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"If you don’t mind, I will take a glass of orange juice over ice." - Der Winter König

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    I am good at taking a hit. Might give me a concussion but, I am sure I can walk away from it 1 week ago  
    Used to be Vegeta but he just bores me now 1 week ago  
    Myself if that counted. 1 week ago  
    Being a sex slave is fun sometimes 1 week ago +1
    Just impractical in so many ways 1 week ago  
    Josef Mengele 1 week ago  
    I do like me ponies 1 week ago  
    I got 2 minutes, sure 1 week ago  
    Unfortunately true equality isn’t all that different from conformity 1 week ago  
    1. Anyone leaving the door slightly ajar when I ask them to shut it 2. Anyone who interrupts me or another person if we are engaging 3. People with poor hygiene 1 week ago  
    War is always different 1 week ago  
    Lmao 1 week ago  
    Much much much more of an open universe. If I was truly unmatched, I could rule the universe 1 week ago  
    I would face more opposition for sure, but Star Wars is hella cool 1 week ago  
    At least for a, I still have a variety of options I could still pursue (rebel soldier, smuggler, resistance, basic force user (anyone can learn) bounty hunter ect). With B I stuck as a boring muggle no matter what 1 week ago  
    I like having a little space that’s all mine to work in and customize 1 week ago  
    Kind of subjective. It’s certainly both but one more than the other no matter who you ask 1 week ago  
    I hate those sand nīggers. Let’s blow them all to ashes 1 week ago +1
    Would díck both though 1 week ago  
    Best not to be greedy and build my way up. More fun that way 1 week ago  
    6 or 7. I almost never give change to anyone on the street though, I prefer donations 1 week ago +1
    Even 5 1 week ago  
    Probs 1 week ago  
    Huh. Neat 1 week ago  
    A becoming B, though both are enjoyable if done right 1 week ago +1
    Dubstep is mostly trash 1 week ago +3
    Especially Pho and Ramen 1 week ago +2
    Beats having a death sentence 1 week ago  
    *shrugs* 1 week ago  
    Misclick, I was thinking of Shyamalan’s hot garbage of a film. Avatar was amazing. 1 week ago  
    Seems a tad young but okay *unravels belt* 1 week ago  
    Unpopular opinion but I actually loved Frozen 1 week ago +1
    Then again I don’t see A happening consciously. There’s a part of our brain that’s actually hardwired to not go through with it, no matter what 1 week ago  
    Sorry penguin 1 week ago  
    My lust is very out of control. A would either have live out my days as a hermit addicted to internet porn or in prison for life 1 week ago +1
    We need to go deeper *continues peeling onion* 1 week ago  
    Thought didn’t even cross my mind but know I really want A 1 week ago +2
    Don’t know what the point of A would be 1 week ago  
    Used to at one point. Now it’s just trite and overdone 1 week ago  
    Even if I don’t like to admit it 1 week ago  
    Obvs 1 week ago +1
    Break so many world records 1 week ago  
    Ledger was a legend 1 week ago +1
    Doing it right now. 1 week ago +1
    Misclick. That would be awesome since horses can run really fast 1 week ago +1
    B would just end with us either getting nuked or living in fear of being nuked 1 week ago +4
    Way way way more op and useful in everyday life. I would rarely encounter a scenario where wolverines healing factor will save me as well as his slowed aging since I am already dead inside 1 week ago +1
    Either that or carmull 1 week ago  
    Nobody ever talks about Guiseppe. Smh 1 week ago  
    Normally, but they all lock their doors 1 week ago  
    Either is fine, but A is usually meatier 1 week ago  
    Obviously 2 weeks ago  
    Never full court but half court is fairly easy 2 weeks ago  
    Certainly 2 weeks ago  
    Gym, watching movies with my girl, video games, chilling in the freezer, strolling around the mall etc. 2 weeks ago  
    Goat 2 weeks ago  
    If rrrather was a videogame, Alexw would be the final boss 2 weeks ago +2
    Dare Devil is best Disney princess 2 weeks ago +1
