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Hi, My name's Avry, im 16, i live in Columbus, Ohio and i'm the dumb one in my group of friends, not really dumb but i almost never do homework, but my streets smarts is the highest, i work at a restaurant, and i play League of Legends the most i also play a bunch of others, if you ever wanna play league of legends message me i'm purdy good if i say so.

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Who would win in a battle to the death!!!! Cookie monster or Big Bird 5 years ago 154 votes 10 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a battle to the death Spongebob or Patrick 5 years ago 177 votes 28 comments 0 likes
Have you gotten a "shiny" pokemon? YES(I got one yesterday the one in the picture) or No D: 5 years ago 91 votes 17 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight(3) Fiora or Irelia 5 years ago 96 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight (2) Rengar(comments) or Kha'zix(comments) 5 years ago 85 votes 6 comments 0 likes
Would you rather see Bad Grandpa or Insidious Chapter 2 5 years ago 122 votes 5 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight Katarina (Look in comments) or Garen (Look in comments) 5 years ago 105 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather get Pokemon X or Pokemon Y 5 years ago 82 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Would you rather be ugly but have guaranteed great friends and a perfect lover or be cute but no guarantee on anything 5 years ago 120 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Have you noticed the old Ratherrr population is dying and getting replaced with this new one? I knew that (RIP old freinds) or I didn't know that, i'm too new 5 years ago 230 votes 24 comments 0 likes
When did you join rrrather? This summer or Older 6 years ago 120 votes 19 comments 0 likes
Would you rather have a mustache or have leg hair? 6 years ago 180 votes 9 comments 0 likes
Have you/Do you/Would you play League Of Legends YES or No 6 years ago 194 votes 10 comments 0 likes

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O.O Sssshhh 5 years ago  
the spec's are better on A (Says so in description), so it's a fact that it's better, and I'm 99% sure that the price on A would be cheaper... you've been corrupted by Apple 5 years ago +1
sorry man, but i think that weird, its just my opinion but do whatever you like, i just wouldnt want to hang out with you 5 years ago  
already have both 5 years ago  
yummmm 5 years ago  
that sounds cool to me, a better friend 5 years ago  
meh, too lazy 5 years ago +1
havent seen a, heard it was good though 5 years ago +1
over age 7, is scary for boys to watch it 5 years ago  
Older guys watching a kids show? weird, and people have fetishes for these alot, weird 5 years ago  
but that long of hair D: 5 years ago  
bro, he switched back a while ago, he's snoop dog again, he's making 1 more album with rap and then being snoop lion for the rest of his life 5 years ago  
what do boys get in that time of you know what? We get crankiness spread out over the month when girls get it a few days 5 years ago +1
Breaking bad dude, he's awesome and says b!tch alot 5 years ago  
no, you can rebuild, i would live with friends, get another job 5 years ago  
A looks like a handjob in the process :) 5 years ago +5
xD, sorry but that sounds hilarious 5 years ago  
two* 5 years ago  
lol did she really say that? 5 years ago  
Wow, thank you so much for acknowledging me, and sorry didn't mean to upset you.... i just dont find the word fap funny but if you do enjoy it 5 years ago  
you have to refill A people need to remember that 5 years ago +3
had gta5 on xbox, sold it PLZ COME OUT ON PC FASTER ........EDIT: I sold my entire xbox, not the game 5 years ago  
SHOWERS OR SEWERS D: 5 years ago  
but you could tell when they were gonna happen 5 years ago  
i get it fap and a liquid but that doesn't look anything like cum so its not funny, its just the word fap 5 years ago  
can you post the games they're from or movies in the description 5 years ago  
lovin the hat and beer... 5 years ago +2
yep i've seen her, would bang 5 years ago  
yes, wasnt she always? 5 years ago  
