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i'm a furry. truth or dare is interesting so yeah, otherwise this account is pointless

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Would you rather have a... Cockatoo or Macaw 4 months ago 78 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Watch a movie with the lights off but don't get to eat food or Watch a movie with the lights on and get to eat food 4 months ago 93 votes 11 comments 0 likes

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i have a new worst nightmare 4 months ago +3
none of them 4 months ago  
7 birds 4 months ago  
i have a pet birb and she is the best ting that ever happened to me 4 months ago  
huehue i am a furry 4 months ago  
IT'S CALLED A FURRY 4 months ago  
i can already control my dreams 4 months ago  
i could go camping anytime 4 months ago  
LMAO that's exactly what i said with the capital IS and everything XD 4 months ago  
polution IS animal abuse. 4 months ago  
i would eat at a 24 hours restraunt and stay the restruant until morning 4 months ago  
i hate dogs :) 4 months ago  
wowww you guys would rather steal? geez 4 months ago  

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