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"If you don’t mind, I will take a glass of orange juice over ice." - Der Winter König

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    I lose sh*t a lot so this would be helpful 17 hours ago +1
    Devour my opponents >:) 17 hours ago +1
    More practical and useful for training 17 hours ago +1
    Better than corona 18 hours ago  
    Rhymes with tuba 18 hours ago  
    Clothes, Perfume, a watch for the dad, kitchen utensil for the mom 18 hours ago  
    B bothers me less often personally 4 days ago  
    Nicer hair 4 days ago  
    Can’t go wrong with either. A has a prettier face but B definitely has a better body 4 days ago  
    Vikings are way more badass. Plus Scandinavian women are hot af 4 days ago +1
    Hell yee 4 days ago  
    A was decent too but not particularly memorable to me 4 days ago  
    Easily my favorite arc from HxH 4 days ago  
    Ice 6 days ago  
    Loved both but A had a more satisfying concluding and story arc. Also the OST is beautiful 6 days ago  
    Chances are, they’re just high out of their mind 6 days ago +1
    Loves pussy, Partying and dining on blood 6 days ago  
    Enthusiast, intriguing, Carl lover 6 days ago  
    Don’t know enough about him to care 6 days ago  
    *shrugs* 6 days ago  
    My body is ready 6 days ago  
    Not that it was bad, just completely unnecessary 6 days ago  
    More useful amiright 6 days ago  
    ^_^ 1 week ago  
    Toroks 1 week ago  
    B is still up there though 1 week ago  
    Bond with me jimmy 1 week ago  
    I thought it was just me 1 week ago  
    Saber > > > Rin 1 week ago  
    Pretty stupid 1 week ago  
    Yee 1 week ago  
    I have a lota. I’ll survive 1 week ago  
    Colder 1 week ago 1 week ago  
    *sniffing intensifies* 1 week ago +1
    Big brain time 1 week ago  
    10 1 week ago  
    Because contact with animals is just one type of variation for a disease to exist. 1 week ago  
    Her back story is so sad 1 week ago  
    Having a penis great. So I hear 1 week ago +1
    Durrink 1 week ago  
    I am usually scared of anything but that thing *stares at B* terrifies me 1 week ago +2
    Pretty much, yeah 1 week ago  
    Wouldn’t have made a difference 1 week ago +1
    Well they would both go to sh*t really fast 1 week ago  
    Would come in handy for sure 1 week ago  
    What would actually be cool, is to be able to add false memories. Would help a lot with my self confidence 1 week ago  
    Underrated 1 week ago  
    A is the basic go to. I could have more fun experimenting with B 1 week ago  
    He was just looking out for me. I would be more careful about pissing him off though 1 week ago +1
    *Liar mask intensifies* 1 week ago  
    Wouldn’t matter to me in the least. In fact I would wish him good luck on his endeavors 1 week ago  
    Kinkeh 1 week ago  
    Lmao 1 week ago  
    But only a good one. He still wouldn’t compare to Ledger or mark hamill’s joker 1 week ago +1
    You can never violate the bro code. No exceptions 1 week ago +1
    Asian invasion 1 week ago +2
    Fùck yes. 1 week ago +1
    even though it is the worst one of the franchise 2 weeks ago  
    obvs 2 weeks ago  
    Archer, nice 2 weeks ago  
    fùck yee, totally worth it 2 weeks ago  
    ravioli ravioli, give me the coronaoli 2 weeks ago  
    not because i care about anyone's safety, i just don't want to be fined/apprehended 2 weeks ago  
    i wish it would though 2 weeks ago +1
    it only spread as much as it has because people are idiots. 2 weeks ago +1
    Part of the learning process is active interaction 2 weeks ago  
    pretty underrated 2 weeks ago  
    burn hotter daddy 2 weeks ago  
    a is meh 2 weeks ago  
    ew jew 2 weeks ago +1
    Agreed with SH. 2 weeks ago  
    *smashes duh button* 2 weeks ago  
    cute 2 weeks ago  
    i listen to B on youtube at least 2 weeks ago  
