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"If you don’t mind, I will take a glass of orange juice over ice." - Der Winter König

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Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #25 Forever My Girl or Unsane 1 hour ago 3 votes 1 comment 0 likes
You are sleeping when suddenly a door appears out of nowhere. Curious you peer through the peephole to discover it is the Ghost Busters. Would you rather? Open the door or Go Back to sleep 2 hours ago 8 votes 1 comment 0 likes
Better movie classic? #137 Out of the Past (1947) or Born on the fourth of July (1989) 1 week ago 35 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #24 Venom or The Favourite 1 week ago 49 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Multiverse Deathmatch Round I Match (22/32) Universe XVI (Boo-Rad, Kenshin Himura, Jason Voorhees, Asura) or Universe XVIII (Striker_Rokkuhato, Silver Surfer, Saitama. King K. Rool) 1 week ago 28 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Black Mirror: Bandersnatch or A.X.L 2 weeks ago 31 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #23 Mission Impossible - Fallout or Ready Player One 4 weeks ago 47 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Battle for the throne? #7 Round 3 Sub-Zero or Blizzard (Donald Gill) 4 weeks ago 45 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather have as roommates? The entire Addam's Family or The Scooby Doo Gang 1 month ago 83 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Multiverse Deathmatch Round I Match (21/32) Universe XLVI (Appleman, Simon Belmont, She-Ra, Shana) or Universe XXIX (Peritwinkle, Bowser, Bumblebee, Ban) 1 month ago 62 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather have as a roommate? Jotaro Kujoh or Joker 1 month ago 61 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #22 Ant Man and the Wasp or Winchester 1 month ago 60 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #21 Uncle Drew or Batman: Gotham By Gaslight 2 months ago 58 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight to the death? #55 Shinichi and Migi or Agents J and K 2 months ago 68 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Best movie of 2018 [Round 2]? #20 Peppermint or Golden Boys 2 months ago 32 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have all your choices be made? By other people or Using a randomized method 342,771 votes 1,383 comments 0 likes
When driving, would you rather? Never get into an accident or Never be pulled over by the cops or receive any tickets 21,929 votes 86 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Have all forms of marriage become legalized or Have all use of drugs become legalized 282,352 votes 2,064 comments 0 likes
Would you rather? Live in a submarine in the deep ocean with 4 users of your choice or Live in a space shuttle hovering over earth with 3 users of your choice 122 votes 131 comments 0 likes
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A reminds me too much of anon. God bless his autistic little heart 22 hours ago +4
Who the fvck wouldn't? Unless you had some pre-existing medical condition, it would be a missed opportunity 22 hours ago +1
Evidence still doesn't support that 22 hours ago +1
ghee 22 hours ago +1
Only because of all the Ok Boomer memes 23 hours ago  
No contest 23 hours ago  
I wish I could say that about my Pen15 23 hours ago  
B creating A 23 hours ago  
I have insomnia and usually only get 4 - 6 hours 23 hours ago +1
Marmalade 23 hours ago  
It's happened before so I would respond just in case. 1 day ago  
B is amazing and massively underrated 1 day ago  
My guilty pleasure growing up. 1 day ago +2
Neigh 2 days ago  
Aye 2 days ago  
Neither. Used to have a friend that owned it. I’ll see if I can possibly borrow it 3 days ago  
