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Would you rather be the son/daughter of A single mom or A single dad 4 years ago 116 votes 23 comments 0 likes
What's your opinion on the "Guess my name" questions? I like it/It's alright. or They're getting a little annoying. 4 years ago 90 votes 14 comments 0 likes

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Sucks, but yeah. Considering our situation right now, it's probably gonna happen. 4 years ago  
I'm much more of a fanboy for Batman, but a billionaire with gadgets versus an alien with super powers? You gotta be real here. Superman has a suit for kryptonite anyways. 4 years ago  
The creepy ghost being in an abandoned hospital had been done plenty. An amusement park at least has a tad more originality. 4 years ago  
A powerful force that is...weak? 4 years ago +1
In a game, you can restart. In life, you can't. Unless you believe in reincarnation. 4 years ago +2
Controlling B would just screw up the entire economy. I doubt anyone in the world would even use B. 4 years ago  
Being the only smart person in the world would make you go insane. I couldn't care less on how fat people are. 4 years ago  
Either way the world would be kind of boring, and maybe even broken. Might as well have everyone cuddling instead of stabbing. 4 years ago +1
It's just a picture....I'm sure other "purposes" don't care about a picture. 4 years ago +1
!6 strength, 16 charisma, 15 intelligence, 11 wisdom and constitution 4 years ago  
As much as I would love getting bombarded with rocks at my body, being stoned would be better. 4 years ago  
A = almost everyone losing their jobs, and prices go up. B = Almost everyone going on strike. 4 years ago  
Biasness doesn't mean "I state this one is better" It's making one side appear much better. It's like saying "Would you rather eat a disgusting, nasty old piece of chicken, or a well-cooked, delicious-looking pizza?" You're obviously gonna go for the pizza. 4 years ago  
Or people trying to show how stupid this religious question is? Overused, bias, etc. 4 years ago  
You do realize you have like a 3% chance of leaving ISIS, right? 4 years ago  
It's clearly biased, but I still love how the "terrible your life will be horrible" choice is winning over the "you get to go to heaven!" choice 4 years ago +2
Don't all of Saw's games kill you if you fail? 4 years ago  
I don't think yourself counts for A 4 years ago  
Eh, i'm not saying woman are better then men, i'm all with the "they are equal" thing, but we kinda can't repopulate the world without them 5 years ago  
Why feel sorry for people who have a different opinion then you....then again i'm replying to a year old comment so meh 5 years ago  
At least then you could be like "oh, i got a week left,i better spend it with my family/help the world". Knowing how you die could be boring, it could be "you get shot"...welp... 5 years ago +1
I like the Sony exclusives better then any other console/PC 5 years ago  
If the keyboard is exactly/almost exactly like the one i'm using right now, i could easily get used to it. 5 years ago  
I won't remember it at all, so who cares 5 years ago  
You don't "buy" experiences... 5 years ago  
Super man totally, hell, even in one of the comics batman fully admits "He could kill me without trying" 5 years ago +2
Neither of these are exactly scary, A is just blood and gore and B is jumpscares 5 years ago +1
Robots are already being created 5 years ago +6
Great, now i want pizza, THANKS, THANKS.... 5 years ago  
Kinda wish i can pick A now, i just read "struggle to survive" and i'm like NOPE... 5 years ago +1
Kids are too smart now....if they realize they were gonna get punished physically, they would probably beat the crap out of the teacher 5 years ago +1
B - total annihilation of everything 5 years ago +1
humanity over living.... 5 years ago  
i RARELY read... 5 years ago  
I hate sports... 5 years ago  
If A is gone, there WILL be no more new anime and manga...so either way, it'll eventaully be gone 5 years ago  
I .....hate essays.....everything about them 5 years ago  
it never said we had to kill them... 5 years ago  
"were the same size" 5 years ago +5
Why did they change the flavor of lime to green apple.... 5 years ago +2
B would cause too many problems, and would probably start theories, and other crap 5 years ago  
My front yard is f*cking small, it would blow up my car and probably other things 5 years ago +1
Well.....what would the trasngender person say? would they want the marriage to continue, or look for a man/woman? 5 years ago  
We got a [email protected] theme 5 years ago  