    cant argue with that 2 weeks ago  
    Even though i am a trained hunter and fighter, i would still get my ass recked by a terminator (might have a chance if it's the original t-800 but still). b at least won't end in death, even if i get caught 2 weeks ago  
    i tried B once. i woke up in a filthy basement missing a kidney. never again 2 weeks ago +3
    i could get away with a lot of sh*t. the only downside is isolation but whateves 2 weeks ago +1
    in the long run, a would actually be more problematic 2 weeks ago +1
    free knives 2 weeks ago +1
    except when they created the kung flu 2 weeks ago +2
    how the hell did f****** yahoodees make it this far? 2 weeks ago +1
    Pokémon. I am happy whether I become human or Pokémon 2 weeks ago  
    I am alive bítches! 2 weeks ago  
    Colder 1 month ago  
    T yeet 1 month ago  
    Saw Ramsey, clicker ramsey 1 month ago +1
    A better standard of living which leads to happiness 1 month ago +1
    Ofc 1 month ago  
    Hell yea 1 month ago  
    I’ll take 20 1 month ago  
    Soothing 1 month ago  
    Craving some banana butt bread atm 1 month ago  
    More realistic at least. None of that anime power of friendship bullcrap 1 month ago +2
    [Determination intensifies] 1 month ago  
    Colder 1 month ago  
    What if scenarios are fun 1 month ago  
    Back in my day, there were only 2 genders 1 month ago  
    If we’re being realistic 1 month ago  
    As long as I have free wifi, sure 1 month ago  
    I like this selection better 1 month ago +1
    Hmmm 1 month ago  
    Probs 1 month ago  
    Hotter 1 month ago  
    Oh. Never mind then. 1 month ago  
    Ambi 1 month ago  
    Only if this means, I have a steady finance coming through. Otherwise B 1 month ago +1
    They’re amazing 1 month ago  
    *shrugs* 1 month ago  
    Kind of trite and unoriginal, but it’s still something to enjoy if you’re bored 1 month ago  
    A is straight up cancer 1 month ago  
    Never heard of it 1 month ago  
    I am big on movies/animes so easy choice 1 month ago  
    Still would be fun to sight see 1 month ago  
    Yee 1 month ago  
    When your Chinese friend says he brought Corona but you don’t see any drinks 1 month ago +3
    B is just drek 1 month ago  
    Badass 1 month ago  
    I could care less 1 month ago  
    Merrherr 1 month ago  
    Deaf > Blind 1 month ago +1
    I can always fake laugh 1 month ago  
    At least I wouldn’t need to walk around and might possibly be able to sustain myself 1 month ago  
    Intelligence is more of a genetic disposition than physical fitness. A good body is easy enough to gain with some motivation 1 month ago  
    More worth it long term 1 month ago  
    Let them catch me, whatever. I always have a solid alibi 1 month ago  
    Most of the time 1 month ago  
    Hunger is easier to curb 1 month ago  
    What Chupa said. As long as I have Netflix, some porn mags and grub hub, count me in 1 month ago  
    What’s pfp? 1 month ago  
    Depends on how good terms I am with them (Also I really couldn’t if they were the opposite sex, but I assume otherwise) 1 month ago  
    Same him only if she’s hot 1 month ago +1
    Please hunt me down daddy 1 month ago  
    Ya yeet 1 month ago  
    We would be more intelligent as a whole, so ofc 1 month ago  
    Neat 1 month ago  
    Both are the ugliest colors ever 1 month ago  
    Less feasible as it is 1 month ago  
    I am Rock jr 1 month ago  
    I actually like their accent 1 month ago  
    Not a filthy Jew 1 month ago  
    Way better 1 month ago  
    Seems legit 1 month ago  
    It’s all the same to me so idc 1 month ago  
    I am become death 1 month ago  
    Shitty place to work but great place to shop 1 month ago +1
    Direction erection 1 month ago +1
    I am okay with this 1 month ago  
    Goodnight 1 month ago  
    Wouldn’t leave my things to begin with though 1 month ago  
