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    xbox better  
    what is digmon anyway it sound stupud  
    skydive is more fun and rock climbing is boring and you got climb climb climb and you get tired and when you skydive you dont get tired at all  
    sprite is life  
    man twilight is better is than potter  
    more money  
    star wars is the best movie bettter than anything  
    prison break more intense  
    boi batman trash spider man better than batman,superman has a weakness batman and spiderman  
    theysay justin beiber gay but he not and michael jackson better music than bieber  
    brad is more like in the movie meet the smiths  
    i love google better than facebook  
    i love macs  
    my friend has a iphone and she only 9 +1
    who would not choose chrome  
    windows is best more stuff  
    pc lower price  
    blackberry has lower price tho so you will still have a lot of money left .yall dumb fools +1
    baseball is better than cricket  
    rap and hip hop  
    lebron james slam dunk own all yall right now  
    man i knew i should of picked soccer  
    more fame  
    madden 12 is more better you can more stuff on it  
    pool are life,ill live in a pool  
    man this car nice dont know what yall weirdos think  
    dont know what cricket just 10 years old in 4th grade  
    basketball get popular and famous  
    american football is better soccer man its more intense  
    you can juke people and all that  
    you can do tricks and all that  
    if im a luaghing horse i will have teeth and get girls  
    purell your will sting for a long time and perfume it just make your mouth taste weird  
    usa is life living here for forever  
    i got wrong man eletric guitars are great to rock with  
    dr pepper is trash,coca cola is the most popular  
    having love you have someone to talk to and have someone to chill wit  
    being wealthy i would a great life and having fame might get annoying  
    why would they say that i mean,someone ask you a question and you have no anserwer  
    books are crap and you can relax and all that stuff  
    i ment to pick amn  
    pick on accident  
    wrong pick on accident  
    man im a boy so i will pick man  
    luxury hotel are more compty  
    i got it right  
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