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    what if your to young to have a baby?  
    who would wanna be ugly? +1
    i'd lol  
    i can complete my honey boo boo look now  
    more food  
    With money, you can spend it care-free . But with time, you can use that time and do more with your life.  
    at least with older music,like 90's raps, they talked about different things  
    he's saying it figuratively -.-  
    for some reason i thought it said, "would you rather stop smoking for 300 grand"  
    lol i don't smoke  
    you could just dream not to die  
    capsule corp.  
    lol, look at their faces +1
    Then that means you won't spend much time with them because of paparazzi's or fans bothering you +1
    Just because you don't have access to the internet doesn't mean it doesn't exist.  
    Girly girls can be annoying at times  
    If your friends cared enough then they wouldn't let you suffer like that  
    Just because you receive 1,000 dollars doesn't mean you can't be in a loving relationship +1
    lol i already have glasses and i still can't see  
    at least with dogs you can command them to do stuff  
    never been to the beach  
    What if it's just that we don't want to live Australia?  
    did anybody notice the author's comment. lol +2722
    i only chose cereal because peanut butter is disgusting +1
    who are these people  
    what if you have a mac?...  
    how can an opinion be wrong..  
    veggies are disgusting  
    what does obama have to do with this question?  
    what do needles have to do with no  
    lady gaga  
    how would you get to the store if there are to many bad drivers on the road? +1
    Do you have any proof to back up your statement?  
    Lol, and I love reading comments from people who think they know everything, but probably doesn't know any of the people on here and is assuming stuff based on their beliefs... If you were a smart person you'd know that people have their own beliefs -.-  
    How is this a 'would you rather question'?  
    i don't get the pictures...  
    instant transmission  
    You won't be saying this when you go down under.  
    those babies look creepy  
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