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    Because people are stupid  
    I'm a guy #win  
    Why would you prefer skin cancer whoever made this is messed up  
    What kid of question is this  
    I'm both  
    I love watching baseball +1
    Right now baseball  
    Seahawks +1
    86% percent of those people are girls +1
    Not if it's jail  
    Both but mostly looks lol  
    Football players aren't stupid that is what I plan to be when I'm older  
    Wrong one !!!  
    Lol I had mine at five  
    Clicked the wrong one  
    Idk what Boxing Day is  
    It'd stop soon enough  
    Most people don't even know what the Parthenon is  
    Don't need to enhance it ;)  
    Didn't say what kind of acid  
    I don't want to get prego +1
    You'd be taking money from others  
    Idk what triwizard tournament is  
    My son better not be gay  
    I hate both but summer is better  
    I don't have keys hah!  
    A shark wont attack you because of the ampullae of lorenzini there is about a 14% chance of him biting you to see what you are but he wouldn't hurt you if he knew what you were  
    Subway costs 8 bucks for a 6 inch combo meal I love subway tho  
    Skip I will raise my child right  
    I wish they would both die +1
    I have 20/20 but better eyesight would be cool  
    I don't have a phone  
    Everyone needs to shut up about Obama 65% of you don't know anything about politics you just go along with everyone else! Obama isn't the best president but he was voted president so get mad at yourselves for voting for him  
    Who's Kadafi  
    Nobody is honest  
    That 1 is hard  
    How could you have sex in a wheel chair without feeling totally weird  
    I was dope at ten  
    Waste money on a one night stand??  
    I'd rather have a soul  
    A I mean a  
    Gods created two genders for a reason +1
    Lions are cats toooo!!!  
    Cats can and will eat you.  
    You people are stupid snow sucksss  
    Mountain Dew anyone???  
    I've already lost one  
    I picked the hottest one  
    Didn't mean to vote I hate however made this  
    I didn't see the authors comment change change  
    9-11 for sure (sorry)  
    Unless you can kill 7 billion zombies there won't be any surviving  
    Unless you can kill 7 billion zombies there is no surviving an apocalypse  
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