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Would you raise your taxes (not just the rich) to help fund a bureaucrat in New York City to decide which of the world’s poor to help? Yes, I trust the government. They never waste my money. or No, I choose the causes I help. The government just gets in the way. 7 years ago 4,103 votes 23 comments 3 likes
Is the “Separation of Church and State” in the U.S. Constitution? Yes! or No! 7 years ago 630 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Get Justice Via Law Abiding Citizen or Taken 7 years ago 635 votes 8 comments 1 like
Who do you prefer? Needle Gun or Stun Gun 7 years ago 1,147 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Who do you prefer? Bo Peep or Jessie 7 years ago 338 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Dragon Rider or Dragon Slayer 7 years ago 922 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Vampire Slayer or Vampire 7 years ago 857 votes 27 comments 1 like
Who is hotter The Home Girl or The Model 7 years ago 6,205 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Who was the biggest liar? Obama or Clinton 7 years ago 4,212 votes 89 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be a Vegetarian or Meatatarian 7 years ago 904 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Would you rather 46.2 million people on Food Stamps or or 32 million people on Food Stamps 7 years ago 720 votes 16 comments 1 like
Should President Obama sign SOPA? Yes! or No! 7 years ago 3,509 votes 46 comments 2 likes
Give up for life Your Pet or Chocolate 7 years ago 994 votes 27 comments 0 likes
Do you prefer? Women Tall or Women Petit 7 years ago 368 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Should Canada be allowed to transport oil thru the Keystone pipeline? No! President Obama was correct to try and Kill the project. or Yes, it creates jobs, lowers gas prices, and helps American’s too 7 years ago 103,905 votes 628 comments 4 likes
Who is the true mistress of the dark? Elvira or Buffy 7 years ago 307 votes 3 comments 1 like
Who is finer? Grace Kelly or Uma 7 years ago 3,617 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Which is do you prefer One Piece or Two Piece 7 years ago 946 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Let women defend themselves. or Ban guns so only criminals have the guns. 7 years ago 1,088 votes 28 comments 2 likes
Would you rather defend your family from a rapist with A firearm or Hope the cops arrive in time 7 years ago 1,065 votes 18 comments 2 likes
Would you rather be a socialist in the National Socialists (Nazi) in occupied Poland or Soviet Communists in occupied Poland 7 years ago 750 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Should President Obama outlaw all pets in an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions? No way, it’s not worth it. or Certainly, I will make the sacrifice in case Global Warming is real! 7 years ago 89,691 votes 691 comments 4 likes
Should President Obama outlaw all jewelry in an attempt to reduce CO2 emissions? No way, Jose; it’s not worth it. or Certainly, I will make the sacrifice in case Global Warming is real! 7 years ago 67,390 votes 569 comments 1 like
Would you rather a Redhead or Blond 7 years ago 367,738 votes 2,849 comments 8 likes
Would you rather Shoot up with acid or Snort freshly broken glass 7 years ago 215 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you marry and have sex with Hillary every night if her life depended on it? Yes, she’s my type or No, may she rest in peace 7 years ago 7,062 votes 39 comments 2 likes
Would you rather Steak? or Lobster? 7 years ago 534 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather you (or your boyfriend) be Impotent? or Eternally horny but your girlfriend (you) never orgasm? 7 years ago 5,158 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Girls were no longer judged for irresponsible sex or Guys start being judged for irresponsible sex 7 years ago 144,517 votes 608 comments 6 likes
Who would you rather be trapped in the wilderness with and have no hope of rescue? Sarah Palin or Hillary Clinton 7 years ago 317 votes 14 comments 1 like
Would you rather be trapped on a deserted island with? Jessica Alba or Jessica Simpson 7 years ago 330 votes 15 comments 1 like
Would you rather have? Freedom of speech (especially speech that offends you). or Uncontrolled political correctness (you may not say anything that might offend Christians, Jews, Muslims, Atheists, Dems, or Republicans). 7 years ago 1,168 votes 16 comments 0 likes
Which power would you rather have? Magically heal others. or Magically control others. 7 years ago 1,772 votes 26 comments 2 likes
Would you rather? Let parents choose their student’s school using government vouchers or Force parents to send their children to schools of the government’s choice 7 years ago 61,690 votes 176 comments 4 likes
Which would you prefer? A night of romance, intimate conversation, and non-sexual touching but no sex or Best sex of your life but no romance, intimate conversation, or non-sexual touching 7 years ago 13,855 votes 54 comments 2 likes