you miss 100% of the shots you don't take 5 years ago  
hm...stop millions of jews and other people from dying....or picking 100 cute puppies...not saving or doing anything with them....but just picking them 5 years ago  
no offensive, but every single person in the world who picked left is just being a d*ck on the internet, they know that on the inside they want that lightsaber....but on the internet, they can easily lie and act like the "holy" person. but deep down they know they are lying. 5 years ago +2
Then again.....all the murderers will be put in one place.... 5 years ago  
hm...a show where people are drugged, or a show where there's a chance of everyone f*cking dying... 5 years ago +2
Oh look i do sports, so i should get 29 million dollars 5 years ago +6
well, it does say first, so it seems like i will have to do it anyways, and if i have to eat a corpse, i'll rather eat it before it gets rotten 5 years ago +3
could not live without potato chips... 5 years ago +2
If i can improve with A.... 5 years ago  
tell your parents tthey are @ssholes for adopting someone you had a relationship with...or at least having sex with 5 years ago +1
well....i wouldn't want to torture the kitten? i guess killing it before raping it would be better for the kitten...but now im a corpse fu*ker 5 years ago  
aren't both of them logically impossible.... 5 years ago  
I thought it would be 50/50 lol 5 years ago +1
Saves money, and the food i don't buy/eat will be given to to other people that need it. 5 years ago  
"Hm...im about to get cancer which will probably kill me....nah i'm gonna be a cheap [email protected] 5 years ago  
It's okay to have self-confidence, but saying you are better then everyone is just being a d*ck 5 years ago  
if i don't know that a bullet is gonna go through my head right now, apparently i wouldn't dodge it.... 5 years ago  
it's this kind of day in age where having an obession is normal... 5 years ago  
A would be too cramped... 5 years ago +1
It's already tainted! 6 years ago +1
i just stand there pretending it wasn't me lol 6 years ago  
this is would you rather, not a damn quiz show 6 years ago  
i don't see the other countries doing any better......frankly we're doing okay 6 years ago  
f*ck yeah i'll do B 6 years ago +2
i see myself..... 6 years ago  
what do you mean by if it happens by accident? do you mean that if someone shot me in the face i would die? 6 years ago  
i'll die with dignity....and stupidity 6 years ago +1
why would they quit from you then? one of them can gets loaded, and the other one wants to be a dick 6 years ago  
neither, but the shotgun is just f^cking gay in BO2, it's cheap 6 years ago  
around the world 6 years ago  
Author's comment 6 years ago +10
author's comment 6 years ago  
you don't get the joke 6 years ago  
author's comment *cough* idiot *cough* 6 years ago  
Math, all i do is remember stuff. 6 years ago  
Author's comment..... 6 years ago +1
read the author's comment 6 years ago  
best masterpiece ever.... 6 years ago +1
I do that already 6 years ago  
how? i don't expect her to be popular right after highschool, then she is screwed 6 years ago  
I chose right because i rarely use that side, in which i won't accidently press it 6 years ago  
I dont want to climb stairs or use an elevator every damn time i wanna go somewhere 6 years ago +2
You can't teach zombies.... 6 years ago +3
if it were christmas everyday, no stores would be opened 6 years ago +4
I can handle pain more 6 years ago  
woo got it right 6 years ago  
So cure cancer, be a hero, or give all the money away, be famous for a while.... 6 years ago +1
last person i see everyday IS my wife.... 6 years ago  
watch a reaction, or the vid itself 6 years ago  
well yeah, but i would just run the hell away, not be a di*k, like hitting him with a hammer, then run away, just pi**es him off more 6 years ago  
ant's aren't that scary....unless they are fire ants, then your fu*ked 6 years ago +2
Printer or computer 6 years ago  
f*ck being a girl 6 years ago +1
animals = need food, robots = a lot of electricy 6 years ago +2
Grammar nazis, i hope you all burn in hell, you have no lifes, please correct this comment now as i know i purposely made errorss just to waste your time 6 years ago  
if you were never hungry, i would never want to eat anything... 6 years ago +2
dude, if you have cancer, your spouse is gonna be crying her f*cking eyes out 6 years ago  
techinally there is, i have 100 hp, i get shot a couple times, now i have 20 6 years ago  
even if it was magic, i still couldn't use it 6 years ago  
I hate it when i'm having fun playing a video game, and it's 2 in the morning..... 6 years ago +3