infinite sunset 5 years ago  
you dont want "a" 69, you want "to" 69 5 years ago +1
on the playground is where i spent most of my days (I think that's the lyrics) 5 years ago  
Instagram copied vine. 5 years ago +1
thats the most stupid thing ive ever heard, in A you die instantly, in B you suffer while your lungs are trying to breathe, have you ever not been able to breathe or even got the wind knocked out of you? its one of the worst ways to die........ 5 years ago  
Which* jesus woman 5 years ago +1
Poorly drawn Pokemon 5 years ago  
people who pick b would hate life, a we can atleast try 5 years ago  
all he wanted was beer, seems like a cool dude if you stay on his good side 5 years ago +3
never use him but i love his design 5 years ago +2
no it was for 360 i believe kind of not a full game more of an arcade 5 years ago  
dont hit yourself in the noes dumbo 5 years ago  
tell me when you play League of Legends 5 years ago  
zombie apocolypse of teen girls when bieber dies 5 years ago  
i commented to test you, apprently you like that i like hitler.... maybe im the one with a study......................................... ;) 5 years ago  
bull testicles to the curious people 5 years ago +4
meh, i can live off this, why not 5 years ago  
yeah he was on her profile after she made it, so he did that and it was published 7 hours after 5 years ago  
what the hell does quess the quote mean, like ... who its by? 5 years ago  
i like how 1965 picture has more quality 5 years ago +10
i wouldnt wanna be known as a sheep rapist, i wouldnt like banging one but saves my image 5 years ago +1
at the towers or coincidence 5 years ago +1
b without make up would look wierd 5 years ago  
rap>screemo in my personal opinion 5 years ago  
exactly what im saying, if oblivion had skyrims engine, OMG pee my pants good 5 years ago +1
vevo bud 5 years ago  
they have vevo accounts on youtube 5 years ago  
you cant just say that when they actually taste better than m&ms......... 5 years ago  
hate screemo 5 years ago +2
i like hitler, bet you wont like that :P 5 years ago +9
but its cicero, the insane evil to the evil people dude, no one likes him :I, thats why you kill him later 5 years ago +1
rengar #1 5 years ago  
im a fawn 5 years ago +1
League of Legends, they're not dumb, they're just mean 5 years ago  
CRAYON BOX, YOU PLAY TOO! 5 years ago  
per week 5 years ago +2
WHY GIRLS ONLY, im straight but daayumm 5 years ago +2
omg b , looks sooooooooooooooo good 5 years ago +3
a would and does look cheap 5 years ago  
would have to refill a, and its pretty small 5 years ago  
i hate when people say this, you have probably seen 100 of his questions your just not observant enough to notice.... 5 years ago  
yeah, luckily i got enouph rp to get him, im gonna play him so much, he's master yi 2.0 5 years ago  
pokemon x/y 5 years ago  
a crappy microsoft netflix with more tv than movies 5 years ago  
definitely, double crit get it so you get 100% with tri, sttatick, and infiinity edge, so id build tanky after that or a bloodthirster/blade/ravenous 5 years ago  
im sorry i don't know its more for mobility because it doesnt have a cooldown.... the triforce gives crit and since he spams q alot, he gets the 200% damage more often 5 years ago  
ehhh. flygons tied 5 years ago  
oh yeah, forgot... rats .... that sivir skins looks good too 5 years ago  
on the pbe, i went sttatick , triforce, infinity edge 5 years ago  
bro we gotta play sometime 5 years ago  
I have played Yasuo and i have boughten a full rune page of crit because his passive doubles it i can wait, 28% level 1 5 years ago  
Only did Shivering Isles, was biggest dc ive ever seen 5 years ago  
i love their music, but they look pretty stupid 5 years ago  
we she started making actual songs, and with rappers 5 years ago +1
they are.... 5 years ago  
i hate graves, his ult is useless 5 years ago  
hey do you play alot? 5 years ago  
ADC FA LIFE 5 years ago  
bro, they're different, and Waluigi, they just have similar names 5 years ago +1
there's still smoke, reptile and the other assassins if you wanted to add them 5 years ago  
idk katarina 5 years ago  
are we gonna start reposting from reddit? 5 years ago +2
