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    Sex then break up 2 years ago  
    GOD IS REAL ASSHOLE 3 years ago  
    I'd punch those niggers how mess with me 3 years ago  
    If he's f***ing well I'm f***ing to 3 years ago  
    F*** you God does existed 3 years ago  
    It's talkin about cow meat right 3 years ago  
    Im a guy soooo 3 years ago  
    I'm a guy soooooo 3 years ago  
    Fame = wealth 3 years ago  
    At least I can still play video games 3 years ago  
    You don't know what they chould do to you they chould put anal probes inside you noooooooooo 3 years ago  
    Brown streak man Lol 3 years ago  
    Wtf 3 years ago  
    If by freinds you mean topless women I'm in !!! 3 years ago  
    They whould fordive me 3 years ago  
    Im a brony 3 years ago  
    Im already a kid 3 years ago  

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