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I can't stand you bunch of bitches

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Better Disney villain? Ursula or The Evil Queen 4 years ago 263 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather see in Mortal Kombat X? Shang Tsung or Quan Chi 4 years ago 115 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather see in Mortal Kombat X? Reptile or Baraka 4 years ago 135 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather see in Mortal Kombat X? Bo' Rai Cho or Ashrah 4 years ago 110 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Who would you rather see in Mortal Kombat X? Mileena or Jade 4 years ago 219 votes 0 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather see in Mortal Kombat X? Sindel or Sheeva 4 years ago 168 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a fairy or a witch 4 years ago 200 votes 7 comments 0 likes
If you where a King/Queen would you rather be Respected or Feared 4 years ago 240 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather have as a dad? Peter Griffin or Homer Simpson 4 years ago 162 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Who do you like more... Cat Woman or Harley Quinn 4 years ago 196 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who Is a weirder performer? Marilyn Manson or Lady Gaga 4 years ago 130 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather meet? Slender Man or Unwanted House Guest 4 years ago 138 votes 5 comments 0 likes

Tonypeepee has posted the following comments:

Most owners are affectinate to them 4 years ago  
real life minecraft seems like hard labor. 4 years ago +1
why don't you shut the hell up they are the ones who are mean first. dick. 4 years ago  
lol no it's people on this god damn site who are total ignorant A holes 4 years ago  
no and I don't plan to. 4 years ago +2
here we go again. 4 years ago  
uhh I wasn't even in a rage. 4 years ago  
ok it's clear to me it's time to let this go. you can't think of any better to say. i'm tired of your dumbf**kry. 4 years ago  
oh wow you can read! you're not that dumb after all. 4 years ago  
my posts are not meant to make you laugh. and they do make sense stupid. 4 years ago  
they are not funny...they make no damn sense. 4 years ago  
just look at your POSTS 4 years ago  
says the dumbass. 4 years ago  
I would make the game creepy 4 years ago  
can I have fries with that? 4 years ago  
who really cares? 4 years ago  
B is photoshop win 4 years ago  
I hate other people 4 years ago  
I don't watch that fake stuff 4 years ago +1
no 4 years ago  
it lasts for like half a second 4 years ago  
A is from somewhere. 4 years ago  
ugh 4 years ago  
omega and ruby are not even out yet. 4 years ago  
is this from a song or something? 4 years ago +6
this place is already full of assholes. 4 years ago  
looks good 4 years ago  
I would hang out with Ursula. 4 years ago  
hide 4 years ago +1
how the f**k should I know? 4 years ago +2
my post make sense. 4 years ago  
ewwww no let her stay with joker 4 years ago +1
bathing in your own filth 4 years ago +1
I like this question 4 years ago  
only dumbasses cheer at movies. 4 years ago  
this has been asked b4 4 years ago  
please 4 years ago +1
adventure time sucks 4 years ago +1
yea that's my user name. its nice to see that you can read. 4 years ago  
well I know some people who think its real dumbass. and it's you fans that look like dumbasses cheering in the background. if you know its fake. then why do you root and cheer? it's you who looks retarded. 4 years ago  
phones are lame 4 years ago  
sound like a villain 4 years ago  
that would calm me down 4 years ago  
no thanks nasty 4 years ago +2
you do realize tis is all staged. 4 years ago +2
learn better vocabulary. 4 years ago  
women get paid less then men.... 4 years ago  
I like dogs better but cats have more freedom 4 years ago +1
hold on to the head 4 years ago  
I am rubber man 4 years ago +1
there should be no reason why trained team rocket grunts use level 5 zubats. 4 years ago  
no don't 4 years ago +5
is that first picture animated? 4 years ago  
but that voice.... 4 years ago  
