass 5 years ago  
    i don't like to play with cheat codes! only on older GTA games like San Andreas, Vice City and 3 5 years ago  
    is he any different ? 5 years ago +1
    i love storms 5 years ago  
    i like to check my teeth 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    lobsters are also immortal! 5 years ago  
    There is 7 billion people living on this planet, and we are still growing A LOT every year! Please explain me, how is homosexuality affecting the growth of the human population ? How is something created HERE on this reality not natural ? (there is no such thing as "not natural", every possible existing thing IS natural! "What humans create is not natural" WRONG, humans are a product of nature, what humans create could not be created without nature! Science is natural, a feeling is natural... Werewolves are not natural (they don't exist!), Homosexuality is natural, it exists! 5 years ago  
    neither, i always take a bath after the business! i flush tho 5 years ago  
    i agree with DonkeyPunch! 5 years ago  
    i don't want to deal with bull sh*t!...literally 5 years ago +1
    poor guy 5 years ago +3
    ok 5 years ago  
    hahahaha 5 years ago  
    change color and texture! 5 years ago +1
    relaxing 5 years ago  
    hahaha such sarcasm! 5 years ago  
    "dot dot dot dot" 5 years ago +1
    if you're a girl then you're f*cked lol 5 years ago  
    "apply cold water to burned area" 5 years ago +5
    call me the slender man! 5 years ago  
    waste of good food? no! 5 years ago  
    no one is forcing you to answer, you can just skip the question + if you just vote without commenting no one will know that you voted... i'm just sayin 5 years ago  
    stupid friends made me watch these type of videos! you know how it goes. lol 5 years ago  
    i just want the hamburger phone 5 years ago  
    with your mom ? sure! 5 years ago  
    very gently! 5 years ago  
    isn't B an RC car ? 5 years ago  
    i don't know about that... looks pretty legit.. and nasty lol 5 years ago  
    DAFT PUNK! 5 years ago +1
    1m and 78cm , and i'm 17 years old 5 years ago  
    i already had one of those! 5 years ago  
    100% definitely! 5 years ago  
    Dudes "messing" with their penises! there's cuts, squeezes, skinning... anything you wouldn't do to your "mushroom"! 5 years ago  
    same! 5 years ago  
    lol 5 years ago  
    SAVANT! 5 years ago  
    no, we eat those, so, the only thing that remains are pet Snails. they are great companions!... but sometimes we eat those too : / 5 years ago +1
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    hahahaah hilarious! 5 years ago  
    3 mins would do the job! 5 years ago +6
    teachers know our voices better than ourselves! 5 years ago +1
    The rich already know it! most of them just rather not think about it! 5 years ago +1
    why is it dumb ? it's just a question... i've seen way WAY worse questions her on rrrather! 5 years ago +2
    i don't own a dog! 5 years ago  
    i allways wear Jeans! 5 years ago +2
    Well, if it wasn't for Altair, Connor wouldn't be an Assassin! 5 years ago +1
    depends... i don't watch his videos because he's famous, i watch his videos because i find him entertaining! I would do the same to a less famous YouTuber as long as he keeps being entertaining! 5 years ago +1
    "were they good?" hahaha, completely horrible!... you want more? search for Pain Olympics. 5 years ago  
    i don't know! and, it doesn't matter anymore... moving on* 5 years ago  
    give ?...No! ...........sell? ok! 5 years ago +3
    would answer only to the good questions! 5 years ago +1
    depends on what it is! 5 years ago  
    seated over his mouth! 5 years ago +2
    bacon is good but it doesn't goes great with every food! 5 years ago +2
    hahahah 5 years ago +1
    movies make 30% of my life! 5 years ago +1
    YEAH! hahaha 5 years ago +2
    "A" a guy pooping on a jar while trying to push it up his butt, then it breaks and lots of blood mixed with sh*t comes out. "B" a guy putting a screwdriver up his d*ck hole and a jar up his butt, again, lots of blood involved! 5 years ago  
    haven't seen it yet 5 years ago  
    i prefer winter 5 years ago  
    wtf dude 5 years ago +1
    The Tazmanian Chupa Cabra! hahaha 5 years ago  
    meh, older chargers look better! 5 years ago +3
    they look the same! 5 years ago  
    not much strong but yes! 5 years ago  
    exactly! 5 years ago +2
    Great Movie! 5 years ago  
    i can give up chicken for bacon, but BEEF ? HELL NO! 5 years ago  