    Only if we still had some other interests aligned and they didn’t impose their hatred of animals into me 1 month ago  
    Indeed 1 month ago  
    Doesn’t say it has to be together 1 month ago  
    Neat 1 month ago  
    Lmao 1 month ago  
    The women there are super submissive at least. Might live like a primitive but at least I would have my own harem 1 month ago +1
    Both 1 month ago  
    Only if there truly wasn’t another way around it 1 month ago +1
    Loved both. Hard to choose 1 month ago  
    Sure 1 month ago  
    It’s honestly not that unfeasible if you look past the thin atmosphere and harsh climate 1 month ago  
    Most likely. Though B would be amazing 1 month ago +1
    ^_^ 1 month ago  
    Lmao, no 1 month ago  
    Actually heard of him so that speaks volumes 1 month ago  
    Sexy 1 month ago  
    Got an instant erection thinking about having my own lioness orgy. Sold 1 month ago  
    I’ve learned that acquiring a job is much harder in this day in age 1 month ago  
    I enjoy cooking 1 month ago  
    I already autistically listen to the same pieces of video game themes and music year end to year end. 1 month ago +2
    My body is ready 1 month ago  
    Like satan said. a is cooler and more destructive but B is more practical in the real world 1 month ago  
    Oh well, no more coffee for me 1 month ago  
    He’ll yeah :p 1 month ago +1
    Basketball. Actually on second thought, Ice hockey 1 month ago  
    B is kind of weird 1 month ago  
    1,000,000 would not last a lifetime (it actually could but I would have to live like a peasant). Even if I were to do that though, I can’t predict inflation and the state of the economy for the next 70 years 1 month ago  
    Tl;dr 1 month ago  
    It’s boo not boo boo 1 month ago  
    Goo 1 month ago  
    Gay 1 month ago  
    Redrum 1 month ago  
    Cursed 1 month ago  
    Pretty cool (though it’s absolute bullsh*t that you get $1 for running an entire mile. It’s not at all the same as a rep or jumping jack) 1 month ago  
    No comparison 1 month ago  
    Normally don’t smoke, but it would be rude to refuse snoop 1 month ago +1
    Classic taste 1 month ago  
    When your Chinese friends says he brought some corona but you don’t see any drinks 1 month ago  
    But only if it’s open atmosphere. If it’s closer like in the picture, then nah 1 month ago +1
    Never actually been to one. Who knows, could be fun 1 month ago  
    Console > PC 1 month ago +1
    A I could just ignore 1 month ago  
    Only against druids. Filthy druids 1 month ago +1
    Technically a stone is a type of rock, no? 1 month ago  
    5’7” Manlet. Very stocky with chocolate colored skin, full beard, brown eyes (and a tiny but very compact *****) 1 month ago  
    Seems the same to me either way 1 month ago +1
    Never asked before *slow clap* 1 month ago +5
    If it’s short either way, ofc I am going to choose A 1 month ago +1
    That would be hella awesome 1 month ago  
    I could still manage 1 month ago  
    The possibilities of exploration are endless. There’s no way I could resist 1 month ago +1
    Couldn’t back in highschool, but now regular gym visits and my hunter’s training keep me regular 1 month ago  
    A would be a nightmare. 1 month ago  
    Wouldn’t get on my nerves as often 1 month ago  
    As Rocky chacha used to say, Got to dress to impress 1 month ago  
    We’re always in a constant state of motion, even when we’re sleeping 1 month ago  
    Clearly you’ve never encountered a swarm of pigeons 1 month ago  
    Merher 1 month ago  
    Ya yeet 1 month ago  
    Gay 1 month ago  
    I’ll make hades my bítch and rule the underworld! 1 month ago +1
    Whatever, not a big deal 1 month ago +1
    While A is amazing, b is has more endless capabilities 1 month ago +1
    B feels uncomfortable for some reason 1 month ago  
    She is so unbelievably stunning. I would literally slobber over the floor she’s walked on 1 month ago  