dreads look dirty and filthy 4 years ago +6
people need to grow up 4 years ago  
omg I was thinking about this quote at work today 4 years ago +2
holy sh*t 4 years ago  
adventure time sucks 4 years ago +2
can you not read? 4 years ago  
spooky 4 years ago  
small town life sucks ass... so boring. 4 years ago +1
more money for me. 4 years ago  
THIS IS HOW IT IS AS WALMART!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +3
I never played A but that guy look really annoying in the previews of the games 4 years ago  
lol friends? 4 years ago  
swallow them 4 years ago  
really 4 years ago  
A is going to make them cry harder. idiots. 4 years ago +4
this would be heaven to me 4 years ago  
ME LOL 4 years ago  
kick them in the head. 4 years ago  
I would slap the sh*t out of him 4 years ago +1
who needs friends 4 years ago  
this has been asked so many damn times its ridiculous 4 years ago +2
I never said he was cute. 4 years ago  
cartoonetwork sucks now and days 4 years ago +1
eevee isn't even cute 4 years ago  
have you seen these people? 4 years ago  
that was suppose to be a joke? 4 years ago  
you used the wrong word. it's hole not whole 4 years ago  
me killing them in their sleep 4 years ago  
well he signed up for that. 4 years ago  
i'm not a animal 4 years ago +1
have fun finding one 4 years ago +1
monkeys throw sh*t 4 years ago  
eh 4 years ago  
you better pass me some 4 years ago  
I would just complement his tattoos maybe he'd leave me alone 4 years ago  
somebody who's a total ass 4 years ago  
trip a b*tch 4 years ago +2
ALREADY ASKED 4 years ago  
less of a chance of getting hurt 4 years ago  
he was my first 4 years ago +1
100 isn't sh*t 4 years ago  
how about no 4 years ago +1
I don't want to grow up being a douche like the 80% 4 years ago +1
put sugar. actually really good 4 years ago +1
neither of these had ever happen to me. 4 years ago  
PLEASE 4 years ago +1
more pokemon in it 4 years ago +2
both seem the same to me. 4 years ago +1
anywhere but texas 4 years ago  
I might trip and hit my head on a rock 4 years ago  
B is more geeky 4 years ago +1
it's hole 4 years ago +1
these make no sense. why do you even post? 4 years ago +3
I haven't seen either but I would think B is like skyrim 4 years ago +1
we all know everybody hates work 4 years ago +1
this isn't a question 4 years ago +1
I haven't seen either of them but I seen the preview for B and it looks stupid. 4 years ago +2
in school i'm always the leader. mostly because i'm always stuck with the lazy asses 4 years ago  
art college 4 years ago  
none of them are funny 4 years ago +5
it doesn't really matter. 4 years ago  
I would make everyone wear paper party hats. 4 years ago  
i need to. too many assholes 4 years ago +2
neither do i. 4 years ago +1
it look like it hurts like a tumor or something 4 years ago  
well I don't want to die 4 years ago  
a friggin t rex 4 years ago +2
always the evil ones 4 years ago  
Erm indeed. 4 years ago  
yeah I knew that. 4 years ago  
they done that to themselves. 4 years ago  
he turned nice at the end. I wished the children turned evil with him and they became an evil family 4 years ago +1
is skin would be too thick to bite through 4 years ago +1
NO QUESTION 4 years ago +1
if you know what I mean (0>0) 4 years ago  
I'd look fabulous 4 years ago  
I don't want to get all sticky 4 years ago  
did you not read? it says everyone sees you. no matter what. 4 years ago +3
I want to but I never watched it 4 years ago  
NO BIRDO YET!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
would rather what? add verbs 4 years ago +1
nah just you. don't even have an account 4 years ago  
damn 50 50 4 years ago +1
he is. she just wanted her voice to trick the prince so she can own ariel so she can trade it for triton's power. 4 years ago  
how many god damn times are you going to ask this question? 4 years ago +4
texas sucks ass 4 years ago +2
I'd rather shoot myself. 4 years ago  
Isreal? more like Isn't real 4 years ago  
people who think it's a sport are completely retarded. 4 years ago +2
I can express myself better this way. 4 years ago  
this would be amazing. 4 years ago  
