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Just your friendly neighborhood zombie dropping some questions on you about the zombie apocalypse and maybe a few normal questions.

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Would you rather be quicksilver or be the flash 2 years ago 60 votes 8 comments 0 likes
In a Zombie Apocalypse would you rather Seek shelter in the mall filled with around 200- 300 zombies or take refuge in a war torn hotel filled with deathtraps and bandits 2 years ago 47 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have the powers of Wolverine or have the powers of Charles Xavier 2 years ago 53 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be friends with a werewolf or be friends with a vampire 2 years ago 59 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be an uncontrollable grammar Nazi (you correct grammar weather you want to or not) or have uncontrollable OCD 2 years ago 48 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Would you rather run everywhere you go or jump everywhere that you go 2 years ago 47 votes 2 comments 0 likes
Would you rather eat cake or eat cookies 2 years ago 68 votes 6 comments 0 likes
If you could only pick one would you rather have the ability to time travel or have the ability of electricity 2 years ago 60 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather Marry the person that you hate the most. or Murder your entire family slowly with a kitchen knife. 2 years ago 85 votes 6 comments 0 likes
In a zombie apocalypse would you rather Leave your family behind in the middle of a horde of zombies and then watch them slowly get eaten. or Watch your friends get their brains bashed in slowly by bandits. 2 years ago 77 votes 12 comments 0 likes

Zombeast has posted the following comments:

