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Would you rather
piercings or tattoos
32% or 68%
Would you rather eat
cookie dough or brownie batter
67% or 33%
Would you rather...
be a president that everyone hates or be a bum that everyone cares about
22% or 78%
Would you rather listen to
electric guitar or acoustic guitar
47% or 53%
Would you rather
Be a nobody in a perfect world. or Be a really important person in a really bad world.
61% or 39%
Would you rather lose an arm or a leg?
Lose an arm or Lose a leg
54% or 46%
Would you rather be
a kid your whole life or an adult your whole life
51% or 49%
Would you rather drive
a lambo or an R8
60% or 40%
Would you rather have
fame or wealth
29% or 71%
Would you rather lose
your keys or your cell phone
55% or 45%
Would you rather
have a nice teacher but is bad at teaching or or a mean teacher that is great at teaching
53% or 47%
What would you rather stop?
War or World Hunger
42% or 58%
Would you rather
live on a beautiful paradise island, but all by yourself or live in a horrible polluted city, but surrounded by your loved ones
52% or 48%
Would you rather
be confined to a wheelchair for the rest of your life and be able to have children or be able to walk but unable to have children (no adoption either)
32% or 68%
Do you prefer
Hockey or Football
34% or 66%
What is better?
Controller or Keyboard and mouse
50% or 50%
Would you rather
Have (in your opinion) the world's best job that pays really well, but not be able to have a family and/or spouse or Have an average job but you get to raise a family and get married
19% or 81%
Would you rather be rich and miserable or poor and happy?
Rich and miserable or Poor and happy
29% or 71%
Would you rather go on a
cruise or fly
65% or 35%
Would you rather
get filthy rich in a way that disappoints your family or just barely make it through, with only enough money to get by
71% or 29%
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