I wish I can favorite your profile. 4 years ago  
WHITE CHICKS 4 years ago  
obviously this is all real 4 years ago  
that's his fault for jumping. I don't feel bad for him. 4 years ago +1
it's worse to loose happy memories then never had any in the first place. 4 years ago +4
already asked 4 years ago  
just because you're married doest mean you had sex. 4 years ago  
I didn't know you can change your name 4 years ago  
you can also hit a ghost with physical attacks. 4 years ago  
I think you're in the wrong website man.... 4 years ago  
to buy food dumb dumb 4 years ago +1
because i'm the devil. lol jk I saw it on the newest categories. 4 years ago  
that would be awesome. 4 years ago +1
try the opposite of what you just said. 4 years ago +4
you all suck 4 years ago  
no prooof 4 years ago  
only for penny 4 years ago  
oh boo hoo go cry to your mommy 4 years ago  
I will tell him to spit it with me. earn his trust then steal. 4 years ago +1
you got this off a game show. 4 years ago +1
for some reason it reminds me of lady gaga 4 years ago +3
LOVE THEM BOTH but always choose the evil one. 4 years ago  
you hate all the good types 4 years ago +1
I guess it's that thing 4 years ago +1
dumbass shouldn't jump in the first place 4 years ago  
don't be an asshole 4 years ago +6
morgan is over rated 4 years ago +3
stupid kids shouldn't be using guns 4 years ago +3
both of these things happen 4 years ago  
cloyster is evil looking 4 years ago  
my dad is kinda an asshole 4 years ago +1
I have a sh*tty phone any way. 4 years ago +1
well you just said you don't want to support them. listing to their music is supporting them. 4 years ago  
depends who they kill 4 years ago  
then why listen to them 4 years ago +2
I don't know what she is doing in the pic 4 years ago  
anyone who says other wise is retarded 4 years ago +3
same sh*t 4 years ago  
what? 4 years ago +1
ok bye then 4 years ago +1
NO offence? yeah ok. 4 years ago  
I can use a special move 4 years ago +1
I would think you would put her with cammy 4 years ago  
maybe they will stop b*tching 4 years ago  
somebody already asked it and they didn't need to use topless women to get it attention. 4 years ago  
I will get both 4 years ago  
WEEEZING 4 years ago  
because I like him better 4 years ago  
the devil's dog 4 years ago +1
evil version is always better 4 years ago  
eevee is overrated 4 years ago +1
it isn't luxary 4 years ago  
evil version 4 years ago  
wow love them both 4 years ago  
I bet you're asian 4 years ago  
desperate whores seeking attention. 4 years ago  
I think donuts are gross 4 years ago  
now that's better 4 years ago +1
BULLSHIT 4 years ago +5
no i'm just letting you know there's a difference 4 years ago  
this is just asking for a war. 4 years ago +2
throwing knifes and laser vision 4 years ago  
I never heard of those quotes 4 years ago  
beans are healthy 4 years ago  
SAX and I don't care about the other 2 4 years ago +2
I don't want to melt 4 years ago  
throw coals at all the children 4 years ago +1
gets all toys to myself 4 years ago +1
mo' sleep 4 years ago  
I don't want my body getting splattered. I want to still look nice when I die so people can see me at my funeral in peace. 4 years ago +1
ANYTHING but A even Justin beiber. 4 years ago  
looks like Arial 4 years ago  
that other one is not a girl 4 years ago +2
mother doesn't need to know 4 years ago +4
that's my phone 4 years ago +2
no he's a dumbass 4 years ago  
depends on whose side of the family. 4 years ago  
a camel giraffe 4 years ago  
did you make this list to be mean? 4 years ago +1
being called gay isn't offensive. using it as a substitute for the word stupid is. and I don't care if you don't think it is or not. I do 4 years ago  
I don't care if you are gay, its offensive. but why waste my time with a person on the internet about being offensive? just because you're gay doesn't mean its ok. 4 years ago  
it also means homosexual . you and i both know you were not using it as happy. 4 years ago  
like I give a sh*t about what you people think 4 years ago  
doesn't change who you are. 4 years ago +2
it was a joke you stupid idiot 4 years ago  
give them to my mom 4 years ago +1
