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"If you don’t mind, I will take a glass of orange juice over ice." - Der Winter König

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    Garbage 3 hours ago  
    Meeerrrrrr 3 hours ago  
    Something tiny like a dot 3 hours ago  
    Doesn’t compare to Tobey but I like him better that Garfield’s Spider-Man 3 hours ago  
    Almost never 3 hours ago  
    A for my family sakes. B if I was alone. I wouldn’t owe that back to anyone 3 hours ago  
    Hot lady hobos 3 hours ago +1
    Lmao 3 hours ago +1
    Seems legit 3 hours ago  
    Sexy Asians 3 hours ago  
    I would decide based on credentials 3 hours ago  
    Syndrome was annoying 3 hours ago  
    It’s just one hour. Whatever 3 hours ago  
    Yee 3 hours ago  
    There’s obviously no limit for heat. As for the cold absolute zero is the cap at least for the physical definition of thermodynamics. However I am sure there’s still some unexplored realm in quantum physics that says otherwise. (All atoms supposedly stop there movements but what about smaller units like quarks?) 3 hours ago  
    Tough. Honestly I just flipped a coin 3 hours ago  
    A then B 3 hours ago  
    A is great for strategy building 3 hours ago  
    B was pretty enjoyable 3 hours ago  
    Come at me bro 3 hours ago  
    JC is like the Krillin of MK 3 hours ago  
    Realistically though I don’t think I would do either. A for fear that he would inevitably hunt us down and we both can tortured and killed and B cuz I ain’t a snitch 3 hours ago  
    I longest I’ve lasted is 37 days but otherwise I usually do it everyday 3 hours ago  
    Wouldn’t care enough too 3 hours ago  
    I see no downside 3 hours ago  
    Colder 3 hours ago  
    Duh 3 hours ago  
    I would actually find that hilarious 3 hours ago +1
    that's not a no. i'll take it 0w0 2 days ago  
    don't forget about the pies jimbo 2 days ago +1
    PIES! 2 days ago +1
    i would honestly be flattered 2 days ago  
    what kind of stupid question is that? ofc 2 days ago  
    buttar dada 2 days ago +1
    he's the edgelord we all dreamed of becoming 2 days ago  
    effortlessly 2 days ago  
    oh yes! 2 days ago  
    death battle 2 days ago +2
    Go big or go home 2 days ago  
    *smashes duh button* 2 days ago  
    Waste of money when you can virtually watch anything on YouTube 2 days ago +1
    6-7. I care about it enough that to want it but not enough to go out of my way for it 2 days ago  
    Less responsibility 2 days ago  
    God I want to motorboat those titties so bad 2 days ago +1
    Yee 2 days ago +1
    Not going to care 2 days ago  
    Cogito ergo sum. 4 days ago  
    But only a one time thing 4 days ago  
    I don’t need the huge some of B anyways and A would certainly help rn 4 days ago  
    *shrugs* 4 days ago  
    You look like Andy from Toy Story 4 days ago +3
    Jax is chill 4 days ago  
    I am not a murderer. I would rather be handicapped 4 days ago +1
    God is benevolent 4 days ago  
    Thankfully. I imagine the whole thing to be a lengthy and anxious process 4 days ago  
    Sounds better 4 days ago  
    Eh sure 4 days ago  
    Wouldn’t matter a bit if the creatures in question were just mindless beasts that just rampaged 4 days ago  
    7ish 4 days ago  
    Tough since I don’t really like either 4 days ago +1
    It’s a sixth instinct of sorts. Always trust it 4 days ago  
    B just has a plain looking face 4 days ago  
    Ramadan is over and I literally just busted the best nut of my life. Everything is great right now 4 days ago +5
    Simp implies I would throw my bro and my friends under the bus just to please a girl. No such thing. This is just me being horny asf 4 days ago  