my friends pull them out of my ears and they break eventually 5 years ago  
Well, you need an "I", and once again, punctuation 5 years ago  
I*, don't, and punctuation 5 years ago  
no homo would bang 5 years ago +2
then maybe i have seen him but just forgot.... 5 years ago  
too* 5 years ago  
hmm, i played oblivion a ton, i guess i really only did the shivering isles 5 years ago  
I* and punctuation 5 years ago  
got stanley parable, its silly but not too entertaining 5 years ago +1
no, but i know people who did know him and i hear he is very nice, i care because i wouldnt want people making jokes about me when i die 5 years ago +1
how long can you run holding and carrying 150 pounds of weight 5 years ago +1
when you get to age 15 you will go from ugly to beautiful in highschool 5 years ago +4
pokemon :D 5 years ago  
he's dead, that actor Paul Walker died 2 days ago, did you not know? 5 years ago  
Awesome idea, not the best in game, but still looks epic! 5 years ago +1
what games b? 5 years ago  
russians are hardcore 5 years ago +1
not only are these terrible jokes, but lets try and be respectful... 5 years ago +4
hershel was my favorite character :( 5 years ago  
BUT b DOESNT?!?!!? 5 years ago  
i love his look but i hear black flag is a better game 5 years ago  
i didnt play that game, what was wrong with him? 5 years ago  
barely anyone here drinks 5 years ago +2
then people will try and slay it 5 years ago  
:'( 5 years ago  
should've had a call of duty picture for b 5 years ago  
let's get b to win in respect 5 years ago  
Ohio.... 5 years ago  
b will end up to doing "A" except a loaded gun 5 years ago  
walmart, they got everything 5 years ago +2
Brighter colors are better, but i will miss blue RIP 5 years ago  
that's alright, im gonna do it for the freedom to have a choice so there isnt a draft, so the poeple who dont want it have to, plus it's not an assured thing that anything bad's gonna happen. 5 years ago  
the years of experience, the free college ride, and saving someone else from doing it, i'm going to do it myself, because i believe others are worth more. 5 years ago  
soemone to talk to 5 years ago +2
some anal seapage ... yumm 5 years ago +2
a former cop.... years with shooting zombies after than, a is a nice guy who defends a girl but doesnt have too much exspirience 5 years ago +1
lol i heard tim hortons is EVERYWHERE up there 5 years ago  
reminds me, at work i walked up to a fellow employee and said, "I'm straight, but i would totally go gay for Aaron Paul" she was very confused.... 5 years ago +1
i dont have an hdtv, but i do have a controller but i end up only playing league of legends anyway lol 5 years ago  
yeah but he's like the flash, they're the only ones who are funny and don't have movies, if you saw a good movie with him (which doesn't exist) you would like him a lot. 5 years ago  
WAT 5 years ago  
50/50 5 years ago +1
people live threw both, aids less, but still 5 years ago  
my laptop handles skyrim fools, u jello but yes laptops all the way 5 years ago +1
you go girl 5 years ago  
i picked straight because other mens private parts are gross to me 5 years ago  
it was just really stupid joke that dumb people make, man chill out it was sarcastic 5 years ago  
yeah but you dont call the actors assholes, you call their characters assholes 5 years ago +1
thats like saying actors who play villains are assholes 5 years ago +1
shoot.... 5 years ago  
eight legged freaks is an awesome movie 5 years ago  
a is from Jurassic Park 2, god i know everything (jk) 5 years ago  
lost in first round\ 5 years ago  
i dont think that's the devil in that movie 5 years ago  
1. It's letter "A" 2. It's and AWESOME movie 5 years ago  
lol yeah i have plenty of friends, but we can still party with the beer :D ill invite some people ;) 5 years ago  
that coat is epic 5 years ago +3
eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww 5 years ago +2
lol it was just a joke, but im glad you're there for me bro 5 years ago  
yeah, pretty ugly lololololollolololololololololololololololol i need friends 5 years ago  
tell that to my shiny ponyta on pokemon 5 years ago +1
WHERES THE PC??? 5 years ago  