for the people saying i used the wrong whether i know that was sort of the point 2 years ago  
that was the point lol 2 years ago  
I like the flash but that is so true haha 2 years ago  
lol not picking cause i don't like sports, bite me 2 years ago  
don't like dogs anyway that and the fact their would be less guilt on me so yeah lol can't wait for the hate coming my way for all of those puppy lovers that would rather sacrifice a human. 2 years ago  
Welp... at least they wont turn 2 years ago  
their is a better chance of surviving a bullet to the stomach then anywhere else on your body 2 years ago  
don't really have any secrets 2 years ago  
2 things, one i would be flying for about 10 seconds before i hit the ground, also it will most likely be a quick and painless death. 2 years ago  
... they speak english ... ENGLISH 2 years ago  
just to get it out of the way 2 years ago  
either way you risk the chance of a virus 2 years ago  
i clicked the wrong one, if you mess with time it replaces the event you erased with a similar or worse event 2 years ago  
i can just imagine that XD 2 years ago  
quick and painless 2 years ago  
im pretty lucky i will take my chances 2 years ago  
just what, what XD , WHAT DO YOU EVEN MEAN 2 years ago  
the fact that this question is a thing nearly made me puke 2 years ago  
doctors can take my DNA figure out how im immune BOOOM cure to cancer 2 years ago  
not all piranhas are flesh eating 2 years ago  
i have a bridge with my name, i have a town with my name, i dont need much else, but why not 2 years ago  
smoking is an adictive habit so you would need to get away from it asap im telling you do it for 1 second the throw it away 2 years ago  
get more things done 2 years ago  
i did not lie 2 years ago  
once im 89, im 21 again XD 2 years ago +1
i hate star wars 2 years ago  
id prefer flash but ok 2 years ago  
already did the other one once dont need to do it again 2 years ago  
i work better alone 2 years ago  
lol if i get beaten i will pull out my baton 2 years ago  
if you ask me its your choice im not really against anything just dont go yelling it in my face. 2 years ago  
who 2 years ago  
... you do realize we have more then tripled in debt since hes been in office right 2 years ago  
america may be doomed but were having fun while its happening 2 years ago +1
i got a life you know 2 years ago  
they can both give you diseases, they can both kill you in the end, whats the difference 2 years ago  
its easier for me to do a polar bear because i know once its fully grown it will do the same to me without flynching 2 years ago  
eh think id rather not die of asphyxiation 2 years ago  
i always put others before me i will do that again here when i save them over me 2 years ago  
tired of not noticing it 2 years ago  
dont feel like messing with the time line, usually always end horribly, if you take away a horrible event time will find a way to replace it with another or worse event. 2 years ago  
fast runner, and if im in the woods i going to bear grills it 2 years ago  
great way to keep in shape, teaches you survival skills, dont see anything wrong with it 2 years ago  
dont even have to think about it 2 years ago  
accidentally picked terrorist 2 years ago  
so deadly animals or horrible health and society, gotta go with USA, dont feel like dying to a kangeroo 2 years ago  
im willing to suffer 2 years ago  
dont feel like being stalked paperazi 2 years ago  
so have my math teacher or English teacher, gotta go the hard way to learn things 2 years ago  
hunger sometimes leads to civil wars sooo yeah 2 years ago  
got to sacrifice a few for the many 2 years ago  
america does not have a pretty history 2 years ago  
friend: "hay guys today we talked about the holocaust, specifically Ausch-..." me *puts hand over his mouth* " don't you dare finish that sentence" 2 years ago  
i just want to go to that one planet about 300 light years away that's 88% like earth 2 years ago  
just no, just no, im glad his 8 years are up. 2 years ago +2
more people to hang out with 2 years ago  
lol the 23 percent is frightining 2 years ago  
im a walking awkward machine plz help me 2 years ago  
ww3 will most likely be nuclear and we would be killing our own race whats the point why not unify our world 2 years ago  
they could invade us with intelligence and with the goal to improve our world 2 years ago  
lol im usually pretty lucky 2 years ago  
I agree all that dogs have ever done to me is tear up my clothes and attack my bro when he was young, not a fan. 2 years ago  
200k a year, sign me up 2 years ago  
that takes away one of our rights, religion is a form of faith and speech. 2 years ago  
even if i hate them we have to put our struggles aside and try to survive. 2 years ago  
technically yes, some prisons might as well be hotel sweets because they treat you like you have done nothing wrong and they will actually give you luxuries. 2 years ago  
already have terrible nightmares. 2 years ago  
i always put others before myself 2 years ago  
i got nothing to hide 2 years ago  
sunlight is good for you deal with it. 2 years ago  
i would rather not get arrested. 2 years ago  
well i live in SC so you can guess why i picked snow. 2 years ago  
already had this happen once brace for it again lol 2 years ago  
some older music is actually pretty good. 2 years ago  
i have a dark sense of humor. 2 years ago  
im nose blind pretty much so i wouldnt smell either. 2 years ago  
I picked this then i thought what happens if the government finds out you know everything in the universe? will they torture you, will they make you spill it, or will they kill you for knowing too much. 2 years ago  
i'd wish that society was not so messed up, also for all the worlds problems to be gone. 2 years ago  
millions vs maybe a couple hundred to a thousand 2 years ago  
i already always get away with lying i don't have a poker face. 2 years ago  
i do not feel bad for picking the 100 puppies, 50 of those will end up in china being eaten, so im helping feed people this way. 2 years ago +1
for me this is the ultimate weapon, that's all i have to say 2 years ago  
although its only a 16 percent chance i would rather not risk that 16 percent chance. 2 years ago  
At least you can make a pretty good guess on what to do but ww3 will probably be nuclear, not everybody has a bunker that's nuke proof. 2 years ago +1
lol if you have a pause button you could literally stop time and walk around and mess with things its the ultimate weapon, also last time i checked if you mess with the past it does not go well. 2 years ago +1
lol i'm already smart now i got both in spades. 2 years ago  
As long as the person is not a celeb i hate i am completely fine with that but if you are famous the media will try to sink their fangs into your life and you can never get out. 2 years ago  
I have to pick immortality. While you would watch everyone die you could be he perfect solider haha. Also you could watch the earth change over millions upon millions of years. You could be the ultimate vigilante that cleans up the streets every where in the world. 2 years ago +1
While flying would be fun, if you had the ability to read mind you can see what is wrong with your family and friends. You can know exactly what say and when to say it. 2 years ago  
not a joke i barely use my cell phone. 2 years ago  
If you ask me the fact that their is only a 4% difference worries me. Happiness is better then money any day of the week. 2 years ago  
I'm afraid if i live in a world where i rule people will have a coup against me. also a world with no problems is like a dream come true. we could probably advance our technology 10 fold cause their would be no more fighting, no more wars, no more jobless and no more homeless. 2 years ago  

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