    I could do with more muscle mass. Just hope it gets evenly distributed 1 month ago  
    I am already a master at A 1 month ago  
    Sweet 1 month ago  
    My argument for B is, if we haven’t already invented interstellar travel, than we deserve it 1 month ago +1
    *shrugs* 1 month ago  
    Just plain meh 1 month ago  
    Blacker 1 month ago  
    369 no scoop 1 month ago  
    In terms of spirits, yeah 1 month ago +1
    I could care less 1 month ago +1
    Disappointed but not surprised 1 month ago  
    Never go to Walmart barefoot 1 month ago  
    He hurt my feelings. I am telling alexw 1 month ago +1
    Lord have mercy on me 1 month ago  
    I am okay with this 1 month ago  
    Easy since I don’t have a ps4 1 month ago  
    Depends with what. BBQ with more food items though 1 month ago  
    Would go wonderfully with my 40 nuggets 1 month ago  
    Pffff just 40. Pass over that barbecue son 1 month ago  
    That way, I can simply remove whatever I didn’t want and still keep whatever I did 1 month ago  
    Never A. 1 month ago  
    Neat 1 month ago  
    Kinkeh 1 month ago  
    [Johnny Cash’s Hurt intensifies] 1 month ago +1
    Japan ftw! 1 month ago  
    Always wanted to go to Korea. 1 month ago  
    Maybe A if I ever feel like dying 1 month ago  
    Depends. Can’t afford to do A consistently, plus I love cooking fresh most days 1 month ago  
    Of course. Anything for the holy ankle 1 month ago +1
    We’ve survived worse 1 month ago  
    Looks superior. Going by looks of course 1 month ago  
    There are always certain areas with vacuum environments. But yeah valid point 1 month ago  
    A lot of people who pursue B often have trouble supporting or finding work 2 months ago +3
    Psychology is amazing 2 months ago +1
    Any type of engineering trumps almost any kind of major 2 months ago +2
    Used to think it was but immortality isn’t worth it 2 months ago  
    A doesn’t mean sh*t 2 months ago +1
    Foooock yee 2 months ago +1
    I rarely have the need for B. Plus I have sh*t short term memory and constantly lose my stuff 2 months ago +1
    Would always save me a return trip on a flight (assuming I can take what I am carrying at the moment). A is great too though hmmmmm 2 months ago +1
    I would rather off myself before I would even consider A (I love you Ruby) 2 months ago +2
    More op. Paper is all around us 2 months ago +2
    Already do 2 months ago  
    A would come in handy more often in any given moment. Besides I lose them a lot more readily 2 months ago +1
    Really nothing waiting for me in B. A has some opportunities at least 2 months ago +1
    A nazi satanist! 2 months ago +1
    Doesn’t mean I can’t control my urges. I would just keep it on the dL 2 months ago +1
    Ho! Are you approaching me? Instead of running away you are approaching me? 2 months ago +1
    Already am 2 months ago +1
    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 2 months ago +1
    Whooooooooo are you? Who who who who (I really want to knoooooow) 2 months ago +1
    Not sure what A would entail. B is guaranteed super human endurance, strength and healing so hit me up 2 months ago +1
    A isn’t usually my niche. Inuyasha and Berserk are kind of exceptions 2 months ago +1
    Clicked for Soul Eater 2 months ago +1
    Some degrees are worth a lot more than B. I wouldn’t mind having another science degree along with my engineering degree 2 months ago +1
    More exciting and adventurous 2 months ago +1
    Despite having a longer airtime, it hasn’t become quite as stagnant as A 2 months ago +1
    Only a select few though. Bustleton rolls are my fav 2 months ago  
    Although the flight is pretty much useless if I have teleportation. Still cooler powers compared to B 2 months ago +1
    A could easily backfire since insanity is often unpredictable 2 months ago +2