you can cut his head off. 5 years ago  
comedy helps me sleep, not boring i just like the noise, quiet and silly 5 years ago  
he's actually really nice, just on the show he gets paid to yell at people 5 years ago +2
a is more common than b! 5 years ago  
in a confind area 5 years ago  
opinion 5 years ago  
but you said they will try to eat you 5 years ago  
a is certain death, and im a very good rock climer 5 years ago  
I never liked Tupac, but biggy..... he's the best 5 years ago  
a is from the movie saw, i think 4, and b is b 5 years ago  
m.night shamalan 5 years ago  
b is from the office, and hot tub time machine 5 years ago +1
almost perfect timing 5 years ago +1
BigD 5 years ago  
gonna leave cave writings saying in english "I want my iphone" or something that wouldnt make sense 5 years ago +2
"Subject Sigma (Symbol: Σ) is the protagonist of the Minerva's Den DLC BioShock 2. He has been revived by Charles Milton Porter and Brigid Tenenbaum, who sent out a distress call and who works with Sigma during the course of his adventure" 5 years ago  
dont know b but its probably better, a is overpriced 5 years ago  
im split 50/50 depending on my mood 5 years ago +2
how the hell is a winning 5 years ago +1
exactly, it's so stupid its funny 5 years ago +1
ha gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy 5 years ago  
oh definitely me too, i like the pokemon games way more, i have beaten x/y 4 times already 5 years ago  
put them inside... 5 years ago  
my pandora has a station called "my name is radio" 5 years ago  
ripping people apart 5 years ago  
NO, WRONG ONEEEEE 5 years ago  
dddurrr he looks stronger....... duurrrr 5 years ago  
big d 5 years ago  
i hear all your computer problems with games and i run battlefield 3 max graphics ....... swag 5 years ago  
league of legends 5 years ago  
deidara is a famous rrratherer dude, he left awhile ago and returns every once and a while 5 years ago +4
gta 5 5 years ago  
digimon was still awesome, there evolutions are badass 5 years ago  
or people are supposed to not make loopholes because its would you rather 5 years ago  
i think b is fake 5 years ago +1
the movie was good 5 years ago +1
speed>muscle 5 years ago  
fastest car in game 5 years ago +1
gandalf is better than a magnet dude 5 years ago  
superman wins 5 years ago  
lol, yes perfect name for a legendary baby 5 years ago  
IVE GOT THE MAAGGIICCC IN MEEEE (wait, is that a peni......... :( ......) 5 years ago +1
i am the 10 % 5 years ago  
dolls 5 years ago  
computer keyboards sounds awesome 5 years ago  
You win this battle 5 years ago  
TRAITORS (idk how to spell :'( ) that looks like a duck 5 years ago  
im a dude 5 years ago  
D: 5 years ago  
heaven 5 years ago  
:D im noticed 5 years ago  
FORCED? 5 years ago +3
me 5 years ago +1
me 5 years ago  
me 5 years ago +2
me 5 years ago  
Leslie nelson is dead cmon guuyyssss 5 years ago  
everyone except me ... i get it.... :'( 5 years ago  
kittty with mustache, im in 5 years ago  
Why have enemies, and if you think the enemy of your enemy is your friend then you're grouchy about your enemy.... maybe im just saying this because i have no enemies 5 years ago +1
bugs give me the willy's 5 years ago  
it's barely bad for you, and it helps depression a lot, i think your parents or school has told you false information and scared you to be anti weed. It looks bad because the bad kids do it because it's illegal. I dont do it but i probably will in the future legal or not 5 years ago  
thank god, i dont know there's alot of stupid people out there 5 years ago  
yes... because a lottery ticket will defintely get you 1,000,000 dollars first try/ever 5 years ago +1
yeah pfft.... why not 5 years ago  
"clean" 5 years ago  
he meant snuggle 5 years ago  
rock 5 years ago  
i hope that's a joke 5 years ago  
whats hard to get about a website called rrrather,you pick one no matter what 5 years ago +1
a sheriff being practically the same as a cop 5 years ago  
omg vegas 2 is REALLY good but the only bad thing is the maps aren't to good but you can find games with only one map so all i did was play on "Villa" a mansion map , i extremely suggest 5 years ago  