    humm ok! i still prefer tea though. XD 5 years ago  
    No, death is just a word that describes what happens to everyone after a certain amount of time! 5 years ago  
    Why not both? 5 years ago  
    You should go for the white Vans! :/ 5 years ago  
    Meh, why not... I use fingerless gloves tho! lol 5 years ago  
    Maybe i would refuse to talk, but i would never snitch my bro! 5 years ago  
    rarely but yes! 5 years ago  
    I dont like chocolate. lol 5 years ago +1
    I don't know what IMBA is but tea is always good! 5 years ago +7
    lol 5 years ago  
    i don't want to mess with my theeth! 5 years ago  
    i don't even need TV, so... 5 years ago  
    well yes, but 5 minutes tho... 5 years ago  
    it would be remembered to the rest of days 5 years ago  
    i would puch it so hard her brain would pop out! 5 years ago +1
    Conan is Epic! 5 years ago  
    lol, alright then 5 years ago  
    alright, i understand you! when you're a big fan of someone you realy like, you like people to appreciate the entire hard work that person did! i'm like that too when talking about Ellen Page. I'm sorry 5 years ago  
    theres nothing wrong on the computer im using right now... this is my gaming PC! there's nothing but games! 5 years ago  
    calm down, i don't mean to disrespect anybody! it's just that his role on Breaking Bad is great and pretty funny too, that's all! I don't think i've said anything wrong... 5 years ago  
    X-men is better! 5 years ago +1
    the clown guy looks like Violator from the movie Spawn hahahaha 5 years ago  
    i know that, i was just making a reference 5 years ago  
    i want to live in Canada so keep him out of there! (i'm just kidding) @christianr is right! 5 years ago  
    i like to know how everything will be after the movie, at least "B" explains it. in a stupid way but at least lets just store it in my head to never be touched again! "A" makes me think about the end for weeks! it's horrible 5 years ago  
    why not both ... :) 5 years ago  
    i believe it's the other way around, the P90 has a pretty short range, but is very accurate and causes a great damage! i don't know about JS2 tho, i've never used it! 5 years ago +1
    hahahah, 51% of the votes Half Life 3 confirmed! 5 years ago  
    it has Kitty Pryde and Loki 5 years ago  
    lady lady... WTF are you doing in my house? drinking ? get out, get the f*ck out right now! 5 years ago +5
    i think we associate our heart beat to music. if music is slow and smooth we get the sensation of death, kind of like a slow heart beat you know... and intensive music related to a faster heart beat and excitement. i think i saw this on Vsauce on Youtube 5 years ago +2
    i know that feel bro! lol 5 years ago  
    I love white sneakers a lot! i only use Adidas tho. 5 years ago  
    wrong one! 5 years ago  
    what what 5 years ago  
    fantastic 5 years ago  
    360º view b*tch! 5 years ago  
    just get touched... 5 years ago +1
    A may smash your balls 5 years ago +1
    baby don't hurt me, don't hurt me, no more... 5 years ago +3
    i don't really like Vans 5 years ago +1
    Quads are a lot of fun to ride but you feel more free riding a dirt bike. 5 years ago  
    Ellen Page :3 5 years ago  
    You mean Jesse hahaha 5 years ago  
    i know mites are harmless, still, it's a disgusting thought! 5 years ago  
    why not both ? XD 5 years ago +1
    no, I'm Barrrtmarrrn hahahah that deep voice 5 years ago  
    harry potter was cool but enough already 5 years ago  
    i would probably kill myself after that! my life would be completed 5 years ago  
    electric toothbrushes don't scratch hard enough! 5 years ago  
    ._. are you serious ?... 5 years ago +2
    Better call Saul! 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    why did you have to remember me that Mites exist?! Damn You! i'm about to go to bed... 5 years ago  
    and kiss each other while smelling like onions... Fantastic! 5 years ago +2
    I have so much orange juice that you could call me OJ! 5 years ago +1
    The people that speak Spanish and live in Spain are white! 5 years ago +1
    LOKI!!!!!! 5 years ago  
    you can't ? 5 years ago  
    ho rubbish! 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    sincerely, i wouldn't care much 5 years ago  
    is this really a question ? :P 5 years ago +1
    im like that but just for PCs or videogames, sometimes i injure myself for "fun" too lol 5 years ago +1
    dark blue, dark green and dark grey ? XD 5 years ago  
    exactly! i only use my TV to play video games. it's in the HDMI channel for years now! hahaha 5 years ago  