Not sure but I’ll look into it 3 days ago  
A is more important 4 days ago  
A would actually consist of a more crap ton of information 4 days ago  
lol 4 days ago  
Nice toned legs 4 days ago  
Don't have the game though, so I don't think I can participate. Would love to watch though 4 days ago  
Why the hell did alexw change the set up? It’s taking me like twice as long to find everything 4 days ago +4 4 days ago +1
That’s fine. I love doggos 4 days ago  
We're so old now. What are we doing with our lives? 4 days ago +1
Honestly. it seems like you've been on here longer than that. Weird 4 days ago +3
You had me at not crashing 4 days ago +1
Viva la revolution 4 days ago  
Is that your holy eyeball? whoa 4 days ago +2
Pls do 4 days ago  
If it was just a physical brawl, B might have a sliver of a chance. With Asta's demon form and anti magic, he stomps tho 4 days ago  
Nicer rack 4 days ago  
Kinkeh 4 days ago  
I've seen the dark side of A. It gets pretty gay 4 days ago +1
I hate cats 4 days ago  
Deutschland ist der beste lande 4 days ago +2
They don't compare to daddy senpai Ekzymore's questions though 4 days ago +1
Here's my credit card information. 0532 5839 5842 9622. Teach me your ways master 4 days ago +3
Kentucky Fried Barack 4 days ago +2
I would love to visit the Candy Bar and get into a freaky science mishap with Jimmy. Then again I would love to gorge myself on some of Nergal's pizza and mess with the fabric of space and time. Tough call honestly 4 days ago +1
Osama Obama 4 days ago +1
Way cooler plus it wouldn't be consistent and annoying 4 days ago  
It would be fun to screw whoever I decided 4 days ago +1
B only if I could easily conceal them. Otherwise A 5 days ago  
Mob has the potential to far surpass B but as he is right now; wouldn’t stand a chance 5 days ago +1
*laughs microscopically* 5 days ago +1
I am curious about where her body ended up 5 days ago +2
Duh 5 days ago +1
In order to defeat the crusaders, you must stick you fingers up polnareff’s ******* 5 days ago +2
Of course! That movie was great 5 days ago  
God I wish that would happen 6 days ago +1
*cruel angels thesis intensifies* 6 days ago  
Isn’t A an authoritarian military city?lmao. Would still visit though 6 days ago  
YES! I AM! 6 days ago  
A is depressing enough to get me invested 6 days ago  
Knight > Monk 6 days ago  
Lit 6 days ago  
Gooigi 6 days ago  
Neat 6 days ago  
I used to having A after using it for so many years. I don’t think I could change back 6 days ago  
Pointier 6 days ago  
Might as well. It will make 5 year old me happy 6 days ago  
A tends to stick, have high maintenance and just gets everywhere. Plus b looks cooler 6 days ago  
My cousin came to mind for some reason. I hate her too so I don’t why I picked b 6 days ago  
I wanna be a manga artist 6 days ago +1
Dunno. Just picked the hotter girl 6 days ago  
What lies after death? How will the universe come to an end? Does Anna Medved from my French class like me? 6 days ago +4
Not sure if I would gain anything from it but it would still be lit 6 days ago +1
Don’t need to dodge if nothing can hurt me 6 days ago  
On certain days yes. Most of the time, no 6 days ago  
True 6 days ago  
What freedom said. Not many girls come on here 6 days ago  
B only if I can quick save before 6 days ago  
She’s a Mary Sue 6 days ago +1
Get B by being the first person to complete the pokedex 6 days ago  
Can I choose which ones I get? 6 days ago  
I actually love anchovies. I would still get tired of B though 6 days ago  
Too far away for me to feel anything for it 6 days ago  
Less of sh*thole. Plus the girls over there are hotter 6 days ago  
I like that it’s two times, so that I can go back if I like 6 days ago +2
Hell yeah 6 days ago +1
Pretty sure I am already A 6 days ago +1
Don’t know either 6 days ago +1
