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    i don"t know who he is... +395
    I think being a dictator would be so much work. +2
    Thats really hard!!!!!!!!!  
    Narnias awesome.  
    This is a really hard question. +4
    Verizon's bomb  
    Yeah, you don't want to know what hot dogs are made out of but there so yummy!  
    I love both shows but how I met your mother is boss!  
    I don't know what they are! :/  
    It's a lot easier to gain wait then to lose wait.  
    IOS 5  
    It's peacedull! +1
    Canadas so like.. Peaceful! +1
    I've never been to Texas.. but I love California  
    Really? Give up your famliy, your all cruel!  
    BMW? Sweet  
    Seriously? Taxes? Damn guys. +2
    Mayo is my biggest fear.  
    You could make like.. a ton of money!  
    I get so boatsick.  
    They kinda taste the same to me!  
    I don't like potatoes  
    really?? Guerradellis brownie batter is BOSS  
    I wouldn't know.. I have iOS for my ipad and its sweeet +1
    it sucks, but it saves embarrassment. +1
    DUH! SHES A QUEEN!(: she gets to wear sparkles.. I'm such a girl  
    I wouldnt know.  
    I love reading though  
    I suck at electric.  
    Sorry michael!  
    is that cameron diaz?  
    My friends are awesome! +1
    well you will probably eventually be rich.. depends on how great your talent is. +2
    My grandmas awesome!!  
    You never know when it will rain(: +2
    If hes a douchebag then we probably wont give you any money.. so it wouldn't make a difference! +4
    It's curable. +6
    I love dogs!(:  
    I like them both. +1
    I don't really know anything about cars. +1
    I speak german.  
    haha... its a about me!  
    we don't have keys for like... anything. +1
    I don't care about super strength, i think guy that are too muscular are weird. +1
    Broken elevator would be freaking awkward, you most likely know the person next to you on a ski lift, and its pretty.  
    neiter, Im not a slut! +2
    I don't smoke pot.. I think it should be up to the person.. It depends on how responsivble they are, and if they can handle it,  
    WRONG ONE!!  
    I don't want kids. +1
    ehhh.... I take it back!  
    I know the people that work at fb and there super cool! +1
    This is hard.  
    I'm a terrible risk taker. +2
    I hate rain. +1
    Looking at the picture of the shark freaks me out. +2
    You can cheat on the skull. +304
    There both good.  
    I'm the 35% +3
    Whos the sick bastard that asked this question??? +524
    Seriously? Kadafi? He would like,.. kill everyone.  
    some people ask the strangest questions ever +3
    NO!! I TAKE IT BACK!  
    I wouldn't want some creeper to watch me with binoculars! +3
    Their both so cute!!!  
    I haven't been to either.. but i know that hawaii is really populated  
    Yeah.. You could buy like anything with money!!  
    I'm a terrible risk taker.  
    Go to washington!  
    I have a problem.hahaha  
    WTH? +1
    I don't like cold! +1
    I love harry potter/ +2
    Yeah. +1
    Blood makes me pass out.  
    No one would know what to do if it was zombies!  
    phone calls can be awkward. +5
    Im a girl. +3
    Only child!(: +1
    I have the memory of a goldfish.. I wouldn't remember it the next day.  
    Nothin suits me like a suittt! +2
    Thats nasty!  
    Whats the difference? Lol +2
    This is a really hard question.. but I love animals!  
    both bad, the holcaust killed way more people. +1
    I'm a terrible personnn(: +4
    I wouldn't want to be immortal!! +2
    I regret this decision, because I remembered how much cats hate me!!  
    Sexism is terrible, but so is racism! +1
    You can see your reflection in spoons! +2
    There both pretty cool (: +2
    Gradually go blind, because you can see for part of your life! +1
    Dreams aren't scary because there not real! +2
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