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    Im a die hard romantic! 2 years ago  
    BOTH I just one in random so I could leave this comment! BOTH SHALL LIVE! 2 years ago  
    holocaust was in (I think) about three countries rather than 1 state! 2 years ago  
    Then next time im caught by the police I can lie my way out of it! AND I could lie about anything and become president! #howtoruletheworld 2 years ago  
    penguins! 2 years ago  
    I don't remember my dreams so that would be useful! AND I sometimes see things that are going to happen in the future so yeah! 2 years ago  
    the clothing wasn't that bad for rich people back then so id just dress like them! I mean 1 quick trip to the good old antique store and your good! 2 years ago  
    you can get anything on amazon! Even a f*cking puppy! BUY 1,000's OF PUPPIES!!!!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    you don't have to stick out your tongue! and just keep your mouth closed! 2 years ago  
    wtf! I can get a diamond ring and FREE food! who needs sex when you have a man slave?! yasssssssssssss 2 years ago +1
    hearing aids! 2 years ago  
    prison! Because its like a luxury resort and GUESS WHAT!!!!!!!!!! NO F*CKING TAXES!!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    ninja's rule! I mean look at almost any anime!!!!!!! 2 years ago  
    aliens aren't merciful and wont leave our earth at least world war III will end and we can rebuild... 2 years ago  
    nooooooo I picked the wrong one!!!!!!!!!!!!! fly! and read minds that what I would pick! dang it! 2 years ago  
    ummmmmm yeah I don't think I could deal with my own breathing... 2 years ago  
    that would be awesome to speak to animals but I think anyone would go a little bit crazy.... 2 years ago  
    music forever! or coffee for a year? its an easy choice! 2 years ago  
    yes I would I just accidentally clicked the wrong one XD because if I did get shot then I wasn't supposed to get the money anyways. 2 years ago  
    I think id love to be able to dance any way by just WATCHING it! but singing like anyone IS cool just a lot of people can do it already... and naturally not by any weird would you rather magic stuff 2 years ago  
    I picked YOLO because I cant sing for one XD and for two I like to be adventurous 2 years ago  
    even though im fascinated with zombies and what the apocalypse would be like, I could never see that all the lost hope and people eating other people I just couldn't. Because I may be strong physically and mentally pretty smart I just wouldn't be able to live with it... 2 years ago  
    I don't think I could cheat... 2 years ago  
    neither I cant! 2 years ago  
    I for one feel im ok at my level of thinking and with my wisdom even though I am young. 2 years ago  
    WOW! that shows who would go to hell or be abducted for all that money! you sick piece of trash! 2 years ago  
    the children! I mean yes you could do good with that money but think of the taxes taken away and greed gets the best of many of us! these children could buy clothing,food,water and even a house! 2 years ago  
    im sorry Jacob IM SORRY! 2 years ago  
    id like the pause so if I was getting in a fight or getting raped I could pause and get the police or a weapon 2 years ago  
    blood makes me faint... 2 years ago  
    both really but im getting a piercing soon so..... and im getting a tattoo in about a month or so.. 2 years ago  
    nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo but I picked the burger king because ugh Ronald McDonald freaks me the f*ck out! 2 years ago  
    did it say we had to be short?! If so id be screwed... 2 years ago  

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