    In this day and age, people would get more triggered from B 2 weeks ago  
    Shore 2 weeks ago  
    I guess. Idk 2 weeks ago +1
    Sight is far more important and vital 2 weeks ago +2
    Bummer. Still I think I can manage two without too much difficulty 2 weeks ago +1
    Nah man, I am thinking practically too. Think of how many Jaguar sandwiches I could make with two brains 2 weeks ago  
    Fock yes 2 weeks ago  
    Underrated 2 weeks ago +1
    Would my consciousness be split, or would I be three entirely different versions of myself? 2 weeks ago +1
    With A I could impress a lot of friends by appearing super strong. But I would rather just have some fetish fun with B if I am being honest 2 weeks ago +1
    It would be fun to snuggle with in the winter 2 weeks ago +1
    ;) 2 weeks ago +1
    True but that’s just the max I assume. You can control it to a speed that’s maintainable and still fast 2 weeks ago +1
    A reminds me of Kurome’s ability from Akame ga kill. Op as hell in a battle situation but sadly not practical in the real world. B on the other hand would save me time travelings and make sneaking around easier which is always a plus given any circumstance 2 weeks ago +1
    Never had a hot pocket 2 weeks ago  
    Just throw them in a corner in the floor 2 weeks ago +1
    Dinddkdndoendkfn 2 weeks ago  
    Finally one I recognize. He’s hilarious 2 weeks ago  
    Sometimes my stomach cramps and I can’t immediately get a fart out 2 weeks ago  
    Among other serious side effects like autism and aortic aneurism 2 weeks ago  
    Keema man is evil 2 weeks ago  
    Hands down 2 weeks ago  
    Gay sex 2 weeks ago +1
    Hope she isn’t afraid of sirens 2 weeks ago +1
    Chances are there is a parallel universe where I can freely time travel (maybe exclusive to that universe, but still dope) 2 weeks ago +1
    It’s not fair! There was time now 2 weeks ago +1
    Yami is such a badass 2 weeks ago +1
    [Endgame theme intensifies] 2 weeks ago  
    Gehenna jekkrk 2 weeks ago  
    A would be creepy. Either go all the way on one side or the other. Never in between 2 weeks ago  
    Even if Shinichi was stronger, Kaneki is no doubt strong enough to keep up the battle until Migi tired himself out 2 weeks ago +1
    Both gay 2 weeks ago  
    Theoretically speaking, it’s easy to make a replacement mechanism for the heart, but the brain on the other hand is far too intricate to ever replace 2 weeks ago  
    This guy is funny 2 weeks ago +1
    Sentiment, kinship and correspondence in the form of human connections and coexistence. 2 weeks ago  
    Hi pie 3 weeks ago  
    Either is fine 3 weeks ago  
    Níggeria 3 weeks ago  
    Fun 3 weeks ago  
    Nothing against these guys m, but I am surprised they’re the finalists 3 weeks ago  
    No comparison 3 weeks ago  
    Obv 3 weeks ago  
    Never heard of B 3 weeks ago  
    Ofc 3 weeks ago  
    Better lovers 3 weeks ago  
    Swoll 3 weeks ago  
    Duh 3 weeks ago  
    Say(-ti)tanic 3 weeks ago  
    [Pakistani national anthem intensifies] 3 weeks ago  
    OP as hell 3 weeks ago  
    Anyone else ready for WWIII 3 weeks ago  
    Oh yes, stroke me daddy 3 weeks ago  
    If anything just to get it started 3 weeks ago  
    Kinkeh 3 weeks ago  
    Since that would make me omnipotent 3 weeks ago +1
    Gayer 3 weeks ago  
    Down with the yahoodees! 3 weeks ago  
    inb4 frisk 3 weeks ago +1
    Whichever one is closer to Tokyo 3 weeks ago +1
    I have an erection 3 weeks ago +2
    Blacks mostly but I try not to discriminate 3 weeks ago  
    I see no downside 3 weeks ago  
    Ingrish 3 weeks ago  
    Nothing more pointless in fighting in an unnecessary war 3 weeks ago +1
    Undeniably 3 weeks ago  
    Basically Detective Conan 3 weeks ago  
    Chicken nuggies 4 life 3 weeks ago  
    She’s 6”1 and I am pretty sure she has training in Krav Maga. 3 weeks ago  
    I don’t want it to end 3 weeks ago  
    Boomer, you ok? 3 weeks ago  
    A was my high school years, which were mostly me just being depressed and bored 3 weeks ago  
    Fun 3 weeks ago  
    Usually 3 weeks ago  
    Better than being stuck as a new born for all eternity. At least with A, I might still retain my intelligence and memories 3 weeks ago  
