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Those who live in fear will get nowhere.

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You enter the red door. The door shuts behind you and locks. There is a flickering light. It looks like an abandoned supermarket. The door is sealed shut. You find one knife. Search for more items. or Attempt to escape. 3 years ago 125 votes 7 comments 0 likes
You entered the blue door.The door shuts and locks behind you.There is nothing but black. You stretch out your arm and touch a nearby table. There is a flashlight. You turn it on. The room looks old and withered. It's a bedroom with one window. What do you do? Search the room and possibly find a way to leave. or Jump out the window. (2 stories high) 3 years ago 63 votes 4 comments 0 likes
There are 2 doors. One is blue and one is red. You have no idea which one leads to which. There are two people standing next to each door. The blue door man says "Go to the red door." The red door man says "Go to the blue door." You hear a voice say "Both of them are lying." What door do you go into? The Red Door (comment why) or The Blue Door (comment why) 3 years ago 85 votes 21 comments 0 likes
Who is a better opponent to Mario? Donkey Kong or Bowser 4 years ago 77 votes 7 comments 0 likes
Who would you rather have return to rrrather? Cantthinkofawittyone or Otakumon 4 years ago 91 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Which is a better stealth game series? Assassin's Creed or Batman: Arkham 4 years ago 1,441 votes 15 comments 0 likes
Which is a better Dragon Ball Z fusion? Super Gogeta or Super Vegito 4 years ago 1,568 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Which is a better PSP game? Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Impact or Dragon Ball Z: Tenkaichi Tag Team 4 years ago 1,233 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... live a life of fear? or live a life of regret? 4 years ago 217 votes 8 comments 0 likes
Which vine is better? This one. or This one. 4 years ago 145 votes 7 comments 0 likes
What do you think of Game Theory? Their theories are BS because it's all a theory and not true information. or Game Theory gives true info, it's correct, and it's name has nothing to do with it. 4 years ago 126 votes 26 comments 0 likes
What is a better personal assistant? Siri or Cortana 4 years ago 128 votes 5 comments 0 likes
What are you more excited for? Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 4 or Dragon Ball Xenoverse 4 years ago 1,704 votes 29 comments 0 likes
Which is better? IPhone 6 Plus or Samsung Galaxy S5 4 years ago 193 votes 16 comments 0 likes
You're stuck in a room with no way out.There is a dark figure standing in a corner.It stands there,mumbling to itself.It looks at you with red glowing eyes and says "If you want to leave,you're gonna have to kill everyone you know.If you don't want to,fight me.If you win,I'll leave you alone.If you don't, I'll kill you and everyone you know and love." It sprouts black wings and draws a glowing sword. Would you stand and fight? or Kill everyone you know? 4 years ago 118 votes 13 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Freeze to Death? or Burn to Death? 4 years ago 152 votes 3 comments 0 likes
Which is better? Gun Gale Online? or Alfheim Online? 4 years ago 61 votes 11 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Listen to Baby(Justin Bieber) for eternity in your head? or Commit suicide? 4 years ago 102 votes 4 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Get Hit By A Tailed Beast Bomb?(Naruto) or Get Hit By A Kamehameha Rebirth?(Dragon Ball Z) 4 years ago 1,170 votes 20 comments 0 likes
Would you rather... Take A Nuclear Bomb To The Face? or Get Falcon Punched In The Balls? 4 years ago 142 votes 16 comments 0 likes