    Already both. The toxic combination just leads me void of any social cues and my constant fapping MHA hentai 2 months ago +1
    Six year old me would be proud 2 months ago +1
    *smashes duh button* albeit as an afterthought, it would be hella fun to shag some of the attractive looking sculptures 2 months ago +1
    I am proud of my cooking skills and would be quite crestfallen upon losing them 2 months ago +2
    I am good at taking a hit. Might give me a concussion but, I am sure I can walk away from it 2 months ago  
    Used to be Vegeta but he just bores me now 2 months ago  
    Myself if that counted. 2 months ago  
    Being a sex slave is fun sometimes 2 months ago +1
    Just impractical in so many ways 2 months ago +1
    Josef Mengele 2 months ago  
    I do like me ponies 2 months ago  
    I got 2 minutes, sure 2 months ago  
    Unfortunately true equality isn’t all that different from conformity 2 months ago  
    1. Anyone leaving the door slightly ajar when I ask them to shut it 2. Anyone who interrupts me or another person if we are engaging 3. People with poor hygiene 2 months ago  
    War is always different 2 months ago  
    Lmao 2 months ago  
    Much much much more of an open universe. If I was truly unmatched, I could rule the universe 2 months ago  
    I would face more opposition for sure, but Star Wars is hella cool 2 months ago  
    At least for a, I still have a variety of options I could still pursue (rebel soldier, smuggler, resistance, basic force user (anyone can learn) bounty hunter ect). With B I stuck as a boring muggle no matter what 2 months ago  
    I like having a little space that’s all mine to work in and customize 2 months ago  
    Kind of subjective. It’s certainly both but one more than the other no matter who you ask 2 months ago  
    I hate those sand nīggers. Let’s blow them all to ashes 2 months ago +1
    Would díck both though 2 months ago  
    Best not to be greedy and build my way up. More fun that way 2 months ago  
    6 or 7. I almost never give change to anyone on the street though, I prefer donations 2 months ago +1
    Even 5 2 months ago  
    Probs 2 months ago  
    Huh. Neat 2 months ago  
    A becoming B, though both are enjoyable if done right 2 months ago +1
    Dubstep is mostly trash 2 months ago +3
    Especially Pho and Ramen 2 months ago +2
    Beats having a death sentence 2 months ago  
    *shrugs* 2 months ago  
    Misclick, I was thinking of Shyamalan’s hot garbage of a film. Avatar was amazing. 2 months ago  
    Seems a tad young but okay *unravels belt* 2 months ago  
    Unpopular opinion but I actually loved Frozen 2 months ago +1
    Then again I don’t see A happening consciously. There’s a part of our brain that’s actually hardwired to not go through with it, no matter what 2 months ago  
    Sorry penguin 2 months ago  
    My lust is very out of control. A would either have live out my days as a hermit addicted to internet porn or in prison for life 2 months ago +1
    We need to go deeper *continues peeling onion* 2 months ago  
    Thought didn’t even cross my mind but know I really want A 2 months ago +3
    Don’t know what the point of A would be 2 months ago  
    Used to at one point. Now it’s just trite and overdone 2 months ago  
    Even if I don’t like to admit it 2 months ago  
    Obvs 2 months ago +1
    Break so many world records 2 months ago  
    Ledger was a legend 2 months ago +1
    Doing it right now. 2 months ago +1
    Misclick. That would be awesome since horses can run really fast 2 months ago +1
    B would just end with us either getting nuked or living in fear of being nuked 2 months ago +4
    Way way way more op and useful in everyday life. I would rarely encounter a scenario where wolverines healing factor will save me as well as his slowed aging since I am already dead inside 2 months ago +1
    Either that or carmull 2 months ago  