Upilgrim has posted the following comments:

This is why: “the opinions of Dr. Giaever and the number of scientific "heretics" is growing with each passing year. The reason is a collection of stubborn scientific facts. Perhaps the most inconvenient fact is the lack of global warming for well over 10 years now. This is known to the warming establishment, as one can see from the 2009 "Climategate" email of climate scientist Kevin Trenberth: "The fact is that we can't account for the lack of warming at the moment and it is a travesty that we can't."” 7 years ago +2
Better me than my children! 7 years ago +3
If I could change my flaws it would include my weight a win win for me :-) 7 years ago +11
Nice TAT 7 years ago  
Scary but true 7 years ago  
Feel the tolerance :-p 7 years ago +1
Sadly most people may say they want free speech; yet, they really mean that they should have free speech and people can’t say anything they find offensive--sorry. 7 years ago +3
This is not the first time the Supreme Court “invented precedence”. It doesn’t say “Separation of Church and State” it only says “Congress Shall Make No Law”. Very similar to Dread Scott (1857) when BIGOTS tried to disenfranchise blacks, in this case it is Christians, Muslims, and Jews being discriminated. Discrimination is after all discrimination. 7 years ago +3
Bikinis for the win 7 years ago +1
Yet who is pushing an anti-Catholic agenda in America today--Democrats. Haters never change. 7 years ago +2
Sadly it was Democrats who were the greatest hurdle to equal rights. Truth Hurts :-( 7 years ago +2
You sir, are smarter than the average bear :-) Yogi 7 years ago +2
Team Neither--Skipped 7 years ago +6
Chuck Norris for the Win! 7 years ago +4
Everything causes CO2. Even the toilet paper you use in the bathroom. If you have to move it, the truck that moved it created CO2. 7 years ago  
LOL as if… This is just a game. However, if it came down to it and she said we must go or else. I’m sorry her priorities are wrong so she needs to go anyway :-p 7 years ago  
Vegi-monster is a feeble imitation from the narrow-minded. 7 years ago +2
Adopt :-) 7 years ago +5
And if you call out their name during sex??? Then what??? Looks like I should have chosen the power to clean my room :-( 7 years ago +6
Superman’s strength ability (turn coal into diamonds). They are a girl’s best friend :-) 7 years ago  
No, and this is why Socialism never works. Someone always is willing to trust others will do his work but expects the benefits anyway. Today I am that person :-) 7 years ago +8
Why do you people keep making me defend this… What you say is not true; you need to do your research. Transporting oil through a pipeline has a significantly lower carbon footprint than say by truck. You need to get your facts straight--sorry. This doesn’t mean I change my vote but we at least need to be honest in our disagreements. 7 years ago +5
It is only on attractive if you think it is unattractive. Most models are taller than you. Relax and enjoy who you are :-) 7 years ago  
It’s insurance. You have car insurance, life insurance, and health insurance. Knowing how to survive on your own and a modest amount of supplies is just another form of insurance. 7 years ago +5
Studies have shown dinner and a movie are a lousy first date. Going out for coffee gives you a better chance to get to know the individual. Hiking for the win :-) 7 years ago +1
The photos do not make sense 7 years ago +2
I can have a platonic relationship for 10 years; by that time, she will be 20 :-) 7 years ago +1
I'd be a lot thinner--just saying :-) 7 years ago +5
It is supposed to be hard :-) 7 years ago  
I’m not certain we can survive one more year after the last three, let alone another ten. 7 years ago +1
Voted for the dog but the cat is Da Bomb! 7 years ago +1
Sorry, it’s just not worth it. I will find someone new. 7 years ago +4
The intolerance in here is pretty high; what happened to people being allowed to have a choice and make up their own mind? Your choice is between you and your god. Why is it that everyone must accept your belief? I have a God and I know where He stands on the issue. If you are tolerant you should be able to accept my beliefs and me for who I am. I accept you even though I may disagree with your beliefs. Tolerance 7 years ago +5
It is a political commentary on our times. I wanted to see how many people would rather have a higher number of Americans be poor and disadvantaged provided their presidential preference was in power. 7 years ago +2
There is food, water, and you can make your own weapons to deal with the wildlife in the woods :-) 7 years ago +2
Then again, it helps if you do not spell hear as here--LOL 7 years ago +1
I curse, but since you ask… Cursing is the sign of someone who cannot communicate well. Cuss words should be reserved for those times when you need extra emphasis. If every third word is F-this and F-that, when you cuss all people here is blah blah blah. I save my F bombs for the time when I need to say things like: “You got my daughter pregnant you F-ing douchebag I’m going to cut your F-ing nuts off and feed them to you,” I hope this helps, have a nice day :-) 7 years ago +3