There is NOBODY fighting back.You are the only survivor with no food,water,or weapons.You must savage.Would you rather live in the... Attack on Titan (Shingeki no Kyojin) Universe? or Zombie Apocalypse Universe? 4 years ago 1,178 votes 18 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight... Naruto and Minato? or Goku and Bardock? 4 years ago 2,914 votes 50 comments 0 likes
Who would win in a fight... Naruto and Goku? or Sasuke and Vegeta? 4 years ago 1,334 votes 26 comments 0 likes

TheEpicOtaku has posted the following comments:

Did you read the description? 3 years ago  
Oh I get it now and BTW naruto can also do a bijjuudama. 3 years ago  
Not neccessarily. 3 years ago  
You are a normal human without chakra. 3 years ago  
Normal flesh eating zomies 3 years ago  
tru 3 years ago +1
Just sayin that theres like 700 episodes of them just frickin screaming without fighting 3 years ago  
What? 3 years ago  
I said you get a sword in my comment. 3 years ago +1 3 years ago  
*gets popcorn* 4 years ago  
But Naruto was strong in the first place. 4 years ago  
Finally! 4 years ago  
Same here, I'm also South Asian and I live in Pennsylvania. 4 years ago +1
usmanc vs kaphokis FIGHT! 4 years ago +1
Did I die? 4 years ago  
At least it does't take Naruto 70 episodes to charge a Rasengan, mate. 4 years ago  
I literally posted this 20 minutes ago and there's already 5 comments. 4 years ago  
Wanna know what I hate? People who think Goku is stronger than Naruto. Oh and by the way, I never said Goku was the one who hits you with the attack. 4 years ago  
I'm aware. 4 years ago  
Let's go bro. *flashes into sage of six path mode* 4 years ago  
Who the hell has sex on a deserted island? 4 years ago  
Bye Witty.I still remember the stupid argument we had. 4 years ago  
I got a laptop. :D 4 years ago  
How much you wanna bet Otakumon used a mirror to read this? 4 years ago  
The problem isn't the wound, it's the pain that really messes you up. For example, we're not scared of getting shot because of the scars of the shot, it's the pain that causes fear. 4 years ago  
Random Person 1: Uh so what were his last words again? Random Person 2: Drugs are bad, M'kay? 4 years ago  
Good.That's great for your self-esteem. 4 years ago  
OMFG XD 4 years ago  
ilovefreedom is hilarious. 4 years ago +2
Same here. 4 years ago +1
I'm gonna miss you alot bro.Good luck in life and I wish you a lot of success for the rest of your life.*Sniffles* 4 years ago  
I know my grammar and spelling sucks. 4 years ago  
A FALCON punch in the balls. 4 years ago  
I almost left this site for the same reasons and it would be terrible to see you go. 4 years ago  
The mother has lived a longer life. 4 years ago +1
Yup... 4 years ago  
I'm not sure if I should be laughing. 4 years ago  
Kuroko's Basketball-Basketball-NBA-Sports-Olympics-Summer Olympics-Wrestling-WWE-John Cena:Personal Life-FOTNS. 4 years ago  
This sounds weird,but I learned about FOTNS while reading a wikipedia article about John Cena. 4 years ago  
I knew it. 4 years ago  
Isn't he the guy from Fist Of The North Star? 4 years ago  
75% Chrome,20% Firefox,5% Safari/Internet Explorer. 4 years ago  
Both disgust me. 4 years ago  
Your weakness is your fear. 4 years ago  
I ain't telling you anything 4 years ago  
Sorry,I forgot to say you all get a sword. 4 years ago  
W-W-W-W-HAT????/ 4 years ago  
I took it... 4 years ago +1
You get the abilities including the Tailed Beast. 4 years ago  
BYAKUGAN!!! 4 years ago  
BIJJUDAMA!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
Actually it was proven Rinnegan is stronger than Eternal Mangekyo Sharingan. 4 years ago  
True that. 4 years ago  
Sharrinnegan. 4 years ago  
True,Rasengan has MANY variants while their is only a few Chidori variants,and all rasengan variants require not much chakra. 4 years ago  
Yeah,but if he was really BA,why would he die more? 4 years ago  
Naruto could DESTROY Luffy without going into 9 tails chakra mode. 4 years ago  
You deserve a cookie. 4 years ago  
*High five* 4 years ago  
True,true. 4 years ago  
High five bro. 4 years ago  