    TV is dying, NOT movies or series! look at Netflix... instead of TV we now use PC, we still watch some of the same crap tho. XD 5 years ago +1
    a lot of them were obligated to be a part of the Nazis, otherwise , they would be killed, so, it's totally understandable some would try to find them from the "inside" ! XD 5 years ago  
    a Ninjato to be more specific :) 5 years ago  
    actually, i think about the Minions in League of Legends! 5 years ago +1
    Dead space is somewhat repetitive! well at least the first and the second are, haven't played the third yet.. 5 years ago  
    hahaha 5 years ago  
    Unfortunately... but i know what the swastika really means! Those bastards had to use it on their flag and hide it's true meaning behind that dirty name! 5 years ago +1
    hard choice! i mean, i like to touch them but i don't wan't to have to clean the dust of all those boxes every weekend! lol 5 years ago +1
    it's way cheaper and can even achieve a better performance, than just buy a complete new computer! 5 years ago +1
    time for a new computer 5 years ago  
    just know! 5 years ago  
    the results are very funny! 5 years ago  
    it would be impossible to Hulk kill Wolverine! 5 years ago  
    There's no Taco Bell in Portugal :( 5 years ago  
    That movie was pretty cool! 5 years ago  
    Kitty Pryde!!! :) 5 years ago  
    Tony Stark made a suit specifically to fight Thor, and another specifically to fight Hulk! So, if Tony has access to that suit, Thor would loose! 5 years ago  
    correction, a UFO isn't necessarily an alien! 5 years ago  
    Raiden is good, but his head is unprotected! + Prophet always has fire weapons on him, and his suit can give him advantage! 5 years ago +1
    hahahah nice! 5 years ago  
    Not my problem, their parents should know what their kids are playing!... if they scream to much, i just mute them! 5 years ago  
    hahahah can i have the purple one instead ? XD 5 years ago  
    chips ahoy with a cup of milk = epic taste 5 years ago +1
    hahaha, and your pic goes great with the comment! 5 years ago  
    In my country, usually Burger King has bigger burgers, and i like their barbecue taste! McDonald's is cool too but normally only kids buy them because their soft. 5 years ago  
    Telmo 5 years ago  
    All pandas in the world are owned by China! lol 5 years ago  
    Sprite is the best! 5 years ago +1
    Stag 5 years ago  
    "The Hobo Beard", amazing! 5 years ago  
    Rednecks would be too drunk 5 years ago  
    whatever she wants 5 years ago +2
    yeah hahaha 5 years ago  
    isn't like that for everyone ? 5 years ago  
    i'm sorry, i'm feeling lazy today. 5 years ago  
    we created them, we should know how to destroy them! 5 years ago +3
    ... 5 years ago  
    2 to 3 times a week 5 years ago  
    im a bit of both 5 years ago +1
    Africa has LOTS of space! 5 years ago +1
    beautiful 5 years ago  
    i HATE those flying little turds! 5 years ago +2
    how the hell is perfection boring if you're the one that defines it ? if you think that something is boring, then it's obvious that what you looking at it's not your idea of perfection! 5 years ago +7
    she has an unquestionable female voice in the Portuguese version, so, i assumed that she was a girl right in the first moment she talked 5 years ago  
    i don't know, hip hop is pretty crappy these days 5 years ago  
    i could wish for a magic door that leads to an unknown location! 5 years ago +1
    great picture! :P 5 years ago  
    i'm both 5 years ago  
    i'm still waiting for the PC release! 5 years ago  
    in Portugal we take vaccines every 5 to 10 years to be protected our bodies against what any mosquito may bring to us 5 years ago  
    b*tch pls! "SPY MODE" if you know what i mean... 5 years ago  
    super bright teeths all the time! HELL YEAH! 5 years ago  
    turtles bite pretty hard! i had an experience once 5 years ago  
    both were pretty cool anyway 5 years ago  
    i don't intend to have kids anyway 5 years ago +1
    lol 5 years ago  
    i like to cook 5 years ago  
    i like PS4 exclusives better, but both are good consoles! 5 years ago  
    jesus can't drive 5 years ago +2
    the gloves would turn solid gold, and then you couldn't use them 5 years ago +7
    if you can't load when you get killed, then what's the point of saving the progress? 5 years ago +3
    at the zoo, behind bars 5 years ago +1
    no one hunts in the city 5 years ago +2
    i would have to kill them after that! 5 years ago +1