    Win win either way tbh 4 days ago 4 days ago +1
    Easily 4 days ago  
    Woop woop 4 days ago +1
    For Valhalla! 4 days ago +1
    Way cooler death 4 days ago +2
    I wouldn’t trust B not to delve into my inner most secrets 4 days ago +1
    729 actually 4 days ago  
    Raises several questions. Why haven’t they revolted or try to escape? Why would the original patients take the role of staff? And why not silent the staff patients? 4 days ago +3
    Hardly ever 4 days ago  
    *subtly winks towards Esmeralda who is hiding naked in my closet* 5 days ago +4
    Probably move countries 6 days ago  
    *shrugs* 6 days ago  
    It was aight 6 days ago  
    Who that 6 days ago  
    Hehe, nice skirt 6 days ago  
    Xxx xxxxx xxxxx xxx. Xxxxx xxxxx xxx xx x xxxx x xxxxx xxx xx xxx. and that was the last time I decided to eat sushi from the local gas station 6 days ago  
    Cheel biyah :D 6 days ago  
    Wolooolilolo 6 days ago  
    Most of the time 6 days ago  
    Yee 6 days ago  
    More satisfying 6 days ago  
    Solid 7 6 days ago  
    Frollo is nosy and borderline psychotic. I would never be at peace. Farquaad might be a little weird but he got spirit 6 days ago  
    There’s no right answer to this. The best thing I can say is it depends on the circumstance of the victim and the ripple effects it causes their loved ones 6 days ago  
    It’s white knighting. Completely different. 6 days ago  
    Always been the lonewolf type 6 days ago  
    Less time on this sh*tty planet and I go down famous. Win win 6 days ago  
    Patent the cure and more than I would with B 6 days ago  
    That’s hot 6 days ago  
    B is a little too sweet 6 days ago  
    Don’t live near enough a Krispy Creme to indulge myself 6 days ago  
    Rekcalb 6 days ago  
    Would be annoyed and angry to say the least. Would probably get over it if she either offers sex, my favorite meal or to let me play with her feet. I am not a hard man to please 6 days ago  
    A would be hell 6 days ago  
    She’s so unbelievably stunning. I would be happy just serving as her doormat for the day 6 days ago  
    Jeem 6 days ago  
    Beautiful 6 days ago +1
    Sure 6 days ago +1
    *dhrugs* 6 days ago +2
    Def 6 days ago +1
    Not as lengthy 6 days ago +1
    No doubt 6 days ago  
    Seems legit 6 days ago  
    My dad is great too but hardly ever around 6 days ago  
    A would no doubt be disgusted with how I turned out. Besides B could obviously give me useful insight 6 days ago +1
    Would be one hell of a trip 6 days ago  
    She’s cute. Sign me up 6 days ago +1
    Ofc 6 days ago  
    B was pretty much trash 6 days ago  
    I hated how A was wrapped up 6 days ago  
    Forza is great 6 days ago +1
    More girls 6 days ago +1
    Huh? What series was this again? 6 days ago  
    Already asked 6 days ago +1
    I wanna lick her cute little toes 6 days ago +1
    It’s only right 6 days ago  
    Ghee 6 days ago +1
    K 6 days ago +1
    Potential can always be gained once you have the right guidance/training 6 days ago +1
    I can party with SLOL and have frequent kinky sex 6 days ago +2
    I would probably get a tax reduction with A lmao 6 days ago  
    Ariana is not attractive 6 days ago +1
    6. Looks like he has a bit of bloodlust 6 days ago  
    Meh 6 days ago  
    I could care less 6 days ago  
    Headless sasuke is best sasuke 6 days ago  
    Poo 6 days ago  
    Much more to delve into. Especially the history of China 6 days ago  
    Already have B. A would be nice 6 days ago  
    Don’t drink 6 days ago  
    4-5 6 days ago  
    Give them a PG explanation though 6 days ago  
    Honestly, I’ve always had a crush on Ms. Frizzle 6 days ago  
    Very rarely but I still do from time to time 6 days ago  