90% of relationships don't work out if the male is shorter than the female.I read it on some website. 4 years ago +1
Of course I am.I am a fan. 4 years ago  
Hmmmm.... 4 years ago  
God made the big bang. 4 years ago +1
She 4 years ago  
Thanks man. 4 years ago  
Be with you,the force may. 4 years ago +4
NICK-EL-OD-EN!YEAH! 4 years ago  
Actually,his weakness is spider pesticide. 4 years ago  
I'd slap him so hard he'd be another race.I have anger issues. 4 years ago +1
Did u update to windows 8.1?I have it on my nokia lumia 521. 4 years ago  
Oh I see.Same here. 4 years ago  
Yup. 4 years ago  
You done bro? 4 years ago  
WHO THE HELL IS OPTION B 4 years ago  
I AM THEEPICOTAKU 4 years ago  
I freakin love Blue Exorcist. 4 years ago  
Boku no Pico. 4 years ago  
With who? 4 years ago  
GA GA GANTA FIGHT 4 years ago +1
Arigato.(Thanks) 4 years ago  
If you don't know what fire ants are,their bite is EXTREMELY PAINFUL. 4 years ago  
They don't get to know people's opinions on her costume. 4 years ago  
I love Indian food too. 4 years ago  
It's not the Nazi Swastika,it's the other swastika. 4 years ago  
I HOPE SO. 4 years ago +2
ALMIGHTY PUSH!!! 4 years ago  
TAILED BEAST BOMB!!!!! 4 years ago  
You're Funny. 4 years ago  
Naruto:RASENGAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
*grunts* 4 years ago  
KAME KAME HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago +1
With Sprinkles. 4 years ago  
I feel bad for the kid on the right in option A. 4 years ago  
I posted a question 10 minutes ago and it says it's been a hour. 4 years ago  
"I ate ice cream without getting a brain freeze." 4 years ago  
I agree.Wearing the Hijab is a choice. 4 years ago  
Maybe some cigarettes!!! 4 years ago  
Such as? 4 years ago  
I just wish Naruto Storm 4 was released for Xbox 360 and PS3. :( 4 years ago  
So do I. 4 years ago  
OMFG YES 4 years ago  
Which one?I like animals by neon trees,maroon 5,and martin garrix. 4 years ago  
OK!!!! 4 years ago  
As long as they're not implants. 4 years ago  
Bro,I respect your opinion but listen:Nagato has a deeper backstory,he was a child of the prophecy,student of Jiraiya and was the only one who taught naruto true peace. 4 years ago  
9 lives!!! 4 years ago  
No one said I couldn't kill him. 4 years ago  
ME TOO!!!! 4 years ago  
Where I live there is a burger king,subway,mcdonalds,pathmark,wendy's,dunkin donuts(2),pizza hut 7 eleven AND DOMINOES. 4 years ago  
sometimes 4 years ago  
Otakumon. 4 years ago  
Yup. 4 years ago  
True that bro. 4 years ago  
You think dark humor is funny? 4 years ago  
I love dogs!! 4 years ago  
True,true. 4 years ago  
Damn,I can't think of what happened if Puerto Rico became a state... 4 years ago  
I can't imagine a world without Sonic The Hedgehog. 4 years ago +1
Thank you.But you forgot Brink. 4 years ago  
Grand Theft Mario. 4 years ago  
Earthworm Jim. 4 years ago  
This was hard as hell. 4 years ago  
CORRECT!I would pay to see Samus and MC fight together. 4 years ago  
Prove it. 4 years ago  
Alexw,start building.Otakumon,arrange a funeral for you and Spirit,whoever that is. 4 years ago  
What did Australia lose?Dignity.LMFAO. 4 years ago +1
COME AT ME,BRO!!!!!Seino,GET THE SWORDS!!!!Prepare for your demise. 4 years ago  
Hell yeah!Guest from Illinois,thank you! 4 years ago  
hmmmmm...interesting... 4 years ago of my best online friends. 4 years ago  
Bring out the best.Ha. 4 years ago  
Thanks,I like your manners. 4 years ago  
Actually,you have a VERY low chance of surviving. 4 years ago  
No need for thanks. 4 years ago +1
Anyway,you're awesome bro. 4 years ago +1
I like trains. 4 years ago  
Jackw,a kind rrrather user who doesn't start a fight anywhere he goes. 4 years ago +5
Read what I said on the bottom. 4 years ago  
Love how option A's picture is The Big Bang Theory. 4 years ago  
Dang bro. 4 years ago  
*FACEPALM* 4 years ago +1
WTF is Kenworth? 4 years ago +1
BOOM!!!!!! 4 years ago  
None. 4 years ago  
Skull Candy does make good controllers,but I'm going with Beats. 4 years ago  