no swag is for gay lords 4 years ago  
NEIN NEIN NEIN NEIN 4 years ago  
I might get eaten both ways so 4 years ago  
that's just pac man. 4 years ago  
grilled corn 4 years ago +1
nobody gives a sh*t 4 years ago  
with some lime and salt. MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM 4 years ago  
can deal with rude costumers 4 years ago +3
I wish a seen any of those 4 years ago  
it would make more sense if you said A 4 years ago  
lol that man 4 years ago  
sorry family. 4 years ago  
hitmen are cooling then theifs. and doctors are cooler then janitors 4 years ago  
take a shower... better then feeling pain. 4 years ago +2
gay means homosexual not stupid...asshole 4 years ago +2
actually got sh*t done 4 years ago +1
douchebag asshole 4 years ago +6
you don't have a nice motorcycle you have a nice car. 4 years ago  
no it's... UNNDA DA SEA 4 years ago +1
yeah mangos do. there are two types of mangos. 4 years ago  
way too overrated 4 years ago  
I thought she was funny 4 years ago +5
I will just tell them to give me things 4 years ago  
you get all greasy being a car mechanic 4 years ago  
THEY CAN'T AFFORD THIS 4 years ago  
I hate a lot of people 4 years ago  
sounds fun 4 years ago +1
who gives a sh*t if tomato is a fruit? 4 years ago +2
I still don't know what it does.... 4 years ago  
friendships lasts longer. 4 years ago +3
foxes are not that cool. 4 years ago  
nobody reads books anymore 4 years ago  
you don't know he's a girl. 4 years ago  
yes and it was terrible. 4 years ago +3
I think that's me. 4 years ago  
no 4 years ago  
he aint that bad 4 years ago  
that's why you shouldn't do these. 4 years ago  
lol 4 years ago +1
nick name freshman year because my initials are tony p 4 years ago  
you're a retard 4 years ago  
I can fight back...then rape back 4 years ago  
plants are bigger then insects 4 years ago  
you can do both on here 4 years ago  
i'm bisexual so 4 years ago +1
pokemon 4 years ago +1
well just because you stand up to them doesn't mean they would stop. 4 years ago +1
EAT THEM 4 years ago  
fat naked GUY 4 years ago  
better symbol 4 years ago  
tea tastes better 4 years ago  
TEXAS I hate it here 4 years ago  
I already do this 4 years ago  
just to see another one 4 years ago +2
poison it 4 years ago +3
LOL I already have a relationship with a whale if you know what I mean. LOL no I don't have any relationship :( 4 years ago +2
why not both? 4 years ago  
I like books because I can imagine what the characters look like myself 4 years ago +4
killed all the assholes on this sight... OH here they come now... 4 years ago  
how about no 4 years ago +1
god damn stop doing these 4 years ago +2
NO 4 years ago  
I say theatre is for plays 4 years ago  
all day 24 hours 4 years ago  
nasty germs on a pole 4 years ago  
just because you kill someone doesn't make you insane 4 years ago  
I would be the rich one 4 years ago  
I hate being thirsty 4 years ago +1
i'd be like sheeva 4 years ago  
kill someone you hate or get diabetes? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 4 years ago  
that would be stupid 4 years ago +1
duh its cold over there 4 years ago +1
FOOD 4 years ago  
whats the point of having a fast car when the fastest you can go is 60 mph 4 years ago  
it doesn't have to good...just write some funny random stuff 4 years ago  
chicken is just too damn good 4 years ago  
I was about to say the same thing. 4 years ago  
that pic tho 4 years ago  
depends who their parents are. 4 years ago  
is that what it looks like? I hope not 4 years ago  
he must cook healthy 4 years ago +4
why do you keep bugging me. go away 4 years ago  
BULL 4 years ago  
good I don't want to be your friend anyway asshole. 4 years ago  
you don't kill or eat elephants you stupid idiot. 4 years ago +2
kill an asshole or kill a nice little elephant. hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm 4 years ago +3
pokemon anime...because i suck at the videogame...BUT EVERY THING IS POSSIBLE IN THE ANIME 4 years ago  
priest get more attention 4 years ago  
only assholes would get upset. 4 years ago +10
in what way? 4 years ago  
no dumbass 4 years ago +1