    Classic 6 days ago +2
    Show me your boobs 6 days ago +1
    Probably make her her favorite dinner. Have a little talk. That kind of thing 6 days ago  
    Nice Monika prp. 6 days ago +1
    Nothing worse than A 6 days ago +2
    Oh ok. 6 days ago  
    “It’s over Anakin, time to find some new ground“ 1 week ago +1
    Y O U D I E D 1 week ago  
    B was meh 1 week ago  
    Definitely 1 week ago  
    Buuhan was a hilarious villain 1 week ago  
    I wouldn’t even care if it was sh*t. I would still love it 1 week ago  
    Although both would be redundant 1 week ago  
    Shore 1 week ago  
    90 1 week ago  
    If you want. Not my cup of tea though 1 week ago  
    The best Spider-Man trilogy there will ever be 1 week ago  
    Pretty good in the beginning. Becomes stagnant later on but still enjoyable 1 week ago  
    A would actually put me in a far deeper depression because I never noticed the signs and will blame myself 1 week ago  
    Truly a quote for the ages 1 week ago  
    I am so horny 1 week ago  
    3deep5me 1 week ago  
    Lyyyyyy amao 1 week ago  
    Less dangerous 1 week ago  
    Perfect. I needed some help with organizing my schedule for the next few months 1 week ago +1
    Ofc 1 week ago  
    The best saga imo 1 week ago  
    Honestly both were forgettable but A had some nice choreography 1 week ago  
    Boo bees 1 week ago  
    Not future. NOT FUTURE! 1 week ago  
    I could care less about their affairs. As long as their music is good 1 week ago  
    Reminds me. I need to watch season 7 1 week ago +1
    Lit. Time to sit around a room with the others and waste my time doing nothing of importance 1 week ago +1
    Misclick 1 week ago  
    Dunno. Just picking the cooler logo 1 week ago  
    What CL said. Plus I travel a lot more at night 1 week ago +1
    A is ultimately more useful but wouldn’t warrant enough of a practical use in the real world 1 week ago +1
    Lmao 1 week ago +1
    I feel like B would make me go insane from all the microscopic organisms I would see crawling around on my skin and bedsheets 1 week ago +2
    Give her a little love tap, apologize and offer to buy her lunch. See where that takes us 1 week ago  
    Most of A are just sh*tholes and desolate terrain 1 week ago  
    Let them do upon themselves what they will and you what you shall. It is best after all not to congregate upon opposing crossroads 1 week ago  
    Just that I am indifferent to my impending doom 1 week ago  
    Alright. Well I’ll give you the last 5 songs/tracks I added to my playlist. 1.) Samurai Champloo - Shiki no uta, 2.) Battle! Lore keeper Zinnia, 3.) Queen (Bohemian Rhapsody), 4.) Come on Eileen (Dexys Midnight Runners), 5.) Tony Hanma - Men Sharadly 1 week ago +1
    Sure 1 week ago  
    That’s retarded 1 week ago  
    Def 1 week ago  
    More powerful and continuous 1 week ago  
    What do you prefer? 1 week ago +1
    A sex slave 1 week ago +1
    *shrugs* 1 week ago  
    I guess 1 week ago  
    Honestly, the cell games were kind of meh 1 week ago  
    Better scowl 1 week ago  
    Sure 1 week ago  
    Usually 1 week ago  
    Classic dragon ball 1 week ago  
    Of course. I hate warm weather 1 week ago  
    Ofc 1 week ago  
    Meme 1 week ago  
    B was like 5 episodes and easily forgettable 1 week ago  
    Loved both 1 week ago  
    One of the best 1 week ago  
    Never ever in the long term. Short term sometimes does 1 week ago +1
    It should be justified to an extent however 1 week ago +1
    All day everyday 1 week ago  
    A was garbage 1 week ago  
    B was hardly memorable 1 week ago  
    Honestly, low key enjoyable 1 week ago  
    B could easily get out of control 1 week ago +1
    B with A as toppings 1 week ago  