    if we both did it, we both go! 5 years ago +3
    don't eat much sugar already 5 years ago  
    f*ck facebook! 5 years ago +4
    lol 5 years ago  
    don't know her name tho 5 years ago  
    ...what what... 5 years ago +1
    deserts are very important, without them there wouldn't be any exotic forests 5 years ago +1
    oh ok, thanks 5 years ago  
    what?.. sorry, my natural language is not English and even though i feel quite comfortable with most urban terms, this one is not one of them, therefore i did not understand jack sh*t! i tried urban dictionary and only found sex related stuff, so, could you please explain to me what the f*ck that means ? lol 5 years ago  
    the people have spoken 5 years ago  
    Murica!! 5 years ago  
    Hellooo Canada! 5 years ago  
    i'm Portuguese, that doesn't applies to me! we have different sounds for each letter 5 years ago +1
    chocolate sucks 5 years ago  
    that looks like an Xmas tree 5 years ago +8
    hahahah 5 years ago +1
    time to cook meth! 5 years ago +1
    we use Euros here. 5 years ago  
    /watch?v=M1_4f17QBlA&list=PLutNskkeA2iO_IeYx5CJntoYlrG-XqMq7&index=64 OR /watch?v=G4h7NGMz2RI 5 years ago  
    INCEPTION!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry.. i just really love this movie! 5 years ago  
    hahahah 5 years ago  
    laggy ? just update it and Voilá 5 years ago  
    you don't know my age! :P neither does she lol 5 years ago  
    INCEPTION ! HELL YEAH! 5 years ago  
    steal what ? 5 years ago +1
    i like big cites! 5 years ago +1
    it's all the same to me 5 years ago  
    i like the sour taste 5 years ago  
    i only wear white sneakers from adidas. i like their clean looks. 5 years ago  
    and meet Misty!... if you know what i mean 5 years ago +4
    metalic lamp 5 years ago  
    lol, i have a ps2 too 5 years ago  
    i will get it, but i wont pay it for the 3º time! (pc and ps2) 5 years ago  
    i NEVER camp! not even when i'm a sniper. 5 years ago +1
    aint nobody got time for that! 5 years ago  
    yeah, he would also cut you in pieces just to torture you! Jason would kill you right away! 5 years ago  
    it says you have to be killed tho 5 years ago +3
    yeah, hahahaha 5 years ago  
    It's not that bad. Just because the game didn't change too much, doesn't mean it's a total sh*t. lol just sayn... 5 years ago  
    that doesn't make it unfun! 5 years ago  
    *JESSE, you STUPID ignorant boy!!!* 5 years ago  
    call me professor x 5 years ago +1
    this gen... PlayStation 5 years ago +1
    class is cool, creates a more interesting character. that doesn't mean the person has to be all cocky and sh*t 5 years ago  
    hahah while taking a bite on his sandwich XD 5 years ago  
    i like both, as long as there is no exaggerations for both! 5 years ago +1
    one time! it still torments me every single day 5 years ago +1
    there's a youtuber that makes videos for Machinima, and when he plays minecraft with some of his friends he reads some questions from this site. that could have brought some fame to this site! i don't know if he still does it tho, i never watched his videos anymore, but that was the reason why i created an account on this site, almost 2 years ago. 5 years ago  
    yeah 5 years ago  
    50/50 5 years ago  
    I don't live in the US, but i would love to move to Canada! it's on my future plans! :) 5 years ago  
    sometimes i still play bomberman 5 and other super mario games in it! 5 years ago  
    i still own my Super NES 5 years ago  
    i would've made re-spawn! (cod ghosts) 5 years ago  
    Pokémon lol... 5 years ago  
    Hard Candy! my favorite movie 5 years ago +1
    Spirited Away, i love it so much! 5 years ago +4
    Jesse, do you want to cook? 5 years ago +4
    ok 5 years ago  
    16gb is not enough for me 5 years ago  
    you kidding? that kid is nuts! 5 years ago  
    "Van Damme" is bad in this movie! lol 5 years ago  
    if you can't comment, then what's the point ? youtube is not the same without comments 5 years ago  
    i saw the your message pop up on the notifications before, and i'm pretty sure "duh" wasn't there... either way, it's not a big deal 5 years ago  
    thanks for adding that "duh" on your answer. you didn't needed to edit your original post, because it was understandable. 5 years ago +1
    i have this voice inside me already, however, i know how to control myself 5 years ago +1
    coffins are expensive, i could sell some of them 5 years ago +3
    lol 5 years ago  
    hahah 5 years ago  
    or, not use pillows at all 5 years ago +3