    Hawt 3 weeks ago  
    Old fashioned 3 weeks ago  
    Memelords ruined B 3 weeks ago  
    A only looks good on cute petite girls. Ugly as hell on anyone else 3 weeks ago +1
    Less gay 3 weeks ago +1
    AJ is the champ 3 weeks ago  
    He’s my horny daddy 3 weeks ago  
    Help me! Oh my gaaaaaw 3 weeks ago  
    The more gosht the better 3 weeks ago  
    Very tough. Both are on the exact opposite spectrums on why I love them 3 weeks ago  
    I like both 3 weeks ago +1
    B is aight but still too new 3 weeks ago  
    Only if I am conscious of my actions. Otherwise B 3 weeks ago  
    Could I choose which anime? 3 weeks ago  
    That’s called boy tipping. Ha ha ha 3 weeks ago +2
    Not more than any of us usually are 3 weeks ago  
    Yeah but thinking about leaving soon and focusing on a career in my field. Hopefully it all goes well 3 weeks ago  
    Bald and ugly 3 weeks ago +1
    I was a stupid kid in highschool. 10 years from now, I honestly wouldn’t mind if I am still as I am (maybe finally have a house of my own instead of a crappy apartment though) 3 weeks ago  
    Underrated user 4 weeks ago  
    B is boring 4 weeks ago  
    She’s cool 4 weeks ago  
    Yo Danny phantom was just 14 4 weeks ago  
    Dear god this is torture 4 weeks ago  
    It mostly has trace concentrations of lead ions and other contaminoids 4 weeks ago +1
    Duh 4 weeks ago +1
    You should eat him. He’ll be a part of you 5ever 4 weeks ago  
    I am fine with either, since I want the extra hours 4 weeks ago  
    :,( 4 weeks ago  
    Fùck A 4 weeks ago +1
    The climax is ultimately more important. B just ruins the whole movie (like Shyamalan’s Signs) 4 weeks ago  
    They’re two different things you know. My endurance is about a 7 but I would give myself a 9-10 for stamina 4 weeks ago  
    Sorry pie 4 weeks ago  
    Obviously 4 weeks ago  
    Zzzzzzzz 4 weeks ago  
    Hit me brotha! 4 weeks ago +1
    Y is this site is dead. God damn 4 weeks ago  
    Xx 4 weeks ago  
    Ww 4 weeks ago  
    Vv 4 weeks ago  
    Uu 4 weeks ago  
    Tt 4 weeks ago  
    Ss 4 weeks ago  
    Rr 4 weeks ago  
    Qq 4 weeks ago  
    Pp 4 weeks ago  
    Show me your moves! 4 weeks ago  
    Oo 4 weeks ago  
    Nn 4 weeks ago  
    Mm 4 weeks ago  
    Ll 4 weeks ago  
    Kk 4 weeks ago  
    Jj 4 weeks ago  
    Ii 4 weeks ago  
    Hh 4 weeks ago  
    Your question is so buried by Darksh*t’s crappy tournament, it doesn’t even have 10 votes. Rofl 4 weeks ago  
    Gg 4 weeks ago  
    Ff 4 weeks ago  
    Ee 4 weeks ago  
    Dd 4 weeks ago  
    Cc 4 weeks ago  
    Bb 4 weeks ago  
    Aa 4 weeks ago  
    Ofc 4 weeks ago  
    Le mon 4 weeks ago  
    Woof 4 weeks ago  
    Yee 4 weeks ago  
    B is super lame 4 weeks ago  
    Who the fùck is B? 4 weeks ago  
    Asian girls are amazing 4 weeks ago +1
    Don’t drink 4 weeks ago  
    Sounds cooler 4 weeks ago  
    Also chupacabra, AJ and Dragah 4 weeks ago  
    I would keep it limited to about 40 users, so it doesn’t feel too cramped 4 weeks ago +1
    Seems more or less accurate. Only thing way off is Alex being lawful good 4 weeks ago +2
    Both lit 4 weeks ago  
    A is cool but he’s still a newbie 4 weeks ago  
    The OG granddaddy of rrrather 4 weeks ago  
    A is a neck beard loser who can’t even finish any of his tournaments. B was a chill lad 4 weeks ago +1
    She’s my mistress mommy 4 weeks ago  
    She’s my mommy mistress 4 weeks ago +2
    Bakes fresh wraps 4 weeks ago  
    Colder 4 weeks ago  
    One of the six members of the original squad. He’s irreplaceable 4 weeks ago  
    I miss A 4 weeks ago  
    He’s got moves like a b*tchy jaguar 4 weeks ago  
    My favorite Pokémon 4 weeks ago  
    He’s chill asf 4 weeks ago +1
    Don’t recall A 4 weeks ago  
    Almost clicked A thinking of THIS_IS_SPARTTTAA 4 weeks ago  
    Haven’t heard from A since early 2018 4 weeks ago  
    I love A too but he just isn’t around anymore 4 weeks ago  
    God damn. 4 weeks ago +1
    But not DBS Gohan. Fùcking disgrace 4 weeks ago +3
    *sips coffee* I at least can’t disagree 4 weeks ago  
    Was a nice surprise, but far from ideal 1 month ago  