Jedi for the win 7 years ago +3
Both are pathetic--skip 7 years ago +4
I woke up this morning wondering how many pipelines are in safe operation today. I was stunned at how many. There are 30,000 miles of 2” to 8” pipelines and 95,000 miles of 8” to 42” diameter pipelines. If the Obama administration can oversee the safe operation of these pipelines? Surly the president is not so incompetent that one more would end the planet. 7 years ago +1
TY 7 years ago  
VA, Canada would like to sell its oil to America. This will take a pipeline as it costs too much (non-product cost) to send it by truck. Some of us are afraid it might be bad for the environment even though it would help employ a quarter million Americans and the taxes from the sale would help fund Canadian healthcare. I hope this helps :-) 7 years ago  
Both 7 years ago  
• KY44 I hate repeating myself but oil is a global commodity. First, if it is sold here or not here it still lowers the overall price of fuel (to include that sold in Kentucky) because of the laws of Supply and Demand. Second, there is a transportation cost (also called non product cost) that makes it very unlikely they would sell it to other countries. If Canada just wanted to export it and not help Americans they would pump it to their west coast and sell it to Asian countries like China and Japan. You guys keep roping me in to defending this :-( 7 years ago +2
• K44 I hate repeating myself but oil is a global commodity. First, if it is sold here or not here it still lowers the overall price of fuel (to include that sold in Kentucky) because of the laws of Supply and Demand. Second, there is a transportation cost (also called non product cost) that makes it very unlikely they would sell it to other countries. If Canada just wanted to export it and not help Americans they would pump it to their west coast and sell it to Asian countries like China and Japan. You guys keep roping me in to defending this :-( 7 years ago  
I know nothing about either of them--skipped 7 years ago +1
This makes no sense 7 years ago +5
I’d rather smite innocent animals than smite innocent vegetables :-p 7 years ago +2
LMAO :-) Stab for the WIN 7 years ago +3
Not likely, so where did you read this? Oil is a global commodity. First, if it is sold here or not here it still lowers the overall price of fuel because of supply and demand. Second, there is a transportation cost (also called non product cost) that makes it very unlikely they would sell it to other countries. I can’t believe you guys are making me defend this project. 7 years ago +4
While I voted against it in the poll, even the liberal CBS news reports 20,000 jobs now and up to 250,000 jobs upon completion. 7 years ago +1
While it may be a biased question, this site is for all political views open-minded or not :-) 7 years ago +1
I understand, the Crusades/Jihads have killed many. Yet religion or no religion humans kill humans ever since Cain killed Able 7 years ago  
Umad, the question was No Religion not Atheism; the USSR was Secular 7 years ago  
O’ My ;-) 7 years ago +2
The secular USSR would beg to differ--11M dead from their five year plans 7 years ago +2
True 7 years ago  
Not read minds, most people are petty jealous creatures and their thoughts are destructive and were meant to be kept to themselves. 7 years ago  
Sorry, I had a bad day and missed the point. It is very punny :-) 7 years ago +1
Best friend or worst enemy they are doomed either way. This way I get to keep my friend and maybe they can help burry the body. 7 years ago +1
Both are very attractive. It is the hips to waist ratio not her dress size that counts. Too many women obsess over their size. 7 years ago +8
SCUBA Diving is great at any time. Shipwreck dives are even better! 7 years ago +1
Neither 7 years ago +1
I don’t want to be tackled by a 250 lb. Linebacker 7 years ago +2
How so? New gun control laws preventing women from defending themselves with firearms are passed every year. 7 years ago +7
I’ll take the tetanus shot vs. mutilation any day. 7 years ago +2
Zombie Kill of the Week for the Win! 7 years ago +6
I was wondering how many people would vote for the criminals 7 years ago +5
Socialists: Nazi socialists killed 11M Gypsies, homosexuals, the disabled, and Jews. While Communist socialists killed 11M as a part of their five year plan. You Decide? 7 years ago  
So you would rather see a thousand women raped then to see a single individual falsely behind bars? That is why it is supposed to be the level of reasonable doubt. 7 years ago  
Just make certain you inform your employees of your esthetical standards and give them your best wishes to have them steal from you. 7 years ago +1
No surprise here :-) 7 years ago +3
K, It’s nice to know you prejudge other people. Doesn’t that make one prejudiced? 7 years ago +6
Very insightful :-) 7 years ago  
For the ladies only, What is the draw for blue roses? 7 years ago  
Is this the only way you can get a high pro-gay number is to make the alternative incest? 7 years ago +5