Long range of uses from peeping in on girls and watching a free movie to witnessing amazing historical events and timelines 6 days ago +2
Yee 6 days ago +1
Overpowered as hell if you know how to use it correctly 6 days ago +1
Underrated stand imo 6 days ago +1
Hell yeH 6 days ago +2
As awesome as B would be, I would probably be dead just for interacting with him. Also I would love to smash A 1 week ago  
Was actually arguing with my friend about this yesterday. He thinks I am crazy that I like A more 1 week ago +2
No comparison 1 week ago  
tl;dr 1 week ago  
I would probably say the latter lmao 1 week ago +1
Weird 1 week ago 1 week ago +1
What SH said 1 week ago +1
I win either way 1 week ago  
Drive the price down 1 week ago  
Back off! He’s mine 1 week ago  
As much as I like Daisy, B is so precious and innocent that I can’t help wanting to protect her 1 week ago  
Both would be an honor 1 week ago  
I’ve waited 2 years for this moment 1 week ago +1
Beautiful 1 week ago  
Ghee 1 week ago +1
I know. You know. That you’re not telling the truth 1 week ago +1
*girl scream* 1 week ago +1
You really should. It’s great 1 week ago  
I like both in different ways (A sexually and B admirably) 1 week ago +1
Luck is crazy strong but he still doesn’t hold a candle to Killua’s Godspeed 1 week ago +1
Already seen you before. ALso your teeth. Damn 1 week ago +1
*Slaps it on* 1 week ago +1
Fancy 1 week ago +1
I can have some kinky fun 1 week ago +1
;) 1 week ago  
Cool beans 1 week ago  
Since I can just answer any question I want before actually clicking this one 1 week ago +1
Nįgeerakfn 1 week ago +1
Nice rack 1 week ago +2
More useful though I will admit B is more interesting 1 week ago  
I can basically use the Flash to accomplish most of what B could. Batman’s technology and wealth and Wonder Woman’s “assets” would just be a nice bonus 1 week ago +3
I have 5 of them. All of them are kind of pathetic so I’ll spare you the details 1 week ago +1
I won’t forget your sacrifice my dearest fri- ooh a quarter! 1 week ago +3
Swablu 1 week ago +1
Peter Parkour 1 week ago  
Not today old friend 1 week ago  
The community seemed chill plus I had a lot of questions I wanted to ask myself 1 week ago  
Who are you? 1 week ago +3
Sounds fun 1 week ago  
Clicked for Adventure time 1 week ago +1
Ah 1 week ago  
My total set minus any assets are close to $10,000. Over two thirds of that is strictly for emergency only though 1 week ago  
Ah lurking in the shadows. Just like I did through most of highschool. Good times 1 week ago +2
I am not weeb enough to remember what a futa is? 1 week ago +1
Well prettier arrangement of the aforementioned color scheme 1 week ago  
Smells like canola oil and Peruvian coffee 1 week ago  
Lizard bois 1 week ago  
What that tongue do tho ;) 1 week ago  
If a bunch of kids could kick his ass, I should be fine 1 week ago +1
Colderredloc 1 week ago  
Clicked for otis 1 week ago +2
*shrugs* 1 week ago +1
Happy Halloween my daughter mommy mistress 1 week ago +2
Prettier color scheme 1 week ago  
I was being attacked by angry toilets trying to chomp me down while blind monkeys surrounded me smiling and singing 1 week ago +3
wat 1 week ago  
*Shrugs* I think you aight 1 week ago  
*Gets launched from Final Destination with 277% damage* AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! 1 week ago +1
Not my type 1 week ago  
Simpler times 1 week ago +1
B then A to put myself out of my misery 1 week ago +1
Family isn't a big deal. Roommates would be though, yuck 1 week ago +1
No 1 week ago  
Fúcking camper 2 weeks ago  
Imagine seeing the skin that lies beyond the holy ankle 2 weeks ago +1
I like to alternate 2 weeks ago  
It’s my home, so there’s no point 2 weeks ago  
Ofc 2 weeks ago  
Obviously 2 weeks ago  
So I can whack people with it and give myself a trunk job 2 weeks ago +1
Bushier 2 weeks ago  