it says taste disgusting, so if you think broccoli tastes good, you can't eat it 6 years ago  
it's basically lawful slavery 6 years ago  
It says in a toe nail, doesn't mean mine... 6 years ago +3
it says "you know EVERYTHING" 6 years ago  
f&ck being ignorant 6 years ago  
you have answered.... 6 years ago +1
death by age 6 years ago  
holy fuc* you guys are selfish, it says close to dying....doesn't mean i DIE 6 years ago +2
a girl rubbing my dic*, i don't care what see looks like.... 6 years ago +1
Criminals can illegally get it, then you wouldn't have a gun to protect yourself, therefore you are fu*king screwed.... 6 years ago +3
i think he meant see an eagle 6 years ago +3
who doesn't want to hear a diaper, if i need to take a shi$ i can do it right now lol 6 years ago +1
NOPE 6 years ago  
you are eating balls..... 6 years ago  
well, no one likes going to church....sorry for people who actually do 6 years ago  
the the question means everyone follows the same religion.... 6 years ago  
I get annoyed whenever i feel any pain 6 years ago  
I do newest 6 years ago  
.....that means you hate them 6 years ago  
My parents would worry about me of course, but i can make my own decisions... 6 years ago  
7 huge sharks or 15 small piranhas.... 6 years ago  
It's annoying.... 6 years ago +2
I don't really care 6 years ago +1
Persona clothes! 6 years ago +1
I don't see how a new lappot would work bad.... 6 years ago +3
IT would suck , but i can live 6 years ago  
sometimes 6 years ago  
I think they don't exist... 6 years ago +3
F*CK THAT SHIT I WANNA KILL 6 years ago +1
Half a penis would feel....wrong 6 years ago +2
If my friend was famous, i would be an @sshole and say "THAT'S MY FRIEND, LOOK THAT'S MY FRIEND" 6 years ago  
Even though they got lucky about 100 f*cking times.... 6 years ago +2
died immediality or be evil.. 6 years ago  
a BIT disturbing?!? 6 years ago  
Somewhere a place has ban guns, that place's crime rate has gone up 70% percent... 6 years ago +2
so eat the most grusome stuff i can think of, or lose my d*ck... 6 years ago  
wow, you're a dick 6 years ago  
how did you managed to get the picture on here... 6 years ago +11
says in author's comment if you choose a, you never fall in love 6 years ago  
So either burn my skin alive, or get hit by ice icicles.. 6 years ago +1
Damn, i wanna rechoose, i forgot my friend arms is fake...sure it's expensive to put it back on, but he wont feel pain 6 years ago  
Keeping a car for a month...woo 6 years ago  
meh, the truth hurts, but whatever 6 years ago  
didn't say it was a magic wand.. 6 years ago  
Lets say you were an idiot at 30.... 6 years ago +5
Internet 6 years ago  
i don't eat it... 6 years ago  
and whoever does is a fu*king retard 6 years ago +7
Picked B just because of the EA symbol... 6 years ago +3
More money... 6 years ago +2
I had the flu one i think, felt like i was on drugs... 6 years ago +1
Kinect = barely works Move = playable.. 6 years ago  
Didn't say one sitting.... 6 years ago  
This is me right now... 6 years ago  
What the hell is so bad about Gangnam Style... 6 years ago +2
I can't smile at all... 6 years ago +7
Oh sure, it's not like the stealer can be a d8ck, call or text everybody you have on your contacts, say the most retarded stuff ever, and maybe he will break it after? Also, i can get a warranty for my phone 6 years ago  
.....you're joking right? There have been so many shootings...like newtown 6 years ago  
You get money for being cool on youtube 6 years ago +3
It should be legalized, i mean, are we forcing you to get an abortion? No, we aren't. 6 years ago +3
At least i know i did it, and it can be quicker 6 years ago  
Where the flying f*** did you get B picture.. 6 years ago  
It feels weird, felt like someone was sitting there. 6 years ago +6
I'll be dizzy as hell, but i don't drink 6 years ago +2
I'll like to revote, knowing when you die can help you know what to do, like special stuff before you die 6 years ago +4
well i can mail the food everwhere, and then spend the money 6 years ago  
All jokes are jokes.... 6 years ago +4
What the hell is B, if it were dominios then maybe i would of chosne B 6 years ago +2
Slender Man never blinks... 6 years ago  
I like the cold, sweating would kill you and is a pain in the @ss 6 years ago  
both of them suck anyways... 6 years ago  
Well, if i get burned to ashes, i still live, and it'll be fu*king boring... 6 years ago +1
it's better to feel like your better then average, then to say you suck 6 years ago +1
be a d*ck or a kind man? 6 years ago +2
meh 6 years ago  
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