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Would you rather
change into someone else or just stay you
52% or 48%
Would you rather have?
World War III or An Alien Invasion
58% or 42%
Would you rather
be able to control your dreams or be able to watch your dreams on video the next day
60% or 40%
Would you rather..
save yourself or save your sibling
32% or 68%
Would you rather
Live in a retirement home or Live in a mental institution where everyone is hot
38% or 62%
Would you rather have
an ordinary home in an extraordinary place or an extraordinary home in an ordinary place
41% or 59%
Would you rather
discover the entire earth or go into space
44% or 56%
Would you rather have a...
A five-star restaurant, personal chef who can prepare any meal at any time of day? or A chauffeur that drives you to and from anywhere you want in any vehicle of your choice?
53% or 47%
Would you rather
mentally never age or physically never age
30% or 70%
Would you rather....
never be able to shower again or never be able to see your reflection in the mirror again
24% or 76%
Would you rather be stuck on a desert island
with 4 people you hate or alone
74% or 26%
Would you rather
Make 1 new law of your choice or Get rid of any 1 law of your choice
66% or 34%
Would you rather have as a pet?
a cat or a dog
28% or 72%
Would you rather
Work more hours per day, but less days or Work less hours per day, but more days
73% or 27%
Would you rather go
Left where nothing is right or Right where nothing is left
39% or 61%
Would you rather have your crush date
Your bestfriend or Your worst enemy
62% or 38%
Would you rather be attacked by
2 full grown lions or 70 house cats
28% or 72%
Would you rather
watch a movie without audio and subtitles or listen to a movie without the picture
48% or 52%
Would you rather take
$50,000 free and clear or $150,000 illegally
79% or 21%
Would you rather be able to
change the size of any object without affecting the weight or change the weight of an object without affecting the size
54% or 46%
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