i work in a restraunt and i still take one everyday i work lol 5 years ago +1
At a FireHouse Subs is only one, and i think a McDonalds but ihavent seen that one 5 years ago  
are these like mini stories they seem awesome? WHERE CAN I FIND EM?!?!??! 5 years ago  
alright but the only job im into is being a police officer and they only have sheriffs in the country which i guess is practically the same 5 years ago  
omg did you play rainbow six vegas 2? game was half my childhood, cod is okay but im getting bored of em, zimbies is still really fun though 5 years ago  
but, i would pretty much have to be a farmer and i dont want to be 5 years ago  
well this is halo 2.0 look it up... and how can you hate halo 1-3! 5 years ago  
if you don't believe in something and they torture you for an eternity , then i don't want to worship him and ill take my chances with this evil person (He's already torturing billions in the world with starvation sex trafficking, murder, ect.....) 5 years ago +1
IS cooler bungie made it (People who made halo 1-3) 5 years ago  
i just hate the country and would rrrather hide in the hood 5 years ago  
D: 5 years ago  
when they fought, freddy won, well they both lossed but freddy was winning 5 years ago  
Humpty Dumpty sat on a wall, Humpty Dumpty had a great fall; All the king's horses and all the king's men Couldn't put Humpty together again. 5 years ago +1
rrrather 5 years ago  
ya'know what i give up you win 5 years ago  
skip isn't neither, it's skip so you can see the comments 5 years ago  
swag? 5 years ago  
me me me me 5 years ago  
alright bro i dont know if you're trolling or something but everything you say is so b!tchy, IT'S WOULD YOU RRRATHER NOT WOULD YOU NEITHER 5 years ago +2
do you have a doggy? 5 years ago  
it's okay ill breed extras before they start sorry legendaries :/ 5 years ago  
i once slept in until 7:00 after a really late night and cried sad thing was i think i was like 9 years old i was just really pissed that my last weekend day was gone(Stupid Sunday) 5 years ago +1
you can stop selling drugs easier 5 years ago +1
yolo 5 years ago  
but it could be a test on rocket science for your life 5 years ago  
guess so and i like pokemon games more, but the digimon are just too badass 5 years ago  
he meant .2 so age .2 years every year 5 years ago  
no one would be there in this battle to revive them, and if there are then digimon can be too 5 years ago  
fullly evolved digimon>fully evolved pokemon (Digimon turn massively big ) Only reason Pokemon won is because of its popularity half the pokemon would die in a flick. 5 years ago  
Not trying, 1. Im doing more lovable characters 2. Death Battles have been done a milllion times, but sorry 5 years ago  
i poop on him , that will show him 5 years ago  
PC master race 5 years ago  
goodwork looks nice 5 years ago +1
both amazing 5 years ago  
sexy (I helped inspire you didnt i) :D 5 years ago +1
guys should i make more? 5 years ago  
hnnngggg..... 5 years ago  
obviously your ugly i mean look at your face it's all torn up and scary xD 5 years ago +2
Im guessing im your 4 because im nice but ill snatch some weaves? 5 years ago  
It's LureReign you fool 5 years ago +2
you guy's know you can live in final destination, the girl put herself in a psycho area in one of those pillow rooms, and she lived until she left, so just put a laptop in there 5 years ago +1
you can escape from either, and both can't die 5 years ago  
umm... that one girl is still possessed and has killed everyone in the past 4 movies... the conjuring everyone lives..... :I 5 years ago  
you can kill freddy in your dreams, you just give yourself super powers a beat the crap outta him 5 years ago  
We'll solve the mystery :D 5 years ago  
no, it's what you can do right that you did wrong before 5 years ago +1
because if they kill someone rotting in jail is worse than death 5 years ago  
computers.... 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
that sucks, it's the best one in a while 5 years ago  
whoever has power gets blamed for everything wrong (dont blame obama, he has no real power) 5 years ago +1
i was saying that flash is more admirable in the comics and underrated do to his lack of movies 5 years ago  
