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    Used to like Pepsi the best but then I tried Coca-Cola for the first time in a while and wow the FLAVOR. Pepsi then seemed to have such a flat taste to me thereafter.  
    I use both though, but I've been using Firefox more often lately.  
    I've never been a big fan of much of the oldies  
    I have a small dog and he barely barks! Plus he's the most adorable little cuddly fluff ball ever :)  
    This is stupid. Just because you accept someone who's fat doesn't implicitly mean you are encouraging them to be fat? And the opposite isn't true either. Shunning someone who's fat does NOT encourage them to lose weight. -_-  
    another given  
    a given  
    Actually, no. Consider someone with fluent aphasia. Their comprehension skills of their own native language is degraded and yet they can speak fluently (albeit, their speaking doesn't make much sense most of the time, depending on their severity). But the ability still stands, just as in the hypothetical, soo. yeah. You might not be able to understand it.  
    Considering people can have aphasia and be able to speak fluently and write fluently in their own language but lack comprehension skills (in which case such a thing could be applicable to this hypothetical)... I'd rather go with being able to read and listen because it's guaranteed you have comprehension in that language. I'm sure eventually you'd be able to learn to write and speak anyway, given the nature of languages lol.  
    I would not want to know what's inside other people's minds O.o (plus I'm afraid of heights, so...)  
    I burn out too easily, so having my work spread out over time would be better imo.  
    to know that out of anyone they can be friends with, they are best friends with YOU... that'd be pretty sweet  
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