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    guest from Minnesota, United States
    What if the guy who knows when someone is lying meets the guy who always gets away with it? PARADOX
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    guest from Maryland, United States
    I love that Romney is pictured as the liar. It's totally true!
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    guest from Washington, United States
    this site is obviously for obama-loving liberals
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    guest from Tennessee, United States
    80s clothes were the bombdizzle
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    guest from Arizona, United States
    I still wear 80s hairstyles.......
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    guest from Louisiana, United States
    Uhhh.... SKIP!

Would you rather  By Bryan MaleBronze MedalSilver TrophyBlue StarDiamondGold Crown  

Bryan says Hey everyone! For some reason this question took off and now has 200K+ votes, but the rest of my questions remain in the low triple digits. I think some of them are pretty good, so please take a look and vote! //
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    guest from Queensland, Australia
    2 words: Hearing Aids.
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    guest from Virginia, United States
    I'm already deaf
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    guest from Podgorica, Montenegro
    Download EVERYTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    guest from New York, United States
    I had a dream that I was riding a unicorn that had the voice of morgan freeman
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    guest from Illinois, United States
    gotta clarify which mermaids, Little Mermaid ones, Harry Potter ones, Pirates of the Caribbean ones, or super hot slutty ones that grow legs on land????
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    guest from Massachusetts, United States
    Can't ride a mermaid into the sunset.

Would you rather be a  By shadowflame20000 MaleGold MedalGold TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

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shadowflame20000 says YOU CANT BE BOTH wizards are not omnipotent they cant cast a spell to turn themselves into ninjas
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    guest from Washington, United States
    You're a wizard Harry..
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    guest Super Star from Michigan, United States
    if was a wizerd then i can turn my self into a ninga
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    guest from British Columbia, Canada
    I would then legally change my name to Gandalf
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    guest from Kentucky, United States
    Duh! You can get anything on Amazon! And if there was something you couldn't get you could buy something expensive on Amazon, sell it, and you'd have real money. Simple.
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    kramer98 MaleBronze MedalSuper Star from New York, United States
    Prostitutes are a cash only businuess
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    guest from Montana, United States
    I could finally go to college!

Would you rather to  By MultiFlyingPandas FemaleBronze MedalGold Crown  

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Would you rather always be  By Deadliest_Catch FemaleSilver MedalSilver TrophySuper StarGold Crown  

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Would you rather be...  By pauls MaleBronze MedalSuper StarGold Crown  

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