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    If it's curable, then is there any danger at all? 6 years ago  
    (veggie is not used derogatorily) 6 years ago  
    I'm no veggie, but seriously think about what you're saying, people! 6 years ago  
    As long as I can gently push them away, then at least, there'd be girls 6 years ago  
    amazing! 50 50 6 years ago  
    She'd be only slightly taller than me at 6' 6 years ago  
    AW, seriously??? 6 years ago  
    Once the technology became available for interstellar travel--I'd be off! 6 years ago  
    Android, only if it was a very advanced android (basically completely human in thought) 6 years ago  
    Ugh! I don't know any Lady Gaga fans, but I sure as hell don't want to be stuck with Bieber's hypnotized gogglers 6 years ago  
    Although calibri really isn't much better 6 years ago  
    NEVER TIMES NEW ROMAN!!!! 6 years ago  
    Uh-oh. I chose wrong! XD 6 years ago  
    (. . . *sci-fi) 6 years ago  
    AW, come on! Not enough sci-fi fans (I mean extraterrestrial sci-di) 6 years ago  
    obviously you'd never get your toes back if you got them chomped up by a camel (even though I doubt that would ever happen!) 6 years ago  
    Ha! I won 50,000 6 years ago  
    Neither 6 years ago  
    I meant to click "Please" but I accidentally clicked "Thank You." Darn! 6 years ago  
    The second option is good, because you can enter small, unimportant competitions like rock paper scissors 4 times, and then do something like compete in a huge way. 6 years ago  
    Take it from Jack, eternal life is not really that fun, despite how much we humans seem to long for it. 6 years ago  
    Easy! Don't want to end up like poor Jack Harkness! 6 years ago  
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