I see you are a man of culture as well. Soon brother soon 2 weeks ago +1
Amazing 2 weeks ago +1
*shrugs* 2 weeks ago  
Too fùcked up so I won’t comment 2 weeks ago  
Used to be B. More of A now 2 weeks ago  
More days off 2 weeks ago  
Trashy 2 weeks ago  
Absolutely 2 weeks ago  
They seem stronger and more reliable 2 weeks ago  
More convenient for storing 2 weeks ago  
A is ew 2 weeks ago  
Easy choice 2 weeks ago  
A is a horrible idea that goes against most of the primary genetic principles 2 weeks ago  
Yee 2 weeks ago  
Would be kind of fun getting it on with a Down syndrome girl 2 weeks ago  
Hitler Epstein did everything right 2 weeks ago +1
I don’t see what good either would do (especially A since it would effect the lifestyle of the poor child) 2 weeks ago  
Golden moon definitely should have won 2 weeks ago  
Only if she was hot enough to put up with it 2 weeks ago  
Nígger 2 weeks ago +2
Love both though 2 weeks ago  
Fo sho 2 weeks ago  
*Snaps picture* Huh neat 2 weeks ago +1
If only they let my boy into art school 2 weeks ago +8
I am surprised nobody picked Guts from Berserk 2 weeks ago +1
Later though 2 weeks ago  
Stupid and a bit obsessive 2 weeks ago +1
Another repost? This could only be the work of FAIRY GOD PARENTS! 2 weeks ago +1
Hell naw 2 weeks ago  
Oof 2 weeks ago  
Sup 2 weeks ago  
Nice! I remember this 2 weeks ago +1
Repost 2 weeks ago  
Seems unnecessary 2 weeks ago  
Ez 2 weeks ago  
Best case scenario, I manage to escape. Worst case, I am forced into a life of hard labor but get to at least get in on with cute Korean girls 2 weeks ago +2
Mucha daaaaaaaa! Mucha lucha! 2 weeks ago  
Roses are red. Violets are blue. Du bist ein ubermensch. And a silly monkey too 2 weeks ago  
More useful 2 weeks ago  
Physical cash has its advantage 2 weeks ago +1
Can’t go wrong with either though 2 weeks ago  
Sounds like too much work 2 weeks ago  
Or at least without judgement 2 weeks ago  
I’ll check out B though 2 weeks ago  
*Heavy Vader breathing intensifies* 2 weeks ago +1
Can I motorboat your boobies? hehe 2 weeks ago  
More useful 2 weeks ago  
Only for you 2 weeks ago  
Duh. We’re talking an eternity here. I deserve a little pleasure 2 weeks ago  
:,( 2 weeks ago  
Pretty much Death 13 vs. Mariah’s Stand 2 weeks ago +1
B only if she was a straight up 10. Otherwise not worth it 2 weeks ago  
I’ve gotten hit with a stack of coins before. That sh*t leaves you with a concussion 2 weeks ago +1
If I win, I’ll ensure unlimited boo bees 2 weeks ago  
She’s my mommy daughter 2 weeks ago  
B has a superior ending though 2 weeks ago  
I hate tv hoggers 2 weeks ago  
Best boi 2 weeks ago  
It dove into the philosophy of existence and self awareness that the other toy stories didn’t as much. Something I appreciated 2 weeks ago  
Would díck both though 2 weeks ago  
B was surprisingly good but still doesn’t compare to A 2 weeks ago  
Not a big chip eater anyways. If it was Herr’s sour creme and onion (my favorite brand and flavor) I would venture the risk 2 weeks ago  
Mainly fap to hentai or the occasional bimbo on Instagram if I am feeling particularly depressed 2 weeks ago +1
I am short asf but I have arms like an orangutan. 2 weeks ago  
B wasn’t really anything special. A was alright though I much prefer FC3 2 weeks ago  
I still voted for you daddy 2 weeks ago  
Sounds fun. I am game 2 weeks ago  
Since most of the time we like to dwelve into fictional scenarios like anime, comics ect 2 weeks ago +1
I would insist that I help in some way 2 weeks ago  
*Turns off the sun* 2 weeks ago +1
Ankle 2 weeks ago +2
Green power ranger was shown to be in a whole league of his own 2 weeks ago +1
Because you have power but no one is around 2 weeks ago  
If it wasn't for the fact that you said we would age slowly I would have picked B. I would probably have a couple hundred millenias where I would have stiff knees, bad eyes and arthritis. Doesn't sound like a fun time 2 weeks ago +1