more poeple would love me 5 years ago  
i would like my weenie to not get ripped apart 5 years ago +2
i doubt it, but is you picture from samurai jack or does it just look similiar 5 years ago  
oh im sorry i didnt see you were from Saudi Arabia, lol i dont even know a second language so i gotta give you props my bad, and i understand the thats what she said joke 5 years ago +1
yolo 5 years ago +1
Smite? :D 5 years ago +1
What happened when writing this, did you have a stroke? It's " I like that's what she said jokes, even though they are so hard to make" 5 years ago +1
did anyone else imagine the lady bug cutely drool or is that just me 5 years ago +2
i actually like wikipedia, not only can you use it and then just put all the sources THEY had into your bibliography, but they have easy to use information, he was probably talking about using the sources from within the page or he just understands that Wiki is 99% reliable 5 years ago +3
:'() sad quacky 5 years ago  
ME :D 5 years ago  
yeah rapture ended up fine xD 5 years ago  
daaaawwwwwwwwww 5 years ago +1
all the hate to "B" but it's the best scary movie in a while and "A" is butthole 5 years ago +1
league o legends 5 years ago  
tennis girls.... thingsguyslove 5 years ago  
lol, just giving ya a hard time 5 years ago  
then i would get buff so people wouldnt care and i would feel more self consious if i didnt 5 years ago +3
wrong answers, the only thing that gets me through school is my ability to write essays with any source in 15 minutes and get A's 5 years ago  
time* 5 years ago  
hiss 5 years ago  
wait, did you get x/y? 5 years ago  
it's called an infinity pool 5 years ago  
smoke is awesome #MortalKombat 5 years ago  
cute tail 5 years ago  
meow 5 years ago +2
:O 5 years ago +1
this dude can learn dragon pulse and sludgebomb so he can kill dragons and faeries which is pretty strong 5 years ago  
yeah my party has pokerus too, and legit i have also found pillowswine 5 years ago  
i never sweat, it's weird and i wash my clothes after anyway 5 years ago  
that's exactly what i thought im just an idiot 5 years ago  
it was funny 5 years ago  
YEAH ISNT HE A SLUT! 5 years ago +1
IM FEELIN 22!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago  
MAYBE, i think soo... 5 years ago  
but i didn't shoot the deputy 5 years ago +4
KNIFE?!??!?!??!?! 5 years ago  
you mean transsexual 5 years ago +2
lol why didnt he just say 15 and up 5 years ago +3
hahahaha 5 years ago +1
it's healthier than cigarettes and alcohol, but those are legal 5 years ago +2
other than the war right now of religion we wouldn't be here today without the belief that we could get through tough times 5 years ago +1
my dad said "the easter bunny left your gift baskests in my closet" 5 years ago  
my cats name is kitteh, just thought you would want to know 5 years ago  
end of the world 5 years ago  
i had 250 aaaannddd it's gone 5 years ago  
i thought it meant like, they made a person then killed him, lol oops wrong one because i know alll my uncles 5 years ago  
sometimes i fit some stuff on my fingernails for spanish words 5 years ago +2
WHY IS NO ONE TALKING ABOUT HOW HE STUBBED HIS PINKY TOE, that's really hard to do but possible 5 years ago  
it's a delivery version of subway with less quality but hey, they deliver 5 years ago +1
I would date anyone who had similiar interests, no matter what they would look like if they were fat, we could get into shape together although i'm not i could get abs 5 years ago  
i wear my clothes of that day unless it's hot, then i go to my undies 5 years ago  
you're rich, how much do you make a year if you mind me asking? 5 years ago +4
they're getting so much done 5 years ago +2
what do you wanna play with that? and do you have the money or is that your dream one 5 years ago  
i always wanted to, i looked it up but i think i ended up with "The Fog" which is a movie about ghost pirates 5 years ago  
as long as he's up there.... 5 years ago  
it's would you rather...... not would you rather or neither 5 years ago  
russian food is bear and blood 5 years ago +1
if herschel dies im done with the show 5 years ago  
havent seen b 5 years ago  
I PLAY LEE SIN ALL THE WAY 5 years ago  
