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Which? Inner Sphere or Clan Tech 6 years ago 122 votes 7 comments 0 likes

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you're already guranteed entrance to heaven anyway unless you're gay :I 6 years ago  
i'll just walk around naked all day, that'll show em 6 years ago  
NEVER seeing OR HEARING a friend or colleauge? F**K THAT 6 years ago  
but it CAN 6 years ago  
that's not how blind dates work :I 6 years ago  
my car 6 years ago  
tara strong here i come/ 6 years ago  
for what? 10k each? xD 6 years ago  
unlike the terminator, rambo can actually die 6 years ago  
russia, cuba, and others gave communism a bad name :c communism works SUPRISINGLY well theoretically 6 years ago +3
then you switch away the next day 6 years ago  
or if an appendage (IE, finger) slips into their mouth 6 years ago  
i honestly kind of find pale skin sexy 6 years ago  
i could save my filthy richiness for 20 years and buy america's first ATV! 6 years ago  
i don't have an annoying grandma 6 years ago  
feed them to animals? 6 years ago  
NYC has a forest for my fourwheeler, miami does not 6 years ago  
lolwut dating a 5 year old klol 6 years ago  
it's pretty easy to change doorknobs 6 years ago  
neither of them feel/enjoy sex :I 6 years ago  
i'm not justifying his murder spree xD, i'm just saying quietness = wisdom, pretty plain and simple. *not saying his murder spree was justified by wisdom either* 6 years ago  
isn't the second one pretty much jesus' crucifixion? 6 years ago  
romeo and juliet short? 6 years ago  
everyone would be afraid of me 6 years ago  
i chose 2 because i go to church 6 years ago  
noone says you can't write/type everything 6 years ago  
how do you zipline with no equipment 6 years ago  
a good life? 6 years ago  
democracy or communism would be a better rrrather 6 years ago  
"Man, check out the spine on that chick!" - Said noone ever 6 years ago  
bill helped steve make alot of macintosh/apple products bill>steve 6 years ago  
my cousin is +8 years from me, and he used to woop my ass at ssb 3, but i still loved it 6 years ago  
i like both 6 years ago  
tell your friend to ask you a question, give you the answer, and then say the wrong answer. repeat 4 times, WIN EVERYTHING. 6 years ago  
technically kids can have sex :I 6 years ago  
i already am a fat nerd 6 years ago  
i'm sure they've all sinned before, so they're not really innocent 6 years ago  
fine with me 6 years ago  
you can drive a fourwheeler safely in the snow, rain just sucks 6 years ago  
loloolololol christians suck lololol now we wait for the rage 6 years ago  
one million dollars a YEAR kids, that's $2,739 a day at $114 AN HOUR 6 years ago  
i really wouldn't mind option one :\ 6 years ago  
one night stand 6 years ago  
try sleeping on your stomach with a boner. 6 years ago  
undefined 6 years ago  
make new friends, rob,murder,steal, get a "life sentence" 6 years ago  
you do know house cats are afraid of humans, right? 6 years ago  
not that kind of booty 6 years ago  
nobody says i can't save myself and my siblings 6 years ago  
i think it does 6 years ago  
yes you can 6 years ago  
says the old guy who watches dragon ball z LOL 6 years ago  
wish 1: i want 300 tons of pure diamond etc etc 6 years ago  
michael jackson actually made music. 6 years ago  
i've spent over $4000 on my computer, no thanks. 6 years ago  
yes you could >:D 6 years ago  
the publishing company would be shut down for child pornography :I 6 years ago  
i didn't even vote because both suck ass 6 years ago  
power is also knowledge though 6 years ago  
i wanted to choose both. 6 years ago  
not talking alot is usually a sign of wisdom, not creepyness :I 6 years ago  
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