    Don’t celebrate 1 month ago  
    Ho ho hol up 1 month ago +1
    No contest 1 month ago  
    What’s this! WHAT’S THIS 1 month ago  
    If anyone needs me, I’ll be lurking in yomokogirl’s basement 1 month ago  
    Freedom intensifies 1 month ago  
    I am Pakistani, so it’s a solid 9 1 month ago  
    It was just like any other day. I rate an 8 though l, because I could sleep in and had off from work 1 month ago  
    Staring at an attractive girl from afar is enough to usually 1 month ago  
    Who that? 1 month ago  
    B is cool but I rarely use it 1 month ago  
    Can’t go wrong with either 1 month ago  
    France is toast. French toast 1 month ago  
    His son goes to my school 1 month ago  
    China is kind of a sh*t place to live (amazing to visit though) 1 month ago +2
    While in theory, Hulk could surpass WW in strength, that would take an unfeasible long time to build up. WW would over tax his power and regenerative healing factor long before then. 1 month ago  
    Even if we're talking World Breaker Hulk, he might get a few hits in but that's it 1 month ago  
    2 on an average day. The occasional 1 and a rare 3 every now and then 1 month ago  
    He got banned? The hell alex? 1 month ago +1
    Not even close. 1 month ago  
    I am lazy 1 month ago  
    If you say so. I believe Ichigo would win though 1 month ago  
    Would happily bang both like an eager little puppy should the opportunity arise so i don't think it would actually matter. 1 month ago +2
    Ho, are you approaching me?\ 1 month ago +1
    I eat A way more often 1 month ago +1
    As awesome as B is, A's powers are insane 1 month ago +1
    John Wick is basically incapable of losing 1 month ago +1
    Beautiful culture 1 month ago 1 month ago  
    Not sure 1 month ago  
    As the story progresses, Meliodas might get stronger though 1 month ago  
    Looks less trashy 1 month ago  
    Wouldn't have mattered 1 month ago  
    Aww yee 1 month ago  
    B was amazing too but no comparison 1 month ago  
    I am already decent enough at Basketball. Could use a leg up with B 1 month ago  
    It boils down to which side has more characters that can warp reality like there's nothing. A wins by a landslide 1 month ago  
    I did too but then I remembered Spongebob is often portrayed as a kid 1 month ago  
    ... 1 month ago  
    I see no downside 1 month ago  
    Well it was at the time of release but everything got retconned once DBS came out 1 month ago  
    A appearance wise. B with his voice 1 month ago  
    Also just curious, is anyone having trouble responding to comments and looking for older questions? It’s annoying me to hell 1 month ago +7
    I had a crush on her since I was a 6th grader all the way back in 2008 1 month ago +1
    Leander is a piece of sh*t. No reason to save him. Besides Anthony is more important 1 month ago +1
    We all want it. Probably won’t happen anytime soon 1 month ago +1
    Had a crush on her growing up. Kiki Palmer too 1 month ago  
    Lmao, who would pick A 1 month ago  
    Give the adzaan and gather everyone for prayer. 1 month ago  
    13th and 3rd will always be my favorite 1 month ago  
    I prefer Ur but Erza is top 5 1 month ago  
    I never liked Mikasa 1 month ago  
    Easily. Even adult Gon couldn’t damage him too seriously 1 month ago  
    Hard to say. I don’t count that first movie where Whis said Beerus used 70% of his power. That isn’t canon, so it’s hard to say where Beerus’ power really lies 1 month ago  
    Flash would run light speed donuts before the hulk could even blink 1 month ago  
    Tig bitties 1 month ago +2
    Hmmm, good point. I could still keep it for extreme emergencies 1 month ago +1
    At that point in the story, Goku is about equal to Beerus 1 month ago  
    A is way too vague. I most likely to end up in trouble at least 70% (Assuming it was exclusive to earth and I would be teleported on a even plane at all time) 1 month ago +1
    Fame won’t pay off my student debts 1 month ago  
    B only if I had someone to share it with and talk with. A if I was alone 1 month ago  
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