less sticky 4 years ago  
your questions don't make sense. how can a lion fight a shark? 4 years ago  
no you go pray to the man in the sky. 4 years ago  
is spelled *you're dumbass 4 years ago  
false this isn't a queestion 4 years ago +2
what 4 years ago +2
sexist jokes are funnier... racist people are assholes 4 years ago +1
heaven and hell isn't real 4 years ago +1
hang him 4 years ago  
kill him...don't need people like that in the group 4 years ago  
I thought they go out and buy one at the hospital. 4 years ago +4
lol who needs to sing 4 years ago  
I'm not answering this because it does not matter. 4 years ago +1
this is a stupid question but avoiding a knifes is easier then avoiding guns. 4 years ago  
lol imagine if the world just live forever floating in space 4 years ago  
im a boy so not that bad 4 years ago  
no birdo in Mario kart 8 4 years ago  
i'll be Mr.burns 4 years ago  
better then being a talentless nobody. 4 years ago +2
im already a little chubby 4 years ago +1
wait only if they are Siamese cats 4 years ago  
how about no marriage at all. 4 years ago +2
I already know what happens in the past 4 years ago +1
the other one sounds like a porno 4 years ago  
way cooler in my opinion 4 years ago  
you aint my brother. 4 years ago  
You are correct sir....however nobody would like you. 4 years ago  
well peter farts in his daughter's face a lot. 4 years ago  
you can be a warlock 4 years ago  
nom nom nom 4 years ago  
purple 4 years ago  
cooler picture 4 years ago +6
oops I didnt read the part when it said skin. 4 years ago  
less sour 4 years ago  
sounds poetic... the other makes you sound country... 4 years ago +1
and besides he doesn't have sex with barn animals. 4 years ago  
better name. 4 years ago  
no that's what yours said 4 years ago  
LOL I didn't know what blow you meant but now I do and I say yes 4 years ago  
I LOVE this question 4 years ago  
ATTACK MY ZOMBIE ARMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
when would A be needed? 4 years ago +1
awww butt hurt much? 4 years ago  
so is you're mother 4 years ago  
a bear would F that S up 4 years ago  
i'm the oldest of eight kids 4 years ago  
I think....he kept rubbing my back on the bus and he came out to me... 4 years ago  
four more days of freedom 4 years ago +1
15 seconds is all I need ;) 4 years ago +3
nutella is gross 4 years ago +1
drail and crash? or crash and sink? 4 years ago  
I like that feeling 4 years ago  
pink hair really? 4 years ago  
be the master of sex 4 years ago  
this already happen :( 4 years ago  
hahaha oh jesus 4 years ago  
I need to shower...and plus I want to freez my enemies. 4 years ago  
sorry baby.... 4 years ago  
it has all the pokemon 4 years ago +1
I hate foxes 4 years ago  
hopefully they break my fall lol 4 years ago +4
pretty 4 years ago  
same sh*t 4 years ago +4
thank you 4 years ago  
how do you get people to view your questions 4 years ago  
now that's just insanely evil...I like it. 4 years ago  
you can't bury survivors... 4 years ago +1
raw potato with salt is good 4 years ago  
i like being a boy but girls are more badass i think. 4 years ago +1
I already f#%king do this 4 years ago +1
how about no 4 years ago +1
i'd rather at night alone. 4 years ago  
I hate adventure time. i just did. 4 years ago +3
YAY we would be best friends 4 years ago +1
asshole 4 years ago  
well I like life so... 4 years ago  
yes please. ;) 4 years ago  
I don't believe in this mumbo jumbo but god has every power possible...even satan's powers. he just doesn't use them...but I would. 4 years ago +1
F%#K politics. 4 years ago  
wat 4 years ago  
that's a different story. 4 years ago +2
*gets STD* 4 years ago +3
I don't really like happy endings 4 years ago +3
hippos can still fight. they just don't eat it after they are done. 4 years ago +3
NO 4 years ago  
how about no 4 years ago +2
alot can happen in a day 4 years ago +1
if I prevented batman's parent's death..THERE WOULD BE NO BATMAN! 4 years ago  
this is how I am 4 years ago  
pokemon 4 years ago  
adventure time sucks ass 4 years ago +3
Harley is only jokers sidekick 4 years ago  
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