Walgreens=CVS 4 years ago  
Can't survive a day without my phone. 4 years ago  
I see what you did there. 4 years ago  
Kick ass at basketball,getting all the rebounds. 4 years ago  
I do understand.Even though you have a chance of dying in the Recon Corps,you have a better chance of survival if you did then staying alone.It was a expression. 4 years ago  
Sorry bro.Calm down.I was joking.So just stop acting like I'm stupid. 4 years ago  
Fight back or commit suicide.This is stupid.(No offense Otakumon) 4 years ago  
First of all,I said no offense.Second of all,chocolate is an actual food.Third of all,have you heard of a word called opinion? 4 years ago  
It's sad that most people voted for B.I was expecting people to vote for A :( 4 years ago  
DAEWOO? 4 years ago  
42% of you guys aren't gamers. 4 years ago  
I only use my computer when my Samsung Galaxy Tab runs out of charge. 4 years ago  
This question's stupid. 4 years ago  
DAFUQ is Ms.Sirois 4 years ago  
GAMECUBE FTW. 4 years ago  
COD FTW. 4 years ago  
DAYUM. 4 years ago  
Using it right now. 4 years ago  
RUN. 4 years ago  
I AM NOT VOTING 4 years ago  
It would mess up my bowels either way. 4 years ago +1
GENIUS. 4 years ago  
Damn... 4 years ago  
True that bro. 4 years ago +1
cake cake ice cream!!!!!!!!! 4 years ago  
Inner Beauty counts.What did I just say? 4 years ago  
DAFUQ? 4 years ago +1
Did anyone see Shrek is Love,Shrek is Life? 4 years ago +1
DonkeyPunch,you disgust me. 4 years ago +3
CCAARRDDIINNAALLSS!!!! 4 years ago  
They would only be 2 humans on earth. 4 years ago  
Geography. 4 years ago  
Robin with guns.Pure Awesomeness. 4 years ago +1
Got no guns. 4 years ago  
No wonder they call you parasite.You're a pain. 4 years ago +1
This is stupid. 4 years ago  
Who's Jim Gaffigan? 4 years ago  
43% of you are morons.(No offense) 4 years ago  
The IPhone has a touchscreen. 4 years ago  
I love me some minecraft 4 years ago  
I got pictures.I'm good. 4 years ago  
I'm good with my religion... 4 years ago  
Weird...... 4 years ago  
GAMERS RULE! 4 years ago  
46% of you are nasty. 4 years ago  
Dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs dogs 4 years ago  
Heh heh heh heh heh... 4 years ago  
Why is the virgin Asian?RACIST! 4 years ago +1
Better survival chances. 4 years ago  
Jump off LIKE A BOSS. 4 years ago  
At least someone would find my corpse. 4 years ago  
I play video games and read manga.Nothing Interesting. 4 years ago +1
YOU SHALL NOT PASS! 4 years ago  
Wish for Infinite wishes. 4 years ago  
Well this question's stupid.By the way,Guest from Ohio,Bieber does drugs. 4 years ago +1
Polar Bears are endangered so.... 4 years ago  
I'd commit suicide after 10 minutes. 4 years ago  
First of all,wizards pale in comparison to ninjas.Second of all, WHY DOESN'T ANYONE READ THE TEXT AT THE BOTTOM GODDAMNIT!!!! 4 years ago  
Rage clearly didn't read what Kyoto said. 4 years ago  
I have a ton of nightmares... 4 years ago  
Russian Roulette is when someone places a gun to their head and fire.If they survive,they win cash. 4 years ago  
Humans have a chance to survive World War III. 4 years ago  
YOLO is for reckless people. 4 years ago  
33% of the people who voted $1,000,000,000 disgust me. 4 years ago  
I'm really tall,so if I was half my height,I would be content. 4 years ago  
I'd like to know the cause of death so I could avoid it,for example,die in a plane crash,never ride planes again. 4 years ago  
I'm awesome at reading faces already. 4 years ago  
Did anyone notice that it said naked AND sore for Burger King and naked for Ronald? 4 years ago  
Masashi Kishimoto and me in Brooklyn.Awesome. 4 years ago  
They're basically saying,would you rather be Bill Gates, or Harry Potter?Even though I'm a nerd,I going with wealth. 4 years ago  
Ha,lady bowl melon! 4 years ago +1
I love the old,just prefer the new... 4 years ago  
I made this... 4 years ago  
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