i would get away with it 5 years ago  
what does inb4 mean, i understand how you used it but what does it stand for or mean 5 years ago  
and hershels 3rd, right? 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
if anyone doesnt know, this question is being asked because he made a song rap god 5 years ago +3
watch a good movie over and over, or video games, o god 5 years ago  
or tribes in a war, lol, but the point is, anything could happen but we won't know for sure, until maybe a nuke goes off 5 years ago  
"never" , what he meant by certain situations 5 years ago +1
nice question 5 years ago +1
c... 5 years ago  
sorrry gay people but women are closer 5 years ago  
bowl can do what a plate can do and more!! 5 years ago +5
i'm a positive person, it just sounds better to me 5 years ago  
i didnt like cloverfields ending, i wouldve liked it to be longer and they try and stop the monster somehow or something cool, but *spoiler* die!!! noooooooo, atleast im pretty sure they die i havent seen it in a while 5 years ago  
yes, but if everyone was naturally born to have their survival instincts, it would be an all out battle for food 5 years ago  
then thats okay if you watch it but older guys that watch it scare me 5 years ago  
Me and all my lil cousins sleep over at my grandparents and we party and watch movies and fight 5 years ago  
that's cause they're to small and too dumb to, lol if kids didn't have parents they would turn into wild animals which is how it naturally is 5 years ago +1
so if you go to a normal bar do women rape you? 5 years ago +3
YOU MEAN FACT 5 years ago  
atleast you're a girl, how old are you? 5 years ago +1
6 really good frirends 5 years ago  
lol, i can picture that with a pumpkin head 5 years ago  
that's retail price, you would get like 10-15 k for it, no one would buy one for 30 k when they could get a new one for the same 5 years ago  
i'm known as a god in an infinite amount of universes 5 years ago  
icky, i mean daaaammn guurrll 5 years ago  
guybach, or bachkitteh, but i like kittehbach the most 5 years ago +1
you see that its coming from someone in the gate when you see the hands do it 5 years ago  
im goofy and silly AT THE SAME TIME 5 years ago  
yep, but it's a 1v1 most of the things you said didnt involve one person... and i played but hated the games. 5 years ago  
"In October 2003, Jobs was diagnosed with cancer,[205] and in mid-2004, he announced to his employees that he had a cancerous tumor in his pancreas.[206] The prognosis for pancreatic cancer is usually very poor;[207] Jobs stated that he had a rare, far less aggressive type known as islet cell neuroendocrine tumor.[206] Despite his diagnosis, Jobs resisted his doctors' recommendations for medical intervention for nine months,[173] instead consuming a pseudo-medicine diet in an attempt to thwart the disease. According to Harvard researcher Ramzi Amri, his choice of alternative treatment "led to an unnecessarily early death." 5 years ago  
wanna bet, shouting can call a lighting storm to kill him, summon dragons to kill him, slow time, go invincible, shooot fire, plus he can do just as much damage with a bow and arrow as you can with "a nuke launcher" pfft 5 years ago +1
if you're born here you're a citizen illegal parents or not, thats why it's a problem because they get seperated 5 years ago  
his balls are heavy 5 years ago +9
a is curable Steve jobs died using natural methods to cure his cancer.... which obviously didn't work. 5 years ago  
ill be your friend 5 years ago +4
love u bby gurl 5 years ago +2
worlds getting more democrat, sorry republicans :/ 5 years ago +3
donald trump, lol 5 years ago +1
my family called me crazy..... thanks for clearin it up 5 years ago  
yeah i just thought maybe not to a baby everyday but its possible 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
it ahppens everyday in india, it doesnt happen everyday in the US, india right now is an awful awful place where if you visit and you're female you have a 75% chance to be raped, and if a dude maybe murdered 5 years ago  
is that an orgasm 5 years ago  
so are you ;) no homo of course 5 years ago  
easy tiger 5 years ago  