Less likely to cheat on me. That's all I care about 2 weeks ago +1
The thing that sucks about ascending is that there is nothingness awaiting you 2 weeks ago  
Vancouver seems lit 2 weeks ago  
Syria and Saudi Arabia for sure 2 weeks ago  
North Korea/ Netherlands 2 weeks ago  
DEAN! 3 weeks ago  
Can’t. I am already a part of Satan’s cult and the church of gtc’s ankle 3 weeks ago +3
Cake walk 3 weeks ago  
Liz and kurapika 3 weeks ago  
All hail sol 3 weeks ago  
Too much. 3 weeks ago  
You can never drink enough water 3 weeks ago  
Just because I have an ordinary lifestyle, doesnt mean I am ordinary 3 weeks ago +1
At least B is more honest 3 weeks ago  
Baby don’t hurt me. Don’t hurt me, no more 3 weeks ago  
Dragah^2 3 weeks ago  
But only if I’ve had that particular thing happen to me before. You remember the sensation 3 weeks ago  
Gay 3 weeks ago +1
If you vote for me, I promise to be a good boi 3 weeks ago  
So pointless 3 weeks ago  
Since it’s kid Naruto 3 weeks ago  
Not disturbing or weird 3 weeks ago  
Hmmmm 3 weeks ago  
I don’t tan and even if I do, I am likely to encounter fire. B would be fun to spam 3 weeks ago  
*confused shrieking* 3 weeks ago  
;) 3 weeks ago +1
Strangely kind of works 3 weeks ago  
Yee 3 weeks ago  
All Might wouldn’t be able to counter his dark magic. Is only chance would be to take out Yami quickly but Yami is physically strong enough to last a few bouts 3 weeks ago +1
Kinkeh 3 weeks ago  
Hilarious 3 weeks ago +1
No fun in forcing it 3 weeks ago  
More interesting 3 weeks ago  
Nukes 3 weeks ago  
Gohan can’t even go SSJ Blue. Besides Trunks never slacked off in his training 3 weeks ago  
Soka 3 weeks ago  
*shrugs* 3 weeks ago  
This would add up to a bigger saving in the long run 3 weeks ago +1
Fantastisch 3 weeks ago  
We got the moves like jaguar 3 weeks ago  
Trunks is the strongest of the four and while 17 is probably the most cunning 3 weeks ago  
Saitama was meant to be undefeatable 3 weeks ago  
Dawn of the Eds was my favorite episode 3 weeks ago +1
I try to at least but Mario keeps hogging them all 3 weeks ago  
If you could live out the rest of your life in any book, which one would it be? 3 weeks ago +1
Finger licking good 3 weeks ago +1
Yee 3 weeks ago  
Maybe, though I don't recall bringing that up 3 weeks ago  
Dra-Dragah! :,D 3 weeks ago +1
Okee 4 weeks ago  
2857 on a Wednesday. Surprise me 4 weeks ago  
Easily 4 weeks ago  
Won a large bear for my sister at the High Striker 4 weeks ago +1
Depends on what they stole. Also their mental state? 4 weeks ago  
Hmmm? 4 weeks ago  
Meanwhile every minute, 60 seconds pass 4 weeks ago  
I could do something small scale but I am not going to take the risk of him making me kill/maim someone 4 weeks ago +1
Both at the same time. 4 weeks ago +1
I am more than willing to rim a girl’s unwashed ass from time to time but never anything beyond that. Regardless of whether I had the inclination too, it’s too risky and dangerous 4 weeks ago  
Lmao, I guess I am as slow as ice itself 4 weeks ago  
Hmmm yes, this floor is made out of floor 4 weeks ago  
Yeah but so could Naruto 4 weeks ago  
Being her personal slave with an eternal hard on doesn’t sound so bad, especially compared to death 4 weeks ago  
Though Madara is crazy strong so I can’t really say 4 weeks ago +1
Toguro from YYH 4 weeks ago +1
More meta 4 weeks ago  
Not even close. I would say the story is great except Yuno kind of ruins it for me a little bit 4 weeks ago  
True but Naruto beats him slightly in destructive power and versatility. Ichigo just has superior speed which isn’t enough 4 weeks ago  
Not scars so much but ws is a yes 4 weeks ago  
[Joseph’s voice] Niiiiice! 4 weeks ago  