    Nobody ever talks about Guiseppe. Smh 2 months ago  
    Normally, but they all lock their doors 2 months ago  
    Either is fine, but A is usually meatier 2 months ago  
    Obviously 2 months ago  
    Never full court but half court is fairly easy 2 months ago  
    Certainly 2 months ago  
    Gym, watching movies with my girl, video games, chilling in the freezer, strolling around the mall etc. 2 months ago  
    Goat 2 months ago  
    If rrrather was a videogame, Alexw would be the final boss 2 months ago +2
    Dare Devil is best Disney princess 2 months ago +1
    In this day and age, people would get more triggered from B 2 months ago  
    Shore 2 months ago  
    I guess. Idk 2 months ago +1
    Sight is far more important and vital 2 months ago +3
    Bummer. Still I think I can manage two without too much difficulty 2 months ago +1
    Nah man, I am thinking practically too. Think of how many Jaguar sandwiches I could make with two brains 2 months ago  
    Fock yes 2 months ago  
    Underrated 2 months ago +1
    Would my consciousness be split, or would I be three entirely different versions of myself? 2 months ago +1
    With A I could impress a lot of friends by appearing super strong. But I would rather just have some fetish fun with B if I am being honest 2 months ago +1
    It would be fun to snuggle with in the winter 2 months ago +1
    ;) 2 months ago +1
    True but that’s just the max I assume. You can control it to a speed that’s maintainable and still fast 2 months ago +1
    A reminds me of Kurome’s ability from Akame ga kill. Op as hell in a battle situation but sadly not practical in the real world. B on the other hand would save me time travelings and make sneaking around easier which is always a plus given any circumstance 2 months ago +1
    Never had a hot pocket 2 months ago +1
    Just throw them in a corner in the floor 2 months ago +1
    Dinddkdndoendkfn 2 months ago  
    Finally one I recognize. He’s hilarious 2 months ago  
    Sometimes my stomach cramps and I can’t immediately get a fart out 2 months ago  
    Among other serious side effects like autism and aortic aneurism 2 months ago  
    Keema man is evil 2 months ago  
    Hands down 2 months ago  
    Gay sex 2 months ago +1
    Hope she isn’t afraid of sirens 2 months ago +1
    Chances are there is a parallel universe where I can freely time travel (maybe exclusive to that universe, but still dope) 2 months ago +1
    It’s not fair! There was time now 2 months ago +1
    Yami is such a badass 2 months ago +1
    [Endgame theme intensifies] 2 months ago  
    Gehenna jekkrk 2 months ago  
    A would be creepy. Either go all the way on one side or the other. Never in between 2 months ago  
    Even if Shinichi was stronger, Kaneki is no doubt strong enough to keep up the battle until Migi tired himself out 2 months ago +1
    Both gay 2 months ago  
    Theoretically speaking, it’s easy to make a replacement mechanism for the heart, but the brain on the other hand is far too intricate to ever replace 2 months ago  
    This guy is funny 2 months ago +2
    Sentiment, kinship and correspondence in the form of human connections and coexistence. 2 months ago  
    Hi pie 2 months ago  
    Either is fine 2 months ago  
    Níggeria 2 months ago  
    Fun 2 months ago  
    Nothing against these guys m, but I am surprised they’re the finalists 2 months ago  
    No comparison 2 months ago  
    Obv 2 months ago  
    Never heard of B 2 months ago  
    Ofc 2 months ago  
    Better lovers 2 months ago  
    Swoll 2 months ago  
    Duh 2 months ago  
    Say(-ti)tanic 2 months ago  
    [Pakistani national anthem intensifies] 2 months ago  
    OP as hell 2 months ago  
    Anyone else ready for WWIII 2 months ago  
    Oh yes, stroke me daddy 2 months ago  
    If anything just to get it started 2 months ago  
    Kinkeh 2 months ago  
