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    in a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit and that hobbit was me bi*ches 4 months ago  
    I win 4 months ago  
    awsome=windows=gates steve=apple=trash 4 months ago  
    oh high hillary 4 months ago  
    got to love the pic 4 months ago  
    well I am a republican 4 months ago  
    andruc that really hurts 4 months ago  
    I already have book smarts so phsych 4 months ago  
    three words stop, drop,rooooooollllllllll 4 months ago  
    yeet that's how I dress now ;) 4 months ago  
    you: oh hi Obama, me: I will destroy your healthcare plan you bi*ch 4 months ago  
    Nancy will fart herself out of the house 5 months ago  
    aww yeah 5 months ago  
    imma skip 5 months ago  
    eww 5 months ago  
    hah I have only ever played Mario kart 5 months ago  
    hello garfield 5 months ago  
    donkey punch me in the face 5 months ago  
    wait hate him? 5 months ago  
    I can eat them when everything goes wrong 5 months ago  
    I will survive 5 months ago  
    hahahaha 5 months ago  
    wait what? just 35 percent? 5 months ago  
    its not hot 5 months ago  
    your joking right Dumbledore is and idiot who got himself killed PS they are literally both Gandalf 5 months ago  
    they will put me winning the election in 5 months ago  
    president for life 5 months ago  
    you can buy anything on amazon 5 months ago  
    sorry Nancy but I am getting away this time heh heh... 5 months ago  
    already am wearing 80's clothes 5 months ago  
    I can instill fear in the democrats 5 months ago  
    wait is there a difference between me and him? 5 months ago  
    uh hell yeah if I win I can finely build that wall 5 months ago  
    finely I can find out what that dog was doing to my leg 5 months ago  
    at least I can survive 5 months ago  
    why meeeeeeee 5 months ago  
    well now I cant say anything wrong to my girlfriend 5 months ago  
    mis click ill spend 10000 on video games and the rest of the money goes into a saving account then ill start a charity, happy? 5 months ago  
    39% of the people on this site are monsters 5 months ago  
    docter pays more 5 months ago  
    oh yeah battle tats 5 months ago  
    ima dwarf now and im ballin with all my gold 5 months ago  
    hah ill be playing video games for around 200 years 5 months ago  
    what you no like xmen? 5 months ago  

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