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my NAME IS TIA WHAT IS SO HARD WITH A 3 LETTER WORD ... omg i feel like Eva

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    im a girl 2 years ago  
    im 11 2 years ago  
    im a girl so 2 years ago  
    im a girl they look the same 2 years ago  
    GOD IS REAL 2 years ago  
    im a girl 2 years ago +1
    im a girl 2 years ago +1
    go ahead my tablet SUCKS 2 years ago  
    im 11 NOT OLD 2 years ago  
    what if that person is a hobo 2 years ago  
    NONE IM A GIRL 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    i miss hannah 2 years ago  
    ether way im gonna WHOOP THERE ASS 2 years ago  
    2008 there was no DONALD TRUMP plus i was 3 or 4 yes you guess it im 11 2 years ago  
    AGAIN IM A GIRL YU PERVS 2 years ago  
    IM GIRL YU PERVS 2 years ago  
    loved i dont want to be donald trump 2 years ago +1
    im black and a FEMALE 2 years ago  
    i never tried them 2 years ago  
    rather what im a girl 2 years ago  
    i dont know who the hell is ms. Sirois but as long as i can do what i want 2 years ago  
    i already have a nosy neighbor and a noisy one all rap in one 2 years ago  
    bad news then good news 2 years ago  
    and im a girl i don't believe in that crap 2 years ago  
    my best friend is a girl 2 years ago  
    im 11 2 years ago  
    trust me its BEST 2 years ago  
    BEST QUESTION HERE 2 years ago  
    be rich just in case anything goes wrong you can dump THERE ASS 2 years ago  
    im a GIRL YU PERVS 2 years ago +1
    never had coffee 2 years ago  
    i use to like oreos but after a while it SUCKS 2 years ago  
    white chocolate sucks plus look 68% for prof 2 years ago  
    honestly i like both 2 years ago  
    both 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    im lazy af 2 years ago  
    im black and i HATE red apples 2 years ago  
    none im a girl 2 years ago  
    im a girl 2 years ago  
    golf should not even BE A SPORT 2 years ago  
    the 20% are morons 2 years ago  
    im 11 no work 2 years ago  
    im a girl 2 years ago  
    both 2 years ago  
    who the heak would want to fly in a plane with donald trump 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    none im 11 2 years ago  
    when you have TRUE FRIENDS BY YOUR SIDE YOUR NOT A LOOSER IN MY BOOK 2 years ago  
    lol im 11 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    once i have dropped my iPhone of the BALCONY and it DID NOT BRAKE 2 years ago  
    whats the point its all the same 2 years ago  
    i already have a life were i need to sleep 2 years ago  
    im freaking 11 i still think some boys are nasty I HAVEN'T EVEN HAD MY PERIOD YET 2 years ago +1
    yes you can im a girl 2 years ago  
    ah hell to the NO 2 years ago  
    im 11 what do you think i would pick 2 years ago  
    look i always become friends with a guy one is bound to develop feelings for the other TRUST ME 2 years ago  
    ah hell nah none 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    it is sad to see were the world has come 2 years ago +1
    none 2 years ago  
    i already am the youngest sibing 2 years ago  
    family is all that matters 2 years ago  
    none im a girl 2 years ago  
    my friend turned on me and stabbed me in the back like a cold hard murderer now its MY TURN 2 years ago  
    see ya 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    ah hell na this guy all up in here looking like the freaking wolverine 2 years ago  
    not me im Jamaican 2 years ago  
    none bish 2 years ago  
    LA 2 years ago  
    bruh this site is racist dont you care about BLACK PEOPLE 2 years ago  
    yacht baby 2 years ago  
    underground is more safe 2 years ago  
    solo is SO BORING 2 years ago  
    cheated on then after that me and my friends come and bus up his ass 2 years ago  
    meat is bad for you 2 years ago  
    im to young so i dont watch any of them 2 years ago  
    i dont even watch TV as much as my computer 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    and im a girl 2 years ago  
    BATMAN IS THE BEST 2 years ago  
    i dont know what any of this means 2 years ago  
    OBAMA REMEMBER YOU WIFE 2 years ago  
    PARTY ANIMAL LOL 2 years ago  
    i dont know what they mean so i did en meni mine mo 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    im black so that question was racist 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    i dont drink milk 2 years ago  
    none what the point 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    im black so 2 years ago  
    im a black girl 2 years ago  
    i am poor but happy as long as i have god by my side 2 years ago  
    im a girl i don't believe in that crap 2 years ago +2
    go hockey 2 years ago  
    i am already a female and choose to stick to it 2 years ago  
    JAMAICA 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    i have NEVER eaten cookie dough 2 years ago  
    im 11 i haven't even had my period yet 2 years ago  
    never mind i choose the wrong one 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    they did not say disease it could be a cold 2 years ago  
    computer virus the WORST 2 years ago  
    i have peed in the shower so much 2 years ago  
    i believe i can fly i believe i can touch the sky 2 years ago  
    sorry for being smart but intestine got kicked out of school from a young age 2 years ago  
    im a girl so 2 years ago  
    think of the future 2 years ago  
    good bye 100 bucks 2 years ago  
    im just 11 2 years ago  
    obama 2 years ago  
    oh female doctors are just better plus some times the guys are creepy 2 years ago  