If the Twilight “Pixies” existed and did not have to kill to live sure who would not want to live forever :-) 7 years ago +2
Me!!!!! 7 years ago  
Look at the kimberlite mines in South Africa that produce diamonds. The mining, manufacturing, and distribution processes all create CO2. What’s more important pretty rocks or a clean environment??? 7 years ago +1
Burial is a waste of space and bad for the environment on an overcrowded planet. 7 years ago +5
The question is really. Do you fully support the dire implied consequences of climate change? If you do, then would you simply spout platitudes or actually impact your lifestyle to make a positive change? 7 years ago +1
The question was inspired by a similar vegan question. Do not arbitrarily dismiss the question or the impact of pets. According to the census, America has 73M Dogs and 82M Cats. These pets are not vegetarians. It requires many many livestock animals to sustain these carnivores. 7 years ago +1
Better an honorable death than to live by the deaths of others. 7 years ago +4
LOL not if you ask Bill Clinton 7 years ago  
Yea Baby!!! 7 years ago +1
The pictures make no sense :-( 7 years ago +11
Any CEO other than THAT Vice President :-( 7 years ago +3
While I am a Christian, I would love to enjoy a Hanukah celebration with a Jewish family. While I understand the tradition it is not the same as experiencing it. 7 years ago +6
Bella because smart girls ROCK!!! 7 years ago +4
Neither :-( 7 years ago +4
I want both! 7 years ago +4
Sorry, a Man has NEEDS 7 years ago +14
Neither, however Oprah is the smarter of the two so I guess if I could change my answer it would be her. 7 years ago +1
While a Christian who celebrates Christmas, I can enjoy their diversity and wish them a happy Hanukkah as well. I’m certain they can enjoy my diversity as well. 7 years ago +3
"A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where 51 percent of the people may take away the rights of the other 49." Thomas Jefferson 7 years ago +7
This result helps you understand the results of all the other questions :-) 7 years ago +3
Hydrochloric acid, I should have specified 7 years ago +2
And those who judge without all the facts are prejudiced 7 years ago +3
And those who judge without the all facts are prejudiced 7 years ago +3
One great woman is worth a thousand one night stands! 7 years ago +7
How can 23% vote against sex??? 7 years ago +1
As a guy, aren’t most of us guys sluts anyway ;-) 7 years ago +6
So true, it is a matter of do you target civilians or take bullets to free them. Sadly some people are too ignorant to understand the difference. 7 years ago +1
Advertisement :-) 7 years ago +1
To be the man that the Boogie Man has to look under his bed at night out of fear would rock… 7 years ago +2
A serious question, how much benefit is there from a tongue piercing when receiving oral? 7 years ago +4
Evade no, Kill yes ;-) 7 years ago +6
Sad how many haters are on here 7 years ago +3
True, people may hate it but it is true 7 years ago +1
Better than our current President :-) 7 years ago +6
Need the room 7 years ago +4
Whats the diff??? 7 years ago +3
With respect, there may be treatments but there is no cure. So says the man who lost his brother to leukemia, mom with breast cancer, and girlfriend with brain cancer. 7 years ago +3
Do you want everyone knew all your secrets? What woman wants everyone to know what she has done and with whom? Governments are no different in diplomacy. 7 years ago +1
Ever fly Delta, I rest my case... 7 years ago +3
Had to choose one but I respect both since I am USAF 7 years ago +1
My daughters (11 and 13) think I am Tallahassee, so Tallahassee it is :-) 7 years ago +1
Run into a burning building to save others when others are fleeing for safety--Yea Baby!!! 7 years ago +3
Watch this S Car Go :-) 7 years ago +4
It depends on distance and terrain. I’ll take accuracy since I am not fighting in a jungle anytime soon. 7 years ago +3
He who ends with the highest zombie count wins :-) 7 years ago +5
Most venomous snakes are really venomous. Most venomous spiders are not really that venomous. I’ll ake the spider. 7 years ago +1
MaryAnn is the clear winner. Sweet, petite, and fun to… 7 years ago +3
Who loves my kids more and is in a better position to know what is best for them, me or a bureaucrat--me of course :-) 7 years ago +7
A hard one 7 years ago +1
Not a guy :-) 7 years ago +1
I am a widower and yes you can. I made the wise choice to not settle; it took me seven years to find my second soul mate. It is worth the wait :-) 7 years ago +7
Why is this horrible? Would it be horrible if it favored girls? 7 years ago +5
LMAO :-) 7 years ago +4
I have always had amicable break ups. 7 years ago +1
Neither 7 years ago +2
Forgiveness is right but I am not perfect--only forgiven :-) 7 years ago +3
Duh 7 years ago +3
Looks like we need to move to Japan ;-) 7 years ago +6
One is smart and cute the other is bitter :-( 7 years ago +4
Duh :-) Israel of course 7 years ago +3
A murder that goes free will likely kill more innocent people than just one 7 years ago +5
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