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    like samimi  
    beauty is pain  
    i'm not a creep  
    he/she broke my heart, time for me to stab his  
    i planed that anyway  
    forever single  
    i will fight in a eating challenge  
    guy with 4 nipples or normal guy, choose your battles  
    rock out!  
    you can be wealthy and famous  
    be smart  
    there's a reason we put down  
    get another job  
    there is a reason there's netflix in the morning  
    more money  
    use someoneelses, free as well  
    stampede is so embrassing  
    it can be a very non-deep cut  
    be smart  
    smooth or trashy  
    didn't understand  
    cute vs weird  
    i have google on my tv and netflix  
    it would get you through school  
    low matinance  
    buzzfeed!, also it's the closest to california  
    healthy can be turned into unhealthy, deep fried  
    i'm a girl  
    god, we can't ever talk to him  
    haters gonna hate  
    i don't want to be the 4-toed kid  
    my parents can do all the work  
    who where's white shirts any more  
    i want it to be my special day and more presents for me!  
    more money  
    choose your battles  
    yahoo is for the basic  
    video games forever or not internet, youtube or web for life. Choose your battles!  
    mac=apple, apple is all the rage these days  
    video games for everyone! a mac is for the basic  
    be smart  
    google is chrome, everyone uses google, if u don't you are dumb.  
    i can kill him for that extra love  
    weirdo vs normal  
    i ain't know any russian! do u?  
    same but i'm a girl from South Australia  
    i'm hungry  
    will don't need to grind  
    my friends will f*ck you  
    get 10000000 then find love  
    justin was such a douchebag, micheal was so much better, justin may as well die young  
    we're all about that gossip life  
    i can be remembered for being a badass  
    i will be forever single, plus friends are fun  
    stay out, all night every night  
    money is all we want these days  
    sh*t doesn't taste good  
    i ain't having any children, but that picture is so damn cool  
    i can be young and beautiful forever! no wrinkles! +1
    What happens if my snog doesn't work, #embrassing  
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