    Since that would make me omnipotent 2 months ago +1
    Gayer 2 months ago  
    Down with the yahoodees! 2 months ago  
    inb4 frisk 2 months ago +1
    Whichever one is closer to Tokyo 2 months ago +1
    I have an erection 2 months ago +2
    Blacks mostly but I try not to discriminate 2 months ago  
    I see no downside 2 months ago  
    Ingrish 2 months ago  
    Nothing more pointless in fighting in an unnecessary war 3 months ago +1
    Undeniably 3 months ago  
    Basically Detective Conan 3 months ago  
    Chicken nuggies 4 life 3 months ago  
    I don’t want it to end 3 months ago  
    Boomer, you ok? 3 months ago  
    A was my high school years, which were mostly me just being depressed and bored 3 months ago +1
    Fun 3 months ago  
    Usually 3 months ago  
    Better than being stuck as a new born for all eternity. At least with A, I might still retain my intelligence and memories 3 months ago  
    Hawt 3 months ago  
    Old fashioned 3 months ago  
    Memelords ruined B 3 months ago  
    A only looks good on cute petite girls. Ugly as hell on anyone else 3 months ago +1
    Less gay 3 months ago +1
    AJ is the champ 3 months ago  
    He’s my horny daddy 3 months ago  
    Help me! Oh my gaaaaaw 3 months ago  
    The more gosht the better 3 months ago  
    Very tough. Both are on the exact opposite spectrums on why I love them 3 months ago  
    I like both 3 months ago +1
    B is aight but still too new 3 months ago  
    Only if I am conscious of my actions. Otherwise B 3 months ago  
    Could I choose which anime? 3 months ago  
    That’s called boy tipping. Ha ha ha 3 months ago +2
    Not more than any of us usually are 3 months ago  
    Yeah but thinking about leaving soon and focusing on a career in my field. Hopefully it all goes well 3 months ago  
    Bald and ugly 3 months ago +1
    I was a stupid kid in highschool. 10 years from now, I honestly wouldn’t mind if I am still as I am (maybe finally have a house of my own instead of a crappy apartment though) 3 months ago  
    Underrated user 3 months ago  
    B is boring 3 months ago  
    She’s cool 3 months ago  
    Yo Danny phantom was just 14 3 months ago  
    Dear god this is torture 3 months ago  
    It mostly has trace concentrations of lead ions and other contaminoids 3 months ago +1
    Duh 3 months ago +1
    You should eat him. He’ll be a part of you 5ever 3 months ago  
    I am fine with either, since I want the extra hours 3 months ago  
    :,( 3 months ago  
    Fùck A 3 months ago +1
    The climax is ultimately more important. B just ruins the whole movie (like Shyamalan’s Signs) 3 months ago  
    They’re two different things you know. My endurance is about a 7 but I would give myself a 9-10 for stamina 3 months ago  
    Sorry pie 3 months ago  
    Obviously 3 months ago  
    Zzzzzzzz 3 months ago  
    Hit me brotha! 3 months ago +1
    Y is this site is dead. God damn 3 months ago  
    Xx 3 months ago  
    Ww 3 months ago  
    Vv 3 months ago  
    Uu 3 months ago  
    Tt 3 months ago  
    Ss 3 months ago  
    Rr 3 months ago  
    Qq 3 months ago  
    Pp 3 months ago  
    Show me your moves! 3 months ago  
    Oo 3 months ago  
    Nn 3 months ago  
    Mm 3 months ago  
    Ll 3 months ago  
    Kk 3 months ago  
    Jj 3 months ago  
    Ii 3 months ago  
    Hh 3 months ago  
    Your question is so buried by Darksh*t’s crappy tournament, it doesn’t even have 10 votes. Rofl 3 months ago  
    Gg 3 months ago  
    Ff 3 months ago  
    Ee 3 months ago  
    Dd 3 months ago  
    Cc 3 months ago  
    Bb 3 months ago  
    Aa 3 months ago  
    Ofc 3 months ago  
    Le mon 3 months ago  
    Woof 3 months ago  
    Yee 3 months ago  
    B is super lame 3 months ago  
    Who the fùck is B? 3 months ago  
    Asian girls are amazing 3 months ago +1
    Don’t drink 3 months ago  
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