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    Hey... I recognize that commie! (not saying which one)  
    The second one already describes me.  
    Psy is worse than Beiber. +356
    And if you rule everything there absolutely no reason to live. +2
    Holy Christ people on here are f#cking stupid as sh!t.  
    Edison is scum and Tesla is brilliant.  
    I heard this movie was to die for. +4
    Nothing is something worth doing amirite? +2
    David Gilmour +1
    Just say no asshole.  
    The actor is the same person. +1
    How am I insecure? You would prefer the one that tastes worst because it isn't phallus shaped.  
    I have read it, and I don't consider it a book. It's more like a series of poems.  
    The key words being light and heavy. Please read the question next time.  
    Define stuffed up.  
    48% of people are insecure liars. +7
    A hacker? What are you f-cking twelve? +6
    I know someone with two mothers. He jokes about it. +3
    You must not listen to many comedians I can't name any fat or ugly American comedians.  
    What about that recent virus that infected almost half of them?  
    I think you're uninformed.  
    You know how we treat animals? Thats right we treat them like animals. If aliens are super smart they'll treat us the same way we treat any other animal.  
    Not all terrorists are muslim you racist. +2
    People are so insecure. +293
    Sure you are.  
    School doesn't increase intelligence. +1
    They both suck. +1
    Tutors don't increase intelligence you f*ckwit. +1
    Crazy are the most fun. The hot thing is just a bonus.  
    Meth is a good drug in small amounts. It helps you produce, alcohol does nothing.  
    Thats illegal and easily caught.  
    You love head don't you? +2
    Sure man, you know you want it. +7
    See your reflection through others.  
    You're so damned insecure about your sexuality aren't you?  
    You seemed to click the incorrect answer you materialist assh*le. +2
    Yourself. +4
    Go insane by seeing a ghost? What?  
    I have a foot fetish and your foot is f*cking disgusting looking. +5
    Chrome = hipster trash. +2
    These are completely different things. The first option relates to how everything began and the second as to how we came about. +3
    I crap myself all the time anyway. +5
    Are people f*cking retarded on this site? +18
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