Not technically true. You can still kill him, if you manage to devour or destroy his soul like Melascula would have done if Ban’s father didn’t save him 4 weeks ago  
Love it 4 weeks ago  
Do both with thermonuclear physics 4 weeks ago  
It’s a shameful waste 4 weeks ago  
It’s the ethical route 4 weeks ago  
I would actually still be flattered tbh 4 weeks ago +2
Pretty op 4 weeks ago +1
Nobody fùcks with the white mage 4 weeks ago +1
Didncoxkdjd 4 weeks ago  
He will pasta 4 weeks ago +1
B was aight 4 weeks ago  
I knew Satan would be tempting 4 weeks ago  
Fóck yeah 4 weeks ago +1
Hmmmmmm 4 weeks ago  
Weird either way 4 weeks ago +1
Vikings 4 weeks ago +1
Even though I hate to admit it 4 weeks ago  
Every time I get rained on, I’ll consider it a kinky golden shower 4 weeks ago  
The idea of feminine celestial bodies is a turn on 4 weeks ago  
Even though the cops in my area are pigs, I still have to admit they’re necessary 4 weeks ago  
Fine with me 4 weeks ago  
Ultimately more useful 4 weeks ago  
I do it all the time 4 weeks ago  
A then B 4 weeks ago  
Lelouch Vi Brittania. Ur from Fairy Tail about we’re talking about waifus 4 weeks ago +1
Weeeeee 4 weeks ago  
It’s easy to sh*t spam. You would probably die if the site ever gets taken down though 4 weeks ago  
Both would kill us, but I am curious to see the effects of A 4 weeks ago +2
Depends on the severity of the crime. Some can be forgiven; others can’t 4 weeks ago  
Meh 4 weeks ago +1
B then A 4 weeks ago +1
They cool 4 weeks ago  
Live action since they’ll be living in the real world 1 month ago  
Cannibalism would solve both world hunger and overpopulation 1 month ago +1
I clicked reading Robin Williams 1 month ago +2
Dkdnekesnen 1 month ago  
*shrugs* sequels need love too baby 1 month ago  
Is that Kars? 1 month ago  
Both disgusting 1 month ago  
Even if we’re being unironic, we still need science 1 month ago  
Why are we not funding this? 1 month ago  
Lmao 1 month ago  
What could possibly go wrong? 1 month ago  
Tim Hortons and Poutines! 1 month ago  
B is a little bit more extreme but I still picked it just because A isn’t feasible at all 1 month ago  
Not ideal but it beats a dictatorship 1 month ago  
AIght fair enough. I'll be more mindful 1 month ago  
Do I really do that? Didn’t realize I did. 1 month ago  
Viagra isn’t my thing 1 month ago  
Moe Lester 1 month ago  
Sure, you’re in the ball park 1 month ago  
I never knew that. 1 month ago  
You poor soul 1 month ago  
Oh really? Cool, what's it called 1 month ago  
Still love you though 1 month ago +1
I said one of the last. Besides even before you showed up, it was a whole nother time 1 month ago +1
(X) Doubt 1 month ago +1
He and I are one of the last remaining remnants of rrrather's past. Good times 1 month ago +4
It's on netflix if you want to check it out 1 month ago  
He's bailed me out from the pits of hell a few times and throws crazy parties. Pretty awesome chap 1 month ago +1
Kind of a weeb but pretty chill otherwise 1 month ago  
*Physically cringes at author's comment* Hahaha yeah man, you rock 1 month ago  
He lit 1 month ago +1
If you come for my oil, I'll put you into a deep broil 1 month ago +1
CANDEE 1 month ago  
Fancy lad 1 month ago +1
Though i definitely have my eye on B 1 month ago  
The ears are so cute 1 month ago +1
Doubt I would be able to tbh, but I’d still attempt it 1 month ago  
*farts* 1 month ago +1
The hell is BTS? 1 month ago  
Maybe not to the skeptic but the other friends just to make them go crazy and see if the skeptic believes them 1 month ago  
Hell is not worth it. It’s terrifying 1 month ago +1
I am crazy. You’re crazy. We can have fun 1 month ago +2
Had some yesterday. My mom makes the best mac 1 month ago  
Apparently the new doctor is going to be a woman. Having mixed reactions but hell yeah either way 1 month ago  
I want to now 1 month ago  
Need to make a payment plan 1 month ago  
