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Would you rather try....
human breast milk? or cheese made from human breast milk?
55% or 45%
Where would you prefer to rest?
Hawaii or Croatia
82% or 18%
Do you prefer
your birthday or Christmas
36% or 64%
Would you rather
listen to baby for an hour or listen to gangnam style for 10 hours
55% or 45%
Would you rather give up the computer or lose your friends?
Give up the computer or Lose friends
74% or 26%
Would you rather be
short and ginger? or a fat nerd?
75% or 25%
Would you rather live in a society that has?
Liberty, but no justice. or Justice, but no liberty.
47% or 53%
Would you rather get
$1,000,000 for sure or 50% chance of getting $5,000,000, but 50% chance of getting nothing
86% or 14%
Would you rather
unemployed with $1,000,000 or in a very happy job that you make 1,000,000 every 5 years
21% or 79%
Would you rather have...?
Unlimited Movies or Unlimited Games
35% or 65%
If you were to have a one night stand, would you rather
go straight to the bedroom or have a romantic supper beforehand
44% or 56%
For Christmas, would you rather receive
Cash or Gifts
63% or 37%
Would you rather
always say everything on your mind or never speak again
68% or 32%
Do you prefer
milkshakes or smoothies
65% or 35%
Would you rather
give your unemployed son money to support his drug habit and cost of living or your son be homeless
38% or 62%
Would you rather
stop animal abuse or stop pollution
52% or 48%
Would you rather
Be homeless or Be in prison
53% or 47%
Which super power would you rather have?
Flashlight Hands or Make Other People Fart on Command
54% or 46%
Would you rather spend the night in a luxury hotel or go camping in a tent?
Luxury hotel ! or Go camping!
83% or 17%
Would you rather...
Make a phone call or Send a text
40% or 60%
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