am i the only one who thinks they look the same or is that what you're implying 5 years ago  
gurl you horny 5 years ago +2
no, bags 5 years ago +1
a smiley balloon face 5 years ago  
Jason stronger, leather face scarier 5 years ago  
wait, come in 2nd in like a 8 person race or a football game lol big difference 5 years ago  
lol trick 2 g playing the ha ha ha ha ha im lauphin straight to the bank with this 5 years ago  
fiora is a better duelist but over all bad, except at dueling i think she would win 5 years ago  
he died i think, that's something 5 years ago +1
iceman can fly by making ice under him 5 years ago  
ew 5 years ago +1
vines are an app on the iphone of 6 second videos, hilarious as hell 5 years ago +1
she's like 13, lol what a dunder head "dark chocolate people"..... jesus 5 years ago  
A-ARON 5 years ago  
yeaaaaahhhhhhh 5 years ago  
I'm a witness, you're going to jail punk 5 years ago  
picture too scawy 5 years ago  
take the cash and drop everything else off at the persons house 5 years ago +1
B>$ 5 years ago +3
do you still play? 5 years ago  
rengar can assasinate too very well, tri force and sttatick shiv and game over 5 years ago  
all the people from before summer are here 5 years ago  
no, no no, likes dis GEEETTT OVVVEERRR HEERRRRREEE!!!!!!!!!!!! 5 years ago +3
yes :/ 5 years ago  
Big D you're back?!? and helens..... is it a family reunion 5 years ago  
he's related to big D 5 years ago  
girls get stains D: 5 years ago  
Americans love weapons too, you even give them to kids.* 5 years ago  
the guest copied, if its a new post it's higher up the older the farther back 5 years ago  
Pan's Labyrinth 5 years ago  
bro you're very negative and have you seen whats in this one or are you just assuming it's bad because this looks like the best one in years 5 years ago +1
was a war worth it when our economy tanked and ever since has gone down? and you really think the government didnt know it was gonna tank BUT THEY DIDNT DO IT......... 5 years ago +2
feared by all is dangerous if they revolt 5 years ago +1
420 5 years ago  
Team chespin and squirtle 5 years ago  
her w gives her speedboost more than garens q, but it is waaaayy shorter 5 years ago  
yes, and i love the mega blastoise cant wait 3 more dayz 5 years ago  
he's practically god 5 years ago  
doctor doom has control of magnet stuff, LEX LUTHOR IS MADE OF METAL 5 years ago  
nocturne 5 years ago  
hawt 5 years ago  
hawt 5 years ago  
Karen from the office 5 years ago  
you can beat freddy in your dreams, you can't beat jason by yourself 5 years ago  
It's not particularly that show, i believe it's a show you would like more. 5 years ago  
only memories, i wanna stay the same 5 years ago  
what's with the "/looks/" 5 years ago  
both look boring but a has a better actor 5 years ago +1
none 5 years ago  
they're both too sexy 5 years ago  
i must try fried chicken wrapped in pizza 5 years ago +3
lol 5 years ago  
i dont think any of them do except Henderson maybe because i know someone or a refrence to the others 5 years ago  
poor guy :( 5 years ago  
sounds cool 5 years ago  
thx babeyyy 5 years ago  
Bahamas.... sounds nice? 5 years ago  
lol 5 years ago  
:'( 5 years ago  
:'( 5 years ago  
Mr Big D the bear, JustWantToKnow to get to know him, aaaanddd me again 5 years ago  
i looked it up and the fastest times were 2 hours for boys and girls :I 5 years ago  
i listened to this over and over a couple months ago... shoulda said something for you 5 years ago  
oh got it, didnt notice that myself 5 years ago  
not even close 5 years ago  
cleaner 5 years ago  
one of these days ill get on a question 5 years ago +3
life doesnt exist you're just in a dream 5 years ago  
me too 5 years ago  
completely agree i dont like meganium at all and Venusaur is pretty cool 5 years ago  
i don't think this person knows that a guy could not fit that, its bigger than anyones weenie in thickness and it's curved 5 years ago  
depending on where it hits you 5 years ago  
i only like 1 anime 5 years ago  
yes, im a guy named Avry 5 years ago  
i think you're a genius 5 years ago  
but see, this is a website saying would rather, not do you want 5 years ago  
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