Always 1 month ago  
Cryopreservation so my body doesn’t age 1 month ago  
Meh 1 month ago  
Already me except my grades were sh*t 1 month ago +1
Take a break and then start up again 1 month ago  
Save it all for the next day. Duh 1 month ago  
Yeet 1 month ago  
Nani the fùck? 1 month ago  
It was a dark and stormy night and underneath the primordial soup of early earth, reactionary commencement! 1 month ago +1
Joestar ear 1 month ago +1
Seems like a lengthy procedure. Pass 1 month ago +2
B means hell for me. Nothingness is better than that 1 month ago +2
Because your mustache is very unimpressive 1 month ago  
B have way hotter girls. But the world exploring and lore of A is undeniably tempting. Also Fran from FF XII ❤️ 1 month ago +2
Scrumptious 1 month ago +1
I am content as I am 1 month ago  
I can think like a woman (try growing up with 5 sisters), so I can still give an opinion 1 month ago +1
That way if they ask for a reference from the last job and you don’t put one, you can use that excuse. Smart, though they can always look it up 1 month ago  
Both good questions but B is more insightful 1 month ago  
I would lead a revolt with Actualfrisk and overthrow your ass 1 month ago +1
*rushes B* 1 month ago  
I don’t defecate but I love to spray up my ass in the shower after going though 1 month ago  
Only if they are hot. I picked no, since that doesn’t involve their voice 1 month ago  
From the German word kinder, which means children 1 month ago  
Tee 1 month ago +1
Gold is a metal. Instant profit 1 month ago +5
Aye! 1 month ago +1
Nen > Quirks 1 month ago +1
Hotter 1 month ago  
Hehehe if you insist 1 month ago +3
19 1 month ago  
Yee 1 month ago  
Not haram 1 month ago  
That would be lit 1 month ago +1
Two of them. To physically train myself to become a stronger hunter and warrior. Also to memorize my holy book, the Quran 1 month ago  
You should watch Castlevania if you haven’t. Sheds an interesting dynamic on Alucard 1 month ago  
Option B was a close second though 1 month ago +1
Penís 1 month ago +1
I think so 1 month ago  
If it’s in bread it is. No exceptions 1 month ago  
Yee 1 month ago  
Usually 1 month ago  
Sure it increases the odds of Asteroids striking us but I doubt it will be world ending 1 month ago +1
The first one would be the hardest one. After that, you brain just clicks and the others follows tout suite 1 month ago  
:,) 1 month ago  
Hitler is innocent because he was forced to follow Hitler’s orders 1 month ago +2
Lif as hell 1 month ago  
I want to change za warudo 1 month ago +3
Yo ho 1 month ago +1
Absolutely 1 month ago +1
Canada/Saudi Arabia 1 month ago  
Wouldn’t in the first place. I like raw dogging it 1 month ago  
Hard to say. It relieves a lot of tension and stress but afterwards I just feel guilty and depressed (especially since I get off to questionable things) 1 month ago  
Discount brand Gordon Ramsey 1 month ago +2
B looks like a ginger with autism 1 month ago +1
Hey hey hey 1 month ago  
I’d be content enough to keep my distance and masturbate to her Facebook/Instagram pics (even if she were fully clothed in all of them) 1 month ago  
I hated Near though 1 month ago  
*snaps fingers* nice 1 month ago +1
A is a low blow 1 month ago  
Way cooler because it can do everything B can plus be a cool horsie 1 month ago  
19 1 month ago +1
Just to get stronger through training 1 month ago  
Zoro recks 1 month ago  
B is probably a little stronger but A would have the expertise to easily last until B’s transformation ran out 1 month ago  
Takbeer! Allah Akbar! Allah Akbar Kabeera! Wal hamdulillah he kaseera! 1 month ago  
Neither fortunately 1 month ago  
If I spam it fast enough, I can look like I am wave dashing 1 month ago  
Lmao 1 month ago +1
*masturbates* 1 month ago  
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