    i am a female ad i dont want to change 2 years ago  
    no people taking and screaming YES 2 years ago  
    im already on a tropical island with my friends 2 years ago  
    its not natural plus that means 68% likes how donald trump look like if you think im right 2 years ago  
    14% are morons 2 years ago  
    i hate justin 2 years ago  
    my birth day is the day of my birth 2 years ago  
    cause my milk shakes brings all the boys to the yard and there like ITS BETTER THAN YOURS 2 years ago  
    gimme them shakes 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    cash can get gifts 2 years ago  
    dancing is much more funny than seeing some one hurt 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    im allergic to cats and i HATE them i LOVE dogs and they are mans BEST FRIENDS FOR A REASON 2 years ago  
    im allergic to cats but they did not say you CANT have a weapon 2 years ago  
    ITS MY LIFE NOT YOURS 2 years ago +1
    i don't care ITS WRONG YOU CAN GO TO HELL WITH THAT 2 years ago  
    sorry wrong game 2 years ago  
    i don't care ITS WRONG YOU CAN GO TO HELL WITH THAT 2 years ago  
    i rather be clean that dirty 2 years ago  
    why would i want some one to see me nude 2 years ago  
    family is the best choice no matter what 2 years ago  
    being alone its just sad plus eventually we cant take it any more and corporate 2 years ago  
    none im a girl 2 years ago  
    i dont want to walk around sanky 2 years ago  
    now that i think of it i should have pressed the other one 2 years ago  
    i dont drink milk 2 years ago  
    i dont do drugs plus im 11 2 years ago  
    whats the point is you never get to see them again 2 years ago  
    hot but dangerous not me 2 years ago  
    i can already control my dreams 2 years ago  
    you cant eat the car 2 years ago  
    i never leave my house any ways im a black person that look white that would be if i did not have to go to school on a tropical island the sun hurts 2 years ago  
    i have NEVER seen snow before 2 years ago  
    i could make donald trump not be president of the us we all know he has some thing dirty on him 2 years ago  
    good bye justin 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    im glad just the way i am 2 years ago  
    i want to play minecraft but my mom wont buy it 2 years ago  
    what i going to smack who ever made up this question 2 years ago  
    firefox is better 2 years ago  
    um um ah hell nah i BLACK i gone ether way 2 years ago  
    i have had a dream when i was on a broken ski lift 2 years ago  
    oh hell nah nope not me 2 years ago  
    well im black so 2 years ago  
    just like no words 2 years ago  
    whats the point 2 years ago  
    mountain dew is the best tho 2 years ago  
    coke nu duhh 2 years ago  
    i have nothing to hide 2 years ago  
    none 2 years ago  
    i dont want to steal from people 2 years ago +1
    lol 2 years ago  
    big yall 2 years ago  
    my best friend is a girl i dont believe in that crap 2 years ago  
    i feel like star trek is a complete copy of star wars plus i love chubaca 2 years ago  
    fails are more funny like if you agree 2 years ago  
    the dog please 2 years ago  
    im a apple company girl 2 years ago  
    pigs are so cute 2 years ago  
    like its like having power 2 years ago  
    GOD ALWAYS RULES 2 years ago +1
    i dont even like justin i never did 2 years ago  
    and it would be cool to be the opposite gender and see how its like 2 years ago +1
    i am already a kid 2 years ago  
    wtf im not a dude im a girl and my name is TIA NOT TIAH 2 years ago  
    i did not even read i just clicked the money 2 years ago  
    well i like vampires and the girl from harry potter gets her heart broken cause harry does not like her 2 years ago  
    we would not survive nun 2 years ago  
    omg 2 years ago  
    plus my great grandmother saw one 2 years ago  
    um mermaids 2 years ago  
    ah hell nah 2 years ago  
    when you have the money you can do anything and get anything from amazon 2 years ago  
    aww finally a good question 2 years ago  
    yay yuhh 2 years ago  
    oh my lord 2 years ago  
    nope 2 years ago  
    i dont even know what the heak that means 2 years ago  
    and i would stop donad trump from being president of the us 2 years ago  
    if your a wizard you can turn your self in to a ninja if you want 2 years ago  
    ah hell nah none 2 years ago  
    i have always wanted to teleport 2 years ago  
    nahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh 2 years ago  
    omg 2 years ago  
    why would i that would just be paying for your death 2 years ago  
    nu duhh plus when they speaking about you , you can come and speak there language and say i know what you were saying jack ass 2 years ago  
    yolo 2 years ago  
    good bye 2 years ago  
    cheaters get they ass whop 2 years ago  
    what if that baby was donald trump 2 years ago  
    omg lol i choose wich one that was less freaky 2 years ago  
    im sorry man i love them both but im a big fan of harry potter 2 years ago  
    plus i dont like to see blood 2 years ago  
    my dream job is to be a lawyer but my mom wants me to be a doctor 2 years ago  
    what happens to food what you going to eat your love 2 years ago  
    i dont know how to surf plus im on the internet right now 2 years ago  
    true love is better any money 2 years ago  
    nu duh my crush but im a girl so it would not be her 2 years ago  
    i would live in fame and wealth because in harry potters world it can be very dangerous 2 years ago  
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