    i did this during my vacation 5 years ago  
    then, why you choosed B ? lol 5 years ago  
    this Joker was better than the protagonist 5 years ago +3
    i don't use none of them 5 years ago  
    Professor X 5 years ago  
    THANK YOU Chupacabra!!! someone had to say this! 5 years ago +3
    the AI is just not smart enough 5 years ago  
    INCEPTION 5 years ago +1
    if it was true, i would love to 5 years ago  
    I've never been in chat, and i created an account on this site like 2 years ago 5 years ago +1
    im sure no one here would like to do any of that sh*t! this is all for fun 5 years ago +1
    and yet, i always manage to forget something 5 years ago +3
    her fault, she could just kill herself without putting a video on the internet 5 years ago +7
    i don't like to scream 5 years ago +1
    Well, congrats to him... that dumbass lol 5 years ago  
    That's my cousin's name 5 years ago +1
    minecraft has some catchy songs 5 years ago  
    was! in that case sektor needs to have a chance too. what if he was real? 5 years ago  
    Hunger games is an ok movie to me 5 years ago  
    i could beat the sh*t out of him 5 years ago  
    and seek vendetta 5 years ago  
    i wouldn't care 5 years ago  
    already have a laptop 5 years ago +2
    lol 5 years ago +1
    i would like to try that burger tho 5 years ago  
    it tastes amazing! 5 years ago +3
    i miss some old users :\ 5 years ago +1
    bew honey 5 years ago  
    tastes like raw chicken 5 years ago +2
    rly, Hitler... 5 years ago  
    i dont like bananas, the less the better 5 years ago +3
    i hate duck! too many f*cking bones! 5 years ago  
    I would kill the president that runs my country with no concern at all! Then i would cut him in pieces and feed it to pigs. 5 years ago  
    i didn't even knew "Tor" was a thing. 5 years ago  
    just the bed, sure! 5 years ago +4
    i don't watch TV for over a year now! everything i need and like is on the internet! 5 years ago +1
    exactly 5 years ago  
    i shall rule now! 5 years ago  
    i'd try! 5 years ago +1
    Bad food can become great when you're focused on someone special... at the end of the day, it may even be the best meal you've ever had! 5 years ago +1
    online has exactly what you want 5 years ago  
    Cincinnati Bengals! 5 years ago  
    i would die laughing! 5 years ago +4
    i dont have dead friends, we are all immortal! 5 years ago +1
    since i was 4 5 years ago +2
    i don't know any of them! 5 years ago  
    his name is JESSE PINKMAN! 5 years ago +2
    wtf is this crap? 5 years ago +3
    i cant believe the amount of people that died on this series just because of stupidity! LOL i would be a f*cking king if i lived in this universe 5 years ago +1
    haha no problem 5 years ago  
    just cook good old meth, that will help ya 5 years ago  
    that robot is f*cking cool! 5 years ago  
    the question is "What would be worse", i f*cked up 5 years ago  
    maybe this would be a bad idea! she could became "darker" than me 5 years ago  
    already do 5 years ago  
    yep 5 years ago  
    join a gym ? NEVER HAH 5 years ago +4
    a bunch of crap 5 years ago +1
    i could talk with dogs and be the dog king! 5 years ago +4
    "i would rather Not" whatever that means 5 years ago  
    totally B then! 5 years ago +1
    i won't submit to such agony 5 years ago  
    I think on California actually! 5 years ago  
    you should watch the movie! it's great 5 years ago  
    well, it showed a realistic situation. 5 years ago  
    Avatar is sh*t! + Inception is my favorite movie! 5 years ago  
    i could "try" but it wouldn't work 5 years ago +1
    can i choose the person?...! sure 5 years ago +3
    one does not can cancels the other 5 years ago  
    waw 5 years ago  
    who's 2 chainz 5 years ago +2
    make it 200 and we have a deal! 5 years ago +1
    my brain is a BITCH, if only you knew how much i discuss with myself! if i have a girlfriend i want her to calm me down, not shove everything i do wrong in my face! 5 years ago  
    if he's good, why would i care about his age ? or his brags 5 years ago +6
    o well, then was his mom's fault XD 5 years ago  
    i love rain and snow! 5 years ago +2
    haha Vaas! 5 years ago  
    and try to hit Miley against the wall next time 5 years ago +1
    i admit, i did it on purpose! 5 years ago  
    both actually 5 years ago  
    I try as hard as i can to not judge anyone without knowing their side of the story first! 5 years ago +3
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