    I assume B is harder to master 1 week ago  
    Imagine cuddling with him on a cold winter night 1 week ago  
    More useful 1 week ago  
    Majesticer 1 week ago  
    Obvs 1 week ago  
    B would be hella uncomfortable 1 week ago  
    I already cook 1 week ago  
    Idfk 1 week ago  
    Dragged on unnecessarily at a lot of parts 1 week ago  
    More powerful 1 week ago  
    Lolli 1 week ago  
    Cells introduction was a really really cool story arc. Plus the imperfect cell ost was orgasmic 1 week ago  
    *shrugs* 1 week ago  
    Lmao 1 week ago  
    I liked her unwavering resolve 1 week ago  
    That red head is cute. Dibs on sharing the tub with her 1 week ago +1
    A will grow back 1 week ago +1
    I never liked Billy. Just because he had a sh*tty childhood doesn’t mean his bullying was justified 1 week ago +1
    I am a good cook and this way I don’t have to actually eat it 2 weeks ago  
    When casually walking outside, nah. However to go into any store, yes 2 weeks ago  
    DMC ftw 2 weeks ago  
    February 25th 2 weeks ago  
    Not haram 2 weeks ago  
    B would end up with me being cut up into pieces (mecha Frieza style) and scattered to the winds 2 weeks ago  
    Just for the total number of indigenous animals and wild life preservations they have. It’s remarkable 2 weeks ago  
    It’s not as satisfying 2 weeks ago  
    the tournament sagas are the best parts of dragon ball 2 weeks ago +2
    General Blue was one of my favorite early dragon ball villains. 2 weeks ago +1
    Long live the red ribbon army! 2 weeks ago +1
    Duh 2 weeks ago  
    Neither 2 weeks ago +1
    Then he wakes up 2 weeks ago +1
    One dog I can handle 2 weeks ago  
    True but he did take care of that Whisperer lady 2 weeks ago  
    Both are cringe 2013 trash 2 weeks ago  
    Damn, I am erect 2 weeks ago  
    Would be hella awesome, until I begin to regret it in 150 years. Still, it’s only worth it, if I stay in my prime and don’t sustain crazy injuries 2 weeks ago  
    Epic 2 weeks ago +1
    I am not usually superstitious, but I would become paranoid And uncomfortable to continue the rest of the way after having that realization 2 weeks ago  
    Haven’t seen the Rise or Skywalker yet so I’ll hold judgement 2 weeks ago  
    Not bad so much, just extremely perverted 2 weeks ago  
    Rarted 2 weeks ago  
    They would wreck B 2 weeks ago  
    Probs 2 weeks ago  
    I’ve come close a few times though and it was extremely unpleasant 2 weeks ago  
    Vent aura 2 weeks ago  
    Hell yee 2 weeks ago  
    Based on the description 2 weeks ago  
    10 points for Waluigi! 2 weeks ago  
    Ur 2 SLO 2 weeks ago  
    Maybe later. Already have way too many games I haven’t finished yet 2 weeks ago  
    Wolfenstein is lit 2 weeks ago  
    Look like a good time 2 weeks ago  
    Definitely! 2 weeks ago  
    Looks more actionesque 2 weeks ago  
    Yee 2 weeks ago  
    Have yet to play it tbh but I absolutely adored the first 2 2 weeks ago  
    Misclick. I did B once with Mustakrakish. Next thing I know I woke up in the parking lot of a Target wearing a wolf suit in a puddle of urine that I am pretty sure wasn’t even mine. 2 weeks ago  
    I don’t know enough about Christianity to be able to make a convincing point 2 weeks ago  
    Lmao A is like a tiny pecker compared to B 2 weeks ago +1
    Just because Vikings 2 weeks ago  
    A combination of both but mostly B I reckon 2 weeks ago  
    Auntie or uncle 2 weeks ago  
    Destroying sounds a lot more fun 2 weeks ago +1
    I honestly wouldn’t do either. I would practice isolationism and just keep my distance. I won’t be the aggressor but I will end anyone who engages me 2 weeks ago +1
    I hate to admit it, but susanoo Naruto would probably beat bankai 2 weeks ago  
    Haitus x Haitus 2 weeks ago +1
    Don’t care enough about either to being with though 2 weeks ago  
    Not sure which is the cheaper alternative 2 weeks ago  
    I would love it if the Ottoman Empire flourishes 2 weeks ago  
    Just to see if we would still have slave plantations 2 weeks ago  
    Would be separate from my overall features so I don’t seem that off putting 2 weeks ago  
    Misclick. It would be fun to give myself a tail job 2 weeks ago  
    Dibs on being a monkey 2 weeks ago  
    Kind of turns me on more if I am being completely honest 2 weeks ago  
    Duh 2 weeks ago  
    Raichu needs some Love too 2 weeks ago  
    Cuter design 2 weeks ago  
    So cute 2 weeks ago  
    Fun fact: nidoqueens are infertile, so nidokings **** nidorans. 2 weeks ago  
    Earthquake intensifies 2 weeks ago  
    It’s so fluffah 2 weeks ago  
    Kaeaii 2 weeks ago  
    Dragon ball for its amazing choreography and element of fantasy upon first introduction to the series. DBZ for its suspense and character/plot driving motivation. Super on the other hand was lacking in both these departments and kind of tanks the overall vibe of the series as a whole (Still amazing by all means of course) 2 weeks ago  
    Positive overall. It’s kind of a mixed bag right now (Disnified to hell but amazing art and story lines with some series like the Clone Wars) 2 weeks ago  
    Kinkeh 2 weeks ago  
    Reported for posting nudes 2 weeks ago +2
    More satisfying when I am sick 2 weeks ago  
    Fùcking love Dr Pepper 2 weeks ago  
    As long as I am not a simp, then it doesn’t matter 2 weeks ago  
    Cinematic masterpiece 2 weeks ago  
    Both. It will cost a months rent but fùck it 2 weeks ago  
    Much higher odds 2 weeks ago +1
    Neutral, though I would say it has far too many seasons 2 weeks ago  
    Never liked B 2 weeks ago  
    Chocolate > Strawberry 2 weeks ago  
    Toki yo tomare! 2 weeks ago +1
    No need to bite off more than I can chew 2 weeks ago  
    I am not expecting straight A’s nor do I believe that’s reasonable. C’s and D’s means they’re obviously slacking 2 weeks ago  
    Thanks dude! 2 weeks ago +1
    At least this way, I have the opportunity to clear my name 2 weeks ago  
    Hell yes 2 weeks ago  
    More powerful 2 weeks ago  
    I would fap in front of a mirror everyday 2 weeks ago  
    I don’t want it to hit my ankle. That sh*t is painful 2 weeks ago +1
    I am tired. A would take 2 seconds less 2 weeks ago +1
    Sure 2 weeks ago +1
    Need my arms for fapping and gaming 2 weeks ago +1
    I am more used to physical labor 2 weeks ago +1
    Sounds more badass 2 weeks ago +1
    The thing with A is, they would still be pretty crippled and cut down in power regardless of victory 2 weeks ago  
    The female Thor looking character is stunning. She got a name? 2 weeks ago +1
    So basically become an elder lich. Fùck yes 2 weeks ago +1
    All the time. Even for trivial things, just so I know I won’t stutter and sound like an idiot 2 weeks ago  
    It honestly depends though 2 weeks ago  
    It would just take 2 seconds to transverse. Still risky but I would be too tired to care most likely 2 weeks ago  
    I wanna lick her feet 2 weeks ago  
    Though I am more of a Tim hortons guy 2 weeks ago  
    Definitely 2 weeks ago +1
    She’s so hot. She makes me need to put my boner in a wheel chair 2 weeks ago +1
    10/10 would fap 2 weeks ago +1
    Spike is awesome 2 weeks ago +1
    He’s awesome and pretty underrated 2 weeks ago +1
    Yee 2 weeks ago +1
    A isn’t attractive 2 weeks ago +1
    I need my sleep 2 weeks ago  
    He would resort to Guerilla warfare 2 weeks ago  
    Technically B would most likely still occur if I choose A 2 weeks ago  
    I alternate sometimes 2 weeks ago  
    A was garbage. You could honestly exclude it entirely and it wouldn’t change anything 2 weeks ago  
    A was too political to be entertaining 2 weeks ago  
    One of my favorites 2 weeks ago  
    Never heard of B. A is amazing 2 weeks ago  
    The ironic thing is, we’re spreading more popularity on KPOP the more we bash on it 2 weeks ago +1
    Though I haven’t seen B yet 2 weeks ago  
    Solo was pretty bland honestly 2 weeks ago  
    *smashes duh button* 2 weeks ago +1
    V was the best one, no contest 2 weeks ago +1
    Slightly less repulsive 2 weeks ago  
    Both trash 2 weeks ago  
    More variety in working options. Plus it would be hella fun to explore the mall after my shift 2 weeks ago  
    *shrugs* waste of funding 2 weeks ago  
    Just picked the hotter one 2 weeks ago  
    In the middle mostly but sometimes towards the top 2 weeks ago  
    A looks like something Mustakrakish would love. 2 weeks ago +1
    *inserts witty comment* 2 weeks ago  
    Requiem 2 weeks ago  
    B sounds like a lot of responsibility 2 weeks ago  
    Watch out for his twin needle 2 weeks ago  
    More powerful 2 weeks ago  
    Can’t go wrong with either 2 weeks ago  
    Yee 2 weeks ago  
    B looks like he needs to be put out of his misery 2 weeks ago +1
    Tl;dr. Picked cute anime girl 2 weeks ago +1
    I could go for some post iftar tea. Very soothing 2 weeks ago +1
    Is A actually real? Gross 2 weeks ago  
    Cool beans 2 weeks ago  
    Sounds like Fallout. 2 weeks ago  
    So many people were disappointed with this game saying that it was rushed and lacking what other Pokémon games had. And here I am just sitting here, with my 7 year old mindset enjoying every aspect 2 weeks ago +1
    Looks fun 2 weeks ago  
    Not sure about specs, but B would give more butting damage 2 weeks ago  
    Not familiar with most of the specs, so I’ll just go with what I know 2 weeks ago  
    Yeeee 2 weeks ago  
    Not a bad selection 2 weeks ago  
    Missed you :) 2 weeks ago  
    I’ve got a job to fulfill, love it or hate it 2 weeks ago  
    I feel like A would make me enjoy food a lot less; but as a chef, it would be an amazing opportunity to take. 2 weeks ago +1
    I would jizz on her. 2 weeks ago +1
    Ew to B 3 weeks ago  
    Gay 3 weeks ago  
    Fortnite is trash 3 weeks ago  
    Of course my horse 3 weeks ago  
    Yee 3 weeks ago  
    Neither is that satisfying 3 weeks ago  
    Probably stop after the second one 3 weeks ago  
    This site is so dead. I miss the old days. 3 weeks ago +1
    Lmao obviously 3 weeks ago  
    Hell yes 3 weeks ago  
    Not a complete waste of space 3 weeks ago  
    Looks colorful 3 weeks ago  
    So stupid 3 weeks ago  
    Step to the side and continue taking my order while my wife rekts the living day lights out of him 3 weeks ago +1
    I walk up the stairs slowly. After turning off all the lights 3 weeks ago  
    Iconic 3 weeks ago  
    If it was just a few thousands, we could take them 3 weeks ago +1
    Kawaii 3 weeks ago +1
    Both but I just treat A more as a side mission 3 weeks ago +1
    Tanks are cope 3 weeks ago  
    Valhalla. Also Viking Women know how to treat their men 3 weeks ago +1
    Far more cunning and badass 3 weeks ago +1
    Miss me with that gay sh*t 3 weeks ago +2
    I am Doctor Who bítches 3 weeks ago +1
    Though it would be pretty situational. Who could say 3 weeks ago  
    Wrrrrrrrry 3 weeks ago +1
    Not my proudest fap. But certainly not the worst 3 weeks ago +5
    Spirit Gun! 3 weeks ago +1
    Spoiler: I loved him in the final arc when he went back in time to save Spider-Man from the army of Daleks during the invasion of Shrek’s swamp. It showed such momentous character development on his behalf, especially when he blazingly rushed in head strong unleashing his earth shattering Rasengan against Shaggy, holding him off long enough so Hank Hill could escape with the younglings. His sacrifice was not in vain 3 weeks ago +4
    Fair enough. Valid point 3 weeks ago  
    I am f****** dead xD 3 weeks ago +1
    You need to watch Bleach, trust me 3 weeks ago +1
    They’re not even artists, they are just idols under a labor contract making the same brand of generic ass music 3 weeks ago +1
    I’ve always been the lone wolf type. That’s why it’s better to expect company and not have it than to have company unexpectedly 3 weeks ago +1
    Every little bit helps to win them over in an interview 3 weeks ago  
    I guess idc 3 weeks ago  
    Spy on girls because I am a pervert 3 weeks ago +2
    *Happy Vader noises* 3 weeks ago +1
    She obviously got lucky and crit. I demand a rematch 3 weeks ago +2
    Even if her’s is non existent 3 weeks ago  
    Only when playing online multiplayer which is why I tend to avoid it 3 weeks ago  
    B is so annoying. Kill it with fire 3 weeks ago +1
    The OG 3 weeks ago +1
    Duh 3 weeks ago +1
    The handsomer, cooler (and taller) of the Elric brothers 3 weeks ago +3
    Humanoids have the advantage of martial arts techniques that monsters can’t take full advantage of due to their disproportionate bodies 3 weeks ago +1
    Even if you crit, the barbarians high health will still save them 3 weeks ago +1
    So cute 3 weeks ago  
    You should do it in random order rather then chronologically. Just my opinion thorn 3 weeks ago  
    Daniel vs the Cooler Daniel 3 weeks ago +1
    Although it would just be a prank 3 weeks ago +1
    Minecraft boobs are best boobs 3 weeks ago +2
    Yee 3 weeks ago  
    Ooh, pretty good 3 weeks ago  
    More humane 3 weeks ago +1
    Usually more convenient. Besides it might clear up when I leave 3 weeks ago  
    Nothing really scary about B 3 weeks ago  
    Ofc 3 weeks ago  
    Sexier 3 weeks ago  
    Duh 3 weeks ago  
    Way superior 3 weeks ago +1
    Cooler and less pretentious 3 weeks ago +1
    She’s 6’3”. Tall women are just a turn on 3 weeks ago +1
    He’s the only likable one in Bucciarati’s group 3 weeks ago +1
    A is still a relatively new character that is yet to be explored. He doesn’t compare to a top tier villain like Aizen 3 weeks ago +2
    I just sleep once for 4-5 hours and I am food for the rest of the day 3 weeks ago  
    Better than getting my balls squeezed 3 weeks ago  
    I like the night scene ray 3 weeks ago  
    COLDER 3 weeks ago  
    The colder, the better. It is the source of my power afterall 3 weeks ago  
    Duh 3 weeks ago  
    Even if I was repulsed, it would still be really rude of him to just ghost them 3 weeks ago  
    Guess I am being a little biased since I haven’t got to part 6 yet 3 weeks ago +1
    I really emphasized with his character growing up 3 weeks ago +1
    Best husbando 3 weeks ago +2
    :DDDDDDDDDDD 3 weeks ago +1
    I would still punish them 3 weeks ago  
    Maximum overdrive! 3 weeks ago  
    [Avenger’s theme intensifies] 3 weeks ago  
    Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy? 3 weeks ago +1
    Baby don’t hertz me 3 weeks ago  
    Ee 3 weeks ago  
    Totally 3 weeks ago  
    Ya yeet 3 weeks ago  
    Gooigi 3 weeks ago  
    Can’t bang A. A man has needs after all 3 weeks ago  
    Matrix is love 3 weeks ago  
    They can be like taxi drivers that we pay for with treats. That would be AWESOME 3 weeks ago +1
    They took me in when no one else did. I would keep a more wary eye out though 3 weeks ago +1
    Far